HI, Guys…I’m so sorry to bore u all with my previous episode…I feel u all r getting bored my my track.. i will unite SHIVIKHA soon..just bear me for this episode….


Anika slowly starts pacifying samar..I just stares her and goes to her I took Samar from her and lays him on bed next to Sahil…Sahil nodes kk and start talking with samar..I turns towards samar and say’s” Samar bacha! Mamu key pass sojav..mamma ayengi..!” and left from there by taking Anika with me..


Anika still stood silently while I just stares her..I held her shoulders tightly and say’s” I want ur explanation Anika! Whoo log koun hai? Who admii..kya horarahey eh sab? Oh tumhari pichey kyu hai? Oh kyaraha eh sab?” [I want ur explanation Anika.! Who r that people? What’s going on here?]
Anika still stands silently and say’s” Shivaay! Eh sab inn sab ki pichey matt padiyeh..plz! [ shivaay! Plz leave all this..plz don’t interfere in this matter..!] I shout’s” Mei Padunga..! Agar meri Biwi koie chout pochanehki koshish kartha hai..tho Mei Beech mei padunga Anika..!”[ I will…if any one tries to hurt my Wife..then, I will interfere in this Anika!] I said while looking in to her eyes deeply…Anika say’s” Bewi? Mei Apki Bewi hu? Sry shivaay…Abb mei apki Bewi nehi rahi…Abb Tia apki Bewi hai…so, plz…!”[Wife? Sry shivaay I’m not ur wife now..!!! Now, Tia is ur wife!!]

My angry levels peeks and pulls her towards me and holds her shoulders tightly saying” Just shut up! Mei tummmey sab kuch batavungi..phar usskey pehaley mujhey meri saawal ka javab chahiyeh..!”[Just shut up! I will explain u everything..But now, I want answer to my question..!]
“Whoo log Samar kehliyeh yaha aayathaa.!”[those people came for samar!] I turn hearing that voice and found sahil behind me…

“Sahil! Chup kar…eh sab bolney ki zaruri nehi hai..plz!”[ Sahil! Just stop it…it’s necessary to tell everything..] Anika shouts on sahil…”Zaruri hai..Didi! App ithna sab kuch karrahahey..phar agar appko kuch hojatha toh? “ [ It’s necessary didi! U r doing evrything..if anything happens to u?] Sahil starts shouting back…
Before Anika could say anything I goes to sahil and kneel downs infront of him..I holds his shoulders and say’s” Sahil! Batav baath kya hai..!”[ Sahil! Just tell me what’s the matter]
Sahil say’s” Whoo log samar ko marnaa chahatha hai..!”[ Those people came to kill SAMAR]

I get’s shocked listening this and looks at Anika…Anika stoods silently with tears rolling on her cheeks…I runs towards her and say’s” Anika! Plz…..plz app tho batav eh sab kya hai..! Samar kehliyeh..Saamr ki safety kehliyeh..plz batadho mujhey…!”[ Anika plz! Just tell me now…atleast for samar’s safety!] I pleads her by cupping her face…
Anika loos down and say’s” Whoo Admi..Samar ka Mamu hai..! whoo Samar ko maarna chahtha hai..!”[ That man is Samar’s uncle ..he want to kill samar!]
S: “Kyuu?”[ why?]
A:” Unki kandhan, khoon ki naam rakneh kehilyeh..!”[ becoz, he want to keep his image and his family reputation..!] saying with red angry eyes
A: Samar ki maa eh bahut Aamir ghar mei sey..oh ek sadha sidha middle class ka admii sey pyaar kiyatha…Oh ghar chodkar bagg gayi…Kuch saal key badh Samr ko janam diyatha..Phar whoo Admi..Rajesh Mathur[ imaginary] whoo tho apni hi sagi behan ko maarna chahta hai..kyu ki unki waja sey uski naam, idzaaath aur ghar ka naam mei dhaak lag gai..!
A: Samar’s mom is from a rich family..she fallen in love with a man who belongs to poor family…They left their houses and get’s married..After some years Samar was born…But That, Man..Rajesh Mathur he wants’ to kill his own sister for ruining his family respect for her love…! He get’s successful in killing them..But Now, his motive is to kill Saamar!

