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Shivaay’s pov:
It’s have been 2 days …I started staying at Anika’s house..! To be frank, It’s really a strange experience which I didn’t go through before…Staying in a chawl! Adjusting in a 3 room house …It’s a strange experience to me..but I really don’t know why? I felt very nice being here..Esspecially With My lady love..!She didn’t say anything about my stay here…She’s very Busy with Samar! But I ‘m enjoying my every movement with her presence..! I’m enjoyig her Hand made food..! I know Anika is angry on me..But, she never stpos her caring for me..which I enjoys the most!!
I must say, Samar is unique..! He became very friendly with me just by 2 days…He likes to play with me..! As Anika says..He is such a lovely kid…! To my surprise, I too liked him very much..! It’s not like that, I didn’t see kids before..but I feel some unconditional bonding with Samar! I likes his company very much…he plays with me..he fights with me…As well as shows Tadi!! I feels I’m seeing my reflection in him..!
The people in chawl r very friendly..Salim bhai, Amit chacha, Raghu dada ,Shanthi aunty….ect,..ect..they all r very friendly to Anika …Must say them mingels like a family..

It’s really strange..!To see The Great Bussiness man, Mr.Shivaay singh Oberoi living in a 3 room house! In a small Chawl!!
It’s really very Surprising to me, He is not complaining anything about cleaniness..Hygenic..ect..ect.. He is having simple food which I made..! He sleeps under table fan..! He just adjusting everything with out saying single word..! I know, It’s tough to adjust in a small house to a prince like him..Who has everything in his own kingdom..
He is becoming very friendly with Samar and Sahil..! He takes them out…takes them for a walk..what not..I feels happy seeing this…but Mujhey parak nehi patdaa!!
I’m busy in arranging plates on table..Samar come to me and expands his li’ll Arms..I smiles and took him in Arms and makes him sit on Table…Samar starts examine evrything and gives me a innocent smile…I call’s sahil and shivaay for dinner…
We started having our dinner…To my surprise, Shivaay ddin’t complain anything today as well.. I’m busy with feeding Samar..! Finally after telling so many stories, I successfully feed food to him.. Later, I arranges Bed for shivaay..! It’s not like I’m having feelings on him..Now, He’s a Guest here..! so, I too have some responsibilites to make him comfortable..
Sahil, Shivaay sleeps on bed while I and My Samar lay’s on Floor
I slolwy wakes up to have some water..I ddin’t found my samar beside me…I get’s worried and starts looking for him..I found him on bed beside Shivaay..! Samar and Sahil curdles to shivaay sleeping peacefully..while Shivaay ruffles Samar’s hair gently….
What a surprise? Samar didn’t say anything?? Samar never allows anyone to touch his hair even me..!but he allowed shivaay to do so!! Soon a smile curved on my lips by seeing them like that..later, I slolwy went to sleep again…

It’s Sunday, Samar and Sahil r playing with Shivaay while I’m busy in making dinner..! Shivaay came towards me and say’s” Anika! I want to talk with u..!” I tried to ignore but he keeps on asking me..I turns towards him and say’s” There is nothing to talk..Mr.Oberoi!” and again involves in my work..Shivaay pulls me and lay’s his hand around my waist..! I tries to protest, but Slolwy Lost in his magical Blue Eyes..! he slowly cups my face and say’s” I said..I want to talk with u..!” His touch is making me shiver…I hardly tries to speak but his closeness shuts my mouth..I closed my eyes and starts feeling his presence while Shivaay comes much closer..His warm Breath is touching my forehead..
Before losting myself completely, I heard my samar’s voice…I saw Samar is giving a serious look to Shivaay by placing his hands on his waist..He comes to me and pushed Shivaay aside and say’s” My Mamma!” by hugging me …..Shivaay smiles and stares at me.
I quickly wipes my sweat and runs towards room…It’s almost 15min, to get myself back to normal stage….

