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PRECAP: Shivaay makes Mathur signs Samar’s custody papers…! Mathur threatens Anika..!


Shivaay who just came back from their shopping with Samar in hands..finds Anika in a corner with tears…Shivaay get’s shocked seeing her in that condition and runs towards her…He cups her face and ask’s ” Ani..Anika! What happen? Why r u crying?”
Anika sit’s still silently with angry face…Sahil say’s” Mathur ayatha..!” while supporting Anika.. Shivaay fumes in Anger and say’s” How dare he? I will not leave him now..!”
Anika pushed his hands and took Samar from his hands and say’s” Don’t touch me..! Who r u takes decisions in my life ha?”
Shivaay stood confusingly while Anika signs Sahil to take Samar inside…!
Shivaay slowly comes towards Anika and say’s” Anika..! u don’t worry about him…I will handle him..” Tries to assure her holding her shoulders..
Anika shout’s” Don’t touch me..! Who r u to decide my life? Who r u?”
Shivaay tries to cool her and say’s” Anika…! I know u r angry on me…but what I have done is for ur goodness..!”
Anika shouts” Don’t do anything for me..! Don’t try to be my Husband! U r not my Husband…Mr Shivaay singh Oberoi..!!
Shivaay can’t resisits his anger and shout’s” Stop it!! Just stop it Anika..!Mei tumhara pati tha…hu aur hamesha hoga…Did u get that?” by pulling her closer…
Anika pushed him back and shout’s” by which right u r saying me as ur Wife? Ha? By which Right? U didn’t give a me rights or respect which a wife deserves..!! Now, Answer this shivaay!! By which right ur telling I’m ur wife?Answer me..!”
Shivaay downs his head with guilt…Anika looks him with teared eyes and say’s” U didn’t get any Answer right? Becoz, Now nothing left for a Answer…!
Shivaay shout’s” Anika! Plz…

Anika stops him and say’s” No..! Shivaay..U still can’t run away from this question..! u can’t keep me in dark ..! Tell me Shivaay…Whom I’m to u?? Whom? U don’t know shivaay jab dil tuthtaa hai na..tho sab kuch tuuth jatha hai..![ U don’t know shivaay! When heart get’s broken Then, Life will broke in to pieces.!] U married me by force..! just to keep ur Family reputation..! U always Insults me for not having any High class surname..! High class blood lineage..!! U blamed me that I have slept with Daksh for money..! U married me but had introduced Tia as ur Wife..!! But, I didn’t broken by all this becoz, I LOVE U..!! I LOVE U..SHIVAAY!! I just have belief on my LOVE..! I believes One day, U will accept me..U will Accept Our Relation..! But, NO….U can’t change Shivaay…! When u too accused sahil for theft…That day, U broken My Trust..! My Faith ! My love …Everything shivaay…Everything…! U know what?? When u have introduced Tia as ur wife infront of World…I feels bad but I never complained anything to u…U know why? Becoz, I felt when u r with me..then, why should I need Identity of ur Wife? Identity of Oberoi Bahu…! I just want ur Love…Ur care…! Just U…! Ur Money, Status, High class blood..ect,.. ect,.. Didn’t means anything to me….Just U ..Just U means to me Shivaay..!
But know, Everything get’s End with My Love..My faith …My Relation…!
Shivaay had tears hearing all this..he realize hw much he hurted Anika…He shout’s” Anika plz! Just stop all this…! Plz Just give me one chance…! Just one chance…! I will prove my love for u…! Anika, Just leave that mathur’s matter and come back to OM..come back in to my life..!”

Anika shout’s” Kiss hak sey? Kiss hak sey aavu mei?Kya lakthi hai mei tumhara?”[ By which Right? By which Right I have to come for u? Whom I’m to u?]
Shivaay pulls her close to him with out leaving a gap and say’” Ur my Wife..!! Did u get that?”
Anika and Shivaay shares a emotional eyelock…[ O jana song plays in Back ground!!]
Anika came back to senses and takeoff shivaay’s hands on her and turns to other side she say’s” Now…Kush bhi jinda nehi hai..! jesaa Hamara Rishtha tha..! [ Now Nothing left Alive..! Like Our Relation..!] Now, our Relation doesn’t exist.!! It get’s End on that day, When u forced me to sign Divorce papers…!!”
Shivaay pulls her towards him and shout’s” Nothing have been Dead..! Our Relation is still alive..! becoz, I didn’t sign that Divorce papers..!!”
Anika get’s shocked listening this…Her eyes r filling with tears..She slowly ask’s” W..hat? What …did…u ..Say?”

Shivaay’s POV:
I saw Anika startled listening my response…I holds her shoulders and say’s” Ha…Anika! I didn’t sign that Divorce Papers..!”
I saw Anika’s eyes r filling with tears…She feels weak and fell down on her Knees..! I supported her and hugs her..Anika hugs me and cries loudly…She somehow get’s cool down and say’s” Phar..App ! Phar App tho meri samneh tho sign kardiyathaa?[ But..U! But u have signed it infront of me..]? I say’s” I just acted Anika..! In fact I want to make Mrs.Kapoor believe We r getting Divorce..!”
“Phar Kyu?”[ But Why?] She asked me looking deeply into my Eyes..! I couldn’t able to hide anything now…I starts explaining everything which took place..Why I acted to sign divorce papers ..Why I accused Sahil for Om..Everything…!!
Anika pulls me for a hug and cries hugging me…I too reciprocate and starts pouring my heart out…The Pain which I have hide inside me from past 3yrs..! The Pain which I felt in My Anika’s absence…That Aloneness!! That Guilt feeling..!!Everything which I have gone through..

Anika’s POV:
Listening that Painful Truth from Shivaay made me feels his pain..! That pain which we both have gone through…Jiss Zarurath key liyeh …Shivaay neh Ithni Badi kadham utaya tha..! Mujhesey eh bardaash nehi horarahey..issiliyeh nehi ki Om ka sach chupaneh kehliyeh Ithna sab kuch karna padaa..balki issiliyeh hai ki Ham ney ithni badi kadham utayaa eh raaz chupneh kehliyeh.. Jho kabhi sach tha hi nehi..! Om naazaiiss nehi hai..! Jhoo kuch bhi Dai Maa neh kaha…oh sab ek juuth tha..! Sirf Shivaay ko pasaneh keliyeh..!![ I couldn’t able to take this pain …Not for taken this much Drastic step in our lifes…But For this fact..We have tried to hide this secret which is not at all true..! Om is not illegitimate..!!What Dai maa said is just a lie..Just to divert shivaay!!]

Finally we both pours out our pain and get’s some what relax..! Shivaay slowly passes a glass of water to me…by encircles his Arms around my Shoulders…! I have some water and felt some what relax…Shivaay say’s” Anika! Abb mujhey Mathur ko deal karna hai..!Kyu ki oh Meri BIWI ko chout pochanehki koshish kiyaa tha..! I promise I will set everything fine…!!”[ Anika! Now I want to deal Mathur..!becoz, he tries to harm My WIFE..!! I promise I will set everything…!]

That’s it for today,…Shivikha’s Re union will be in next part….! Hope u all will like this..plz don’t forget to drop ur comments or suggestions…! Just ur one emozy will makes my day…

Thank u so much..Sairan, Rashi shukla, vincy, Manu, shrutika,gayithri, Nikita jai, Lisaa, Lilly, samaira, Lalitha, Mrunal and Alekhika…….And Many silent readers too…..

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