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Anika’s dairy:[continuation]
After 1 month:
Ajj ithni dinookey baath ..Shivaay ki photo newspapaer mei dehkithi meiney..![Today, After this many days..I have seen Shivaay’s photo in Newspaper] I starts missing him badly…Phar Abb Pyaar hi bacha nehi sab kyu??[ but Now why all this? When My Love don’t even exist] I have killed my inner soul to forget him…Abb mujhey bhi apni zindagi ka nayi shuruwath karna hai..! Mei agar kamzuur padgaya na..meri Sahil ka kya..?? nehi mei apni pyaar kehliyeh Apni bhai ko nehi chodsakthi..!”[ But, Now I have to make a fresh start in my Life..! If I will become weak then, What about my sahil? No…I can’t leave My Brother for my Love..!]
After 3 months:
Ajj ek maasum bachey ko dekhatha…! Pata nehi kyu Uss bachey ki chehra dekkar merey anndhar kuch horarahai..! Agar meri pyaar meri gusarahuva kaal thi..Eh bacha meri Ananeywala kaal kyu nehi hosaktha? mujhey laktha hai Iss bachey key saath mera family complete hogaa..! Abb mey Meri Sahil aur iss bachey key saath ek nayi zindagi zieena chahthahu..!”[Today, I saw a lovely infant child I really don’t know why But I felt something strange in myself after seeing that Child..! If My love can be my past then, what can’t this baby will become My future? I feels this baby will completes my family..!Now, I want to make a fresh start in my life with My sahil and This baby…!]
After 1 month:
“Samar!”Rakatha mera bachey ka naam..pata nehi kysey..Samar meri andar mamatha ko jaak kiya hai..! Uski hasi sey meri din shuru hojathi hai…! Samar tho mera Appna beta bangaya..! [ I have kept my baby’s name as “Samar”! I really don’t know how? Samar has woken up my Motherhood which is hiding inside me…Now, he has becomes my own son..!]
Ajj samar neh mujhey “Mamma!”kaha..! uss shabdh ka swath Ajj mujhey pata chala..! meri jingagi mey mujhey kabhi mooka nehi milaa..kisis ko “Maa” kehkar pukarnehki..! Phar Ajj jab Samar neh mujhey MAA! Kaha…Mujhey sach mei lagrahai..Mei ek Maa bangaya..! Mei Samar ki maa hu..! issi badkar mujhey aur kya chahiyeh?? Manthi hu..Samar ko meiney janam nehi diya..phar Hamara Eh Rishta bahut gyaara aur Dil key saath judgayi![ Today, I have realized the sweetness of that word when My samar call’s me “Mamma!” I really didn’t get any chance to call “Maa!”to anyone in my life..! But today, I really felt I have become A Mother..! What I want than this?? I admits that I haven’t give birth to Samar..but, Must say Our Relation is very strong and connected by Heart!]
Ajj Samar Apni pehli chalna kiya..! Oh ek jagah phar rukney walo sey nehi hai..Mujey pura chawl chalna padthi hai..ussey dundhney ko..! he’s very naughty..! Agar mei ghar phar hu na..tho oh merey pichey pichey gumtarehta hai..! Usko dharr tha..kahi mei ussey chodkar kam kehliyeh nikaljavunga..! Samar ko iss chawl mei sab appney hai..! Oh Sab sey miltha hai..kheltha hai..bahut masti kartha hai..! Iss chawl mei harr ek ko Samar ki bahut phikar hai..! kabhi kabhi unki tadi dehkar mujhey Shivaay ki yaad aathi hai..oh meriliyeh bahut Possesive hai..! Oh kithnabhi nakrey kyu naa karley phar raath ko chup chap meri ghodh mei beithkar meri kahani sunntha hai..mujey pyaar sey apni choti choti haath sey khana kilathey hai..Jab mei mujhey samjatha hai..!! Ithni pyaara sa bachey key bager mujhey aur kya chahiyeh..! Samar..Oh insaan hai jho merey iss chahreypey Hasi phirsey layatha..![ today, my samr has makes his first steps…He is the kid who will never stays at a place..! he makes me to cover total chawl for finding him..!he’s very naughty..! If I would be at home. Then, he used to revolve around me..He’s scared that I will left to work. By leaving him…he’s too possessive about me..The people who stays at this chawl r his loved one’s..He meets and plays with everyone…Everyone in this chawl r cautious about him ..U know? I remember Shivaay sometimes by seeing his Attitude..! Hw much he annoys me with his Attitude..but Every Night, He will calmly sits in my lap and listens to my stories..He offers me food by his li’ll hands..When I cries then, he will consoles me..What I want more in my life than this lovely child?? To be Frank, Samar is the one who brought smile again on my face..!]

