Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 12


The man runs to her as she hits the floor.

Myrah, it is me, Om. What are you scared of?

Myrah lied there unconscious. Om picks her up and carries her to the bed

O(thinking as he is placing her on the bed): Who was she scared of? Why did she say that Myrah is not her actual name? Who is she? How can I ask her that and if I do, will she tell me?

Om runs to the kitchen to get water when he sees a box of medicine on the table with her name on it.

O: Was Myrah going to get this? What is this medicine?

Om quickly takes out his phone and searches on Google. But he remembers the time when Gauri takes out her phone to search how to use the bulldozer. He turns around towards Myrah’s room.

O(thinking): Is this girl connected to Gauri? Every single time I see her, I feel like Gauri is nearby.

He turns to his phone and continues to search. The results pop up.

O: Depression? Myrah is suffering from depressions.

He continues reading.

O: Patient will see disturbing illusions if the patient does not take these medications for a day… that is why she was acting like that. She saw something… No… Someone. But who is Ka? How is he or she related to her life?

Om runs to her room with the medicine and water. He sprinkles water on her face and Myrah wakes up. She quickly sits up and looks around.

M: Where is he?

O: Who, Myrah? Only I was here.

M: That is not possible… I did see him.

O: Myrah, you have to be more specific.

And then she looks at him in shock. She quickly takes a blanket and covers her face.

M: Go away from here. I need to get my niqab. You cannot see my ugly face.

O: So what if I see your face? I am not a person who cares about how a person looks. For me, the personality and their character define the person. Based on our past conversations, you are beautiful, Myrah, and it would treat it as a honor if you do not hide your face and show my your true self.

Myrah slowly removes the blanket from her face and all the imperfections on her face are shown. The scars on her cheeks, the deformed nose, her lips only half of it affected by the acid.

O: You need to understand something. Do what you desire so that you can live your life the fullest.

M: How can I…

O: I do not want you to share your past to me if you feel uncomfortable but there is something I need to know. (Shows him the medicine) What is this for?

M: Omkaraji… I am suffering…. suffering from…

O: Depression… Why do you say it like you are going to die from it?

M: Because society makes you feel vulnerable…

O(Slowly saying this): Myrah, who cares what society thinks. Just like how you became depressed, you can walk out of it. (Myrah lifts her face). I am a living example of it. I fell into a dark hole where I thought I can never get out, but my family, more specifically, my brothers, helped me out. Just like that, if you are willing to come out, I can be that pillar for you. I just need your approval.

M: But, I have all these nightmares and illusions. There will never go away.

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