Flash back starts….
Anika left to Om and reached Dehradun with sahil…she finally finds a home and starts her livelihood…
At one night, Anika wakes up by listening a baby’s crying tone and opens her door…She get’s shocked seeing A lady laying in pool of blood with a crying baby…
Anika tries to ask her details but Lady Handovers the baby to her and plead her to save her baby and slowly runs from there seeing goons

Next Day:
Anika reaches police station with baby and files a complaint..Police slowly warns her to leave the baby here itself and get back to her home…becoz, it’s not at all a small thing becoz, it’s about Rajesh Mathur !..very complicated…Anika didn’t understood anything and leaves to home with baby..
She then calls her journalist friend and slowly gathers info about Rajesh Mathur and came to know all this matter…
She thinks a lot about this issue and finally came to conclusion that Elders mistake shouldn’t effect children…so she stood up with samar…She receives many attempts of warning, killing..but One day, Anika gets a clip of Mathur in which he murders samar’s parents..!
Anika tries to manage Mathur by showing this clip to him…She files a complaint and finally concludes Samar will be her child from today..! Flashback ends….!!

S: Phar Anika thakur uss vedio sey lehkar ithna dhr kyu raha hey?”[ but Anika…why Mathur is very scared about that clip?]
A:” Kyu ki whoo ek politician haii..whoo iss elections mei participate karrahahai..issliyeh ithna dhar horarahai..!”[ he’s a, he is participating in elections]
S: Phar Anika tum kabb tak eh clip dekkar bach jayehgi? Agar whoo elections key baadh ayyatho?[ what if he will come back after elections??]
A: “Whoo kabhi bhi ayyeh..phar Abb mei mera Saamar ko kuch nehi honeydehsaktha hu..kyu ki Abb Saamr mera beta hai…!”[ If he will come…but, I’m not afraid of him…I will not let anything happen to my Saamr beoz, Now he’s my Son!!]

I get’s worried seeing the danger which is near to her…I slowly call’s Om..
O: shivaay! hw r u? Anika bhabhi?
S: om..1 i want to talk to u…I explains everything about samar to Om..
O: Shivaay! i know ur very worried for Babhi..but what ur thinking to do?
S: I really don’t know…But why this Anika is behaving very stubborn? she is keeping her self in danger just becoz, of that child??
O:O: Shivaay? What r u talking?? I know u r very worried for Anika bhabhi! But, now she knows this situation better than u..! Now, she will handle it betterly becoz, now it’s about Samar! For whom she believes as her son..!
I get’s convinced my Om’s words.. but I’m very worried for Anika..that’s why I have decided to end this all straightly by my way..I call’s Mishra and told him to enquire about Mathur.!
Mishra informed me that, Tis year Tej singh oberoi is sponcering funds to Matur’s party..! I calls Badey papa and get’s Mathur’s no.. I call’s him and ordered him to meet me…

Mathur welcomed me and slowly talked about his party funding..I slowly shows him clip and say’s” so,, after seeing all this I can’t fund ur party..! becoz, we Oberoi’s can’t give funding to criminals like u..!] mathur get’s shocked and tries to please me…
I passed him a document and ask him to read it…
M: Oberoi sab! Eh sab kya hai??[ Oberoi sir..what’s all this?]
S: Now, ur here to do what I will say…Not to question me…!! Just sign these papers!! I know all about ur misdeeds..! These r samar’s custody papaers…Now, just u left who is Samar’s blood relative..! So, now sign these document which states that U don’t have any right on Samar…And u don’t get involved in any matters of him..!
Mathur starts thinking…I shout’s” Mathur! Don’t try to act smarter than us..! U don’t know Shivaay singh Oberoi can go any extent..!
After thinking a lot..Mathur finally signs the papers… I left from there


Anika is busy in getting ready to Office..! just then, She heard a knock…She opens the door..just then, someone pulls her hairs and pushed her down…Anika get’s scared by that sudden action and get’s shocked seeing Mathur..!
Mathur bends towards her and pulls her hair tightly and say’s” hw dare u? u have crossed ur limits..! hw dare u to ? u try to hit me??Now, I will not leave u…!”
Anika cries in pain and say’s” Ahh..leave me..! plz..What happen? What I did to u?”
Mathur shout’s” don’t dare to say that u don’t know anything..! U took that businessman ‘s help..and try to fight with me??”
Anika confusingly ask’s” Bussiness man? Who is he?”
Mathur shout’s” Shivaay singh Oberoi!!”
Anika get’s shocked listening that name…Mathur pulls her towards him and say’s” Don’t dare to test my patience….!Just stay in ur limit..or else I wont spare u..!”
He left from there…Sahil came running and hugs her..Anika sit’s still confusing about shivaay while tears rolling on her cheeks..

PRECAP: Shivikha comforts each other…

That’s it for today……Hope u will like it…I’m really very sorry to bore u all..But i will unite shivikha soon….Plz don’t forget to drop ur comments and suggestions..plz..Silent readers i’m drop ur commnets too…Thank u…

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