I felt my tears r escaping from my eye corners…! I realized the pain which Anika has gone becoz of me..!I realize Anika’s love towards Samar..! the special bonding b/w them..! I felt very happy..At least Samar has come in her life to make her pain less by his love..!

After 3 hrs:
I heard some sound and came towards hall…oh shut! Someone is unlocking the door..What I have to do? Just then, I saw an old lady enters inside while carrying Samar…she tries to console him while Samar is crying for his Mamma! She get’s shocked seeing me and ask’s me ”who r u? What u r doing here?”
“oh..I’m Anika’s relative..!”I tries to cover up..
“Oh.! Is she ur sister?” she asks me by looking in to my eyes…
I get’s shocked listening the word ”Sister!”Hw can she even think like that? I’m not too old that she can think I’m Anika’s brother??…Oh Gosh! I can’t take this anymore..!
No! I …Mean…I’m her Relative..! but not her Brother..!kk?”I said while controlling my frustration..!
She stares me for a while and ask’s”Why u r here? What r u doing inside when door is locked?”
Oh Damm! What I have say now?? I starts to think for a while…
“Oh..Actually,..I’m new here…so, ah..I don’t have spare, Anika has locked door outside..!” I somehow managed to lie and ask’s about her entry…
She say’s”Bacahey ko pukar hai..! mei medicines leney ayeti..!”[ Baby is having, I just came to take medicines for him..!] I took Samar in Arms and found he’s having high fever…Samar is crying hard for Anika…I pat’s him gently and say’s”kk..kk.. teri Mamma ajayengi..! roona mat..bacha!!”[ kk..kk.. u r mamma will come soon..kk plz stop crying my dear..!] and consoles him… he slowly sleeps on my shoulder by holding my shirt tightly…I informed that old lady and left to Hospital…
Doctor checks samar and informed he’s fine and has to take proper rest..! As we r discussing about Samar’s health Anika came running to me and shout’s ”What u have done to my son?ha?”
I turns towards her and ask’s”Anika! eh tum kya bolrahiho?”[ehat r u saying Anika?]
“sach tho bolrarahu..Mr.oberoi! app apni kaam kehliyeh kuch bhi karsakthi hai..!Phar yaad rakhey Eh meri Bacha ka sawal hai..Aur mei abb chup nehi meitungi..!”[ I’m telling truth Mr.oberoi! U can do anything for ur work done..But Just remember, Now it’s my Baby here..I will not spare u if u done something to him..!] she shouts by holding my collar..her eyes r emits Angry flames on me…

“Mrs.Anika! Now ur Son is fine..U have to thank him becoz, He only took samar here at right time…!” Said doctor by seeing our fighting..
Anika looks somewhat cool..she stares me for a while and ask’s”Meri Samar kaha hai?”[ where is My samar?] I shows her direction silently..she just runs towards Samar’s room worriedly…
Inside Room:
Aniak sit’s beside Samar by caring his hairs..her eyes r filled with tears..She admires Samar lovingly and placed a kiss on his forehead..
I picked up Sahil from his school and we both reached hospital..Anika and Sahil r taking care of Samar while I just Admiring their love towards that child..!
Anika tries her best to put samar sleep..she keeps on walking by holding him in Arms..but Samar is not all ready to sleep..he keeps on crying and hugs her tightly..Anika assure him that she will not leave him and tries to put him sleep…I finds she having difficult in handling him and slowly goes to them..I took him in Arms and starts patting him while talking with him..Samar slowly felt comfortable and hugs me..I slowly starts to tell him a story and soon he drifts into sleep..

Samar looks fine and back towards his Active mood We reached back to home..
I went for some work and reached home at lunch time…I found Anika is running behind Samar to feed him..I catches him and placed him in my lap..I talks to him gaining his attention and slowly gives him a toy car..Samar get’s happy and busy with that toy..While Anika feeds him food…

THAT’S IT FOR TODAY….plz excuse me for short episode..but i’m very busy with my projects don’t worry…I will try to upload regularly…hope u all will like this part..Plz suggest me if my track is boring…and plz don’t forget to drop ur comments ..becoz, ur comm nets r my energy plz…I’m requesting u silent readers….

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