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Sahil is not Anika’s own brother…for whom Anika can do anything…Can go any extent to save him…For whom Anika marries me without saying a word…For Whom she left me and My Home..!

For the first time in my life..I feel myself very small…Is she that lady..whom I thought a Gold digger? Whom I thought she moves on in her life by marring other person..?Whom I thought she slept with some one for a huge amount of money? Hw can I even think like this? Actually, I feel ashamed of myself that I can’t able to understand her up to know..whom I says I Loves her.!! I must admit this

Sahil still stares me…I goes to him and kneel downs and ask’s ”Mujhey samar ki barey me zanna hai..plz sahil..![ I want to know about Saamr ..plz tell me sahil] ” Sahil say’s”sorry but I can’t tell u about this…if Anika didi came to know about my talk with u..she will be upset..So, Just excuse me..! And starts leaving…
“Sahil ! I’m doing this to get ur Anika didi back ! I want her back in my Life..!plz tell me..!” I pleaded him…Sahil turns to me and say’s”What’s the point to know about her past? I have informed u what u wants…! She didn’t marry anyone..She still loves u..! Then, why u wants to know about her past? If u r willing for a fresh future..U should left ur past aside..!” By saying sahil left to his class…

Really, Sahil becomes mature..! He talks very well..he even convinces me..Really, what’s the point to know about her bitter past..her pain which I given her..! No, Anika deserves best..! I can’t loose her now…!

I get’s super happy after knowing truth..! Anika still loves me..ha she’s Angry on me but her Anger couldn’t able to kill our Love..!

I reached her home and saw door is open..I slowly goes inside and see’s all things r perfectly arranged at place..I found samar toys at a side …I slowly seated on sofa and tries to find anyone….Just then, I heard samar’s voice..he keeps on shouting “Mamma! Mamma!” Anika came out of bathroom with samar while wiping him with towel…He tries to run while Anika is talking to him and diverting him with his toys..

She make him sit on bed and starts readying him while he’s busy with his toys..! Just then, Sahil ask’s “didi! My maths book kaha hai?”[ didi! Where is my Math’s book?] Anika gives answer without even looking towards him.. she’s completely get’s busy with Samar..! Later, she went to kitchen and cooks something…I’m busy in Admiring her while hiding behind wall… Anika is busy in cooking while Samar comes and keeps on asking her to lift him by expanding his li’ll arms….Anika lifts him and again involves in her work…She finally completes cooking and set her lunch box…She then gives lunch box to sahil and trio left from home ….

I slowly checks whether they went or not..! I struck inside the home..I slowly checked each room and finally found some photos of Anika and me under her pillow..They r pics of our marriage and some light movements …I smiled and have a look through it..Later I found a small album where I found some pics of Anika, samar and sahil..Their happy movements…! Unknowingly, A smile appeared on my face by seeing their happy faces…. I passed time like this by checking some pics..Finally I found her dairy ….I slowly took it in hands..I know Reading other’s Dairy is very bad ! But, She’s my Wife..! I have right to know about her…I slowly opens the dairy and starts reading it..

3yrs Ago:
I ‘m totally broken my seeing Shivaay’s behavior Today..! hw can he do like this with me..? he knows Sahil didn’t done anything..He is Innocent..! But His silence is killing me inside..Is he the same shivaay whom I love to core in my life.?? Kehatey ki pyaar dard deti hai..phar mujhey Shivaay phar yakin tha..! phar Ajj.. Ajj oh mujhey galath sabith kardiya..! Kyu shivaay? Kyu?[ People say’s that Love will gives pain…But I have belief on shivaay’s love..! But Today, He proves my belief wrong..! why shivaay? why?]
Jiss Admih sey meiney Jee jaan sey pyaar kiya ! Sachii dil sey pyaar kiya..! Aaj oh mujhey Akehla choddiya..! mera saath chodiya..! Ho saktha hai..Shivaay ko apni kuch reasons ho..! ho saktha hai..halaath esaa hoo..phar Agar oh mujhey Ek bhar ki..Anika! mei eh sab issliyeh karrahu..Mei uski saath dehthi hoti..! Shivaay kyu chup tha? Agar mujhey ek bhaar kehadejhthi..Tho mei Unki saath kadehhogi..! mei iss blame apney upar daldiyaa hota..! phar nehi!

Shivaay ney ek bhar phalath ki nehi dekha mujhey!! Jab pyyar mei vishwass hi nehi ho..tho Rishta keisey hoga? Kiesey? [ Shivaay, the person whom I loved with pure heart..! whom I loved to core..Today, he has left me alone..! May be Shivaay has his own reasons..! May be that situation is like that..But he can explained it to me if he would done this…then, I would have stood for him..! I would have support him..But why he just stood silent?? Why he doesn’t even give a look towards me? When trust is not at all their in Love..then, hw can it makes a Relation?
Jiss shivaay neh meri Jindagi ka hissa bhanatha..wahi Ajj merey pyaar ko maardiyatha..![ That Shivaay who becomes part of my Life ..Today, that same shivaay has killed my Love..!]

That’s it for today..guys..I’m sorry if there r some grammatical mistakes.. Hope u all will like this part..And plz don’t forget to drop ur comments…Whether they r positive or negative…If u feel bore plz suggest me about this…

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