Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 13

O: They will but first, you need to take your medications. With this, and my help, I can help you with that.

Om takes a pill out of the packaging and then passes it to her. Myrah swallows it and then drinks the water that Om offered after.

M: So you are staying that he will get away from me if I listen to you.

O(Thinking): Who is he? What did he do to her? (Says) You, yourself, will tell him to get the hell out of your life and forget everything. But first, you cannot stay here anymore.

M: Why? I want to stay here. My brother… his memories are here.

O: I understand. But, you cannot stay alone here. You need someone with you at all time. You need someone to snap you out of these illusions and if you stay by yourself, you fall deeper in that hole. Trust me, Myrah, just trust me.

M: But, you have a life. A business to take care of. How can I hold you behind like that?

O(Thinking): Even I do not know why I am doing it but my heart is telling me to help you. (Says) I am the Omkara Singh Oberoi, I can manage this. Do not worry.

M: But… your family. You are a man and I am a girl… What will your family think if I come in as a friend? I cannot just barge inside your house like that.

O: Really? Do you expect me to marry you?

Om instantly remembers his marriage with Gauri and Gauri remembers her marriage with Omkara. Their pheres as he carried her… The way he filled her maang with his own blood.

M: No, I cannot do that…

O(Thinking): Even, I cannot do that. (Says) I was just joking. If my family is what your problem is, then I can solve that. Just rest for now.

Om walks out and makes a phone call. Myrah just sits on the bed and watches him walk back and forth, saying yes and okay.

O: I have a surprise for you. I hope you like it.

M: Surprise?

O: Just wait for it. That is the only way the surprise can be good.

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