At Midnight:
We all r sleeping peacefully…Suddenly heard a broken glass sound and runs towards hall…I reaceives a rolled paper note there..I opened it and slolwy opens my back door and saw the same group of cars again…
I run towards main door and covers all windows with curtains…Shivaay wakes up by sounds and comes to me asking”what happen” I just held his hand and slolwy switch off the lights and sit’s quitely…Shivaay ask’s” what’s going on?” I ask him to be silent…I quickly call’s some one and say’s” They have came again..!”
After 15min:
I heard some loud sounds of breaking my windows and shuts my ears fearly…Soon heard My Samar’s crying voice and runs towards him..I took him in Arms and again sit’s at a corner by hiding him in my lap and hugging my Sahil..Samar is crying with fear by listening that heavy sounds..he’s so scare becoz, of his sudden woke up from half sleep..Finally after some time,I heard some foot steps approuching towards my home…I asks shivaay to stay here silently and Passes Samar to him and slowly moves towards door…I found same men asking me to come down..I nodes and goes to shivaay..
Shivaay looks very worried and ask’s” Anika! Just tell me what’s going on?? Why r u hiding like this?” I holds his shoulders and say’s” Shivaay! Mei Abhi Aatha hu.[ shivaay! I will just came ].plz Just stay here with Samar!” Shivaay shout’s” Pagal hogiyo? Who log koun hai? Tum kyu jarahihu? Anika plz bataav..!”[ R u mad? Who’s those people? Why r u going? Anika plz tell me]
I tries my best to behave normal and say’s” Shivaay! Mei kehrihu na..! App plz Yeha rahiyeh..Samar aur sahil key pass..mei Abhi aatha hu…plz Shivaay!!”[ Shivaay! I’m telling na..U plz stay here with Samar and Sahil..i will come] I said and hurriedly moves fromthere with out waiting for his reaction..I came outside and locks the door from outside and silently goes down…
Shivaay POV:
I saw Anika is very worried..I really don’t know what happen to her..I tries to stop her but she locked door from outside..I heard some heavy noices like gun shoots and get’s very worried for Anika…Soon heard Samar’s crying tone and took him in Arms and lay’s him on my shoulder…I runs towards Window and tries to see What’s happening…
I saw Anika silently goes down and stood infront of some men..They looks very violent and rude holding guns in hands..Anika shout’s” Bass! Apko mujhsey bath karni hai na..tho kaho kya kehana hey..!”[ Stop it! U want to talk with me right? Now, tell me what u want to talk]
I saw a tall man of 40-50 age looks exactly like a local Don..! He signs his men to stop and goes to Anika..and say’s” Madem! App achi tarah janti hey mei yaha kyu ayaahu..! Phir bhi app bath karney kehliyeh kehraheyhai? Mujhey Samar chahiyeh..! Ithna jaldi app Samar ko meri hawala kartheyji..Utni jaldi appko suukun mileygi..!” [ Madem! U know very well why I came here..!But u r telling to say it again..I want Samar! It’s better for u..Hw much fast u will hander over him to me that much good for u..]
I get’s shocked listening him..They came to take Samar? But..but why?

I saw Aniika saying “ Meiney appko kithni bhar samjayaa..!ki SAMAR mera beta hai..!”[ I already said to u that Samar is My Son Now!] That man laughs and points gun towards her forehead and say’s” Hey ladki..! kitni bhar tujhey pyaar sey samjaney ki koshish karraha hu..phar tum ..tum mujhey majbuur karriho..!”![ hey girl! I’m trying to please u plesently..but u.. u just provoking me to do this..!] I get’s shocked seeing this and runs to resue her..I get’s angry seeing door is locked and tries to break it..Just then, I heard a shoot sound..I runs towards window and get’s some what relaxed seeing Anika is safe…Anika say’s” Agar tum mujhey kuch karnehki sochriho..tho who teriliyeh acha nehi hoga..iss ki waja meibhi jantihu aur tumbhi..issliyeh gussey mei aakar mujhey kuch esa kadam utna pada..iski pehlieyh tum yaha sey javungi tho..terehliyehey bahut achaa hoga..!”[ If u try to harm me in any form..Then that will not be good for u..! U and I knows it better so, Don’t irritate me to take such a step which is very bad to leave from here..! that will be good for u..!] She said with an Angry tone…and shows something in her mobile…Soon All chawl peple gathers around him with some sticks in hands. He stares Anika for some time and left from there with his men…..
I get’s shocked seeing all this. And couldn’t able to understood what’s going on…??
Soon, Anika opens the door and came inside…she closed the door and falls on her knees by closing her eyes..! I runs towards her and holds her hand to support her..Anika slolwy opens her eyes and took Samar from my Arms and hugs him tightly while crying…
I just stares her with a mixed confusing and worried face. .Soon she wipes her tears and left to room..

that’s it for today..i know it’s some what short. But I try my best to upload some long episodes…So sry my dear friends…Plz forgive me if I bore u with my track…Plz give ur suggestion and response whether it is positive or negative….don’t forget to drop ur comments..plz becoz, ur comments r my energy boosters….meet u again my dear friends..

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