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I slowly walks and seated on near bench still can’t believe what she said…She’s married? Hw can she marry other person..?? she loves me..! then, hw she can married to other and also having kid?
Anika’S pov:
I saw Shivay left my place with Tears….! I quickly closed my door and fall on my knees…and start crying hard…”Why he has come? Why? I have killed my inner soul to forget Him…Why the hell he came back in my life? Why? I’m Not his Anika now..! I have my son..My Brother..! I feel I’m complete..I don’t want another storm to come in my life…!” I cried hard..Just then, A small hand come to me and a li’ll finger wipes my tears..Yes, It’s Samar..! he looks me innocently and say’s”Mamma! shona matt[ math roonaa!]..!plz” I hugs him and starts crying ….”Though I’m poor..but I’m happy with what I has..I can stood my own..I’m leading a very happy and simple life..Now, My life’s motive is sahil and samar…that’s it…They r my life…I can’t think anything other than this 2…After experiencing that much pain at once…My heart loosen it’s strength..! But I have to live..! I have to live for My Samar! And Sahil..! Yes, I have to stand for them… !” I quickly wipes my tears with determine face..I see’s Samar with a smile and say’s”Mamma! Nehi royehgi..!”and pecked his forehead…Later, I picks him in Arms and get’s back to my house hold work…

I still can’t able to understand anything…Just then I receives a call from Om..I attends it..Om ask’s”Shivaay! Bhabhi kysey hai? Tum unsey baath kiyatha?” I say’s”Om!”almost with a crying tone…I think he understood my situation..he slowly say’s”Shivaay! Kya huva? Batav mujhey! Share karoo na..”I explained him everything..Om stayed silent for 2 min and say’s” Shivaay! Tum manthi ho Anika bhabhi ki shadi hogayi? Kisi aur key saath?”I stayed silently..Om say’s”shivaay ! Oh Anika hai..Anika ! she can’t love any other than U..! She Loves u Shivaay! Oh Meri Bhabhi hai..jissey Rishtoka aur pyaar ka ehamath samajthi hai..! Shivaay mey jantahu..Hum sab ney Unko bahut dukk diya tha..phar ek bhar aur try karo…Mujhey teri pyaar phar vishwass hai..!” I slowly get’s convinced listening has words…
I finds Anika coming down with that li’ll boy[samar]and with Sahil..! she’s carrying some files while instructing something to sahil .!
Samar keeps on jumping holding her kurti..While Anika forces him to walk…Sahil sees me and get’s surprised..!
I saw sahil and feels guilty…I accuse him and hurted him so much..that scenes r still flashing in front of my eyes..
Anika takes Samar towards a house and handover him to a old women..Samar is crying while Anika promising that she will come soon…and kissed him..
Later, Anika and Sahil left from there in an Auto..I start following them

I saw Anika dropped Sahil in a school and went from there…I just stare Sahil..I think Just he…Just he can Answer all my questions..! Yes, I have to talk with sahil..I determines this and went inside..I talked to principle and took permission to meet him…
I Met sahil in his class outside.first he didn’t wish to talk with me..i know I deserves this..but finally I pleased him and we both seated on a bench..
Sahil looks still annoyed..I slowly tries to talk with him…I say’s”Hi..Sahil! hw r u?” Sahil turns to me and say’s ”For asking this u took me here?” I say’s”Nehi..oh..! common Shivaay u can do it ..! I boosters myself and turns to him and say’s ”Sahil! I know I have hurted u a lot…I have hurt Anika too..But I can explain..u both why I have done that…I’m really sry Sahil..! But I couldn’t stand for u..becoz, I have my Own Reasons…
Sahil cut’s me and say’s”Har ek ko unki kuch own reasons hotey hai..! Mr.Sso!! Phar agar kisiskoo hamarey appni reasons sey taklif hoti hai…kaas kar Pyaar karneywali ko taklif hoti hai..! Hum unko sab kuch explain karna chahiyeh ta….Phar App tho Hamara saath choddiyatha..!”
His words makes me realizes about Anika’s pain which she has gone through..becoz, of me..!
Sahil stood up and say’s”Meri Anika didi appsey aaj bhi uthni pyaar karthi hai…jithna oh apsey karthithi..! Phar app iss baath ko samajnehi parahahey ho..Mr.SSO!” and turns to go.. I felt happy listening his words..that..My Anika loves me..! She loves me..!but suddenly remember Samar..!!
I shout’s”phir uss Bacha? Uss….Bacha koun hai?” I asked him violently without realizing what I’m saying… Sahil turns towards me and say’s” Oh Samar hai..! Meri Anika didi ka beta..! “
I shout’s”Tumhey tho kahataki..Anika abb bhi mujsey pyaar karthi hai..phir uss bacha kaha sey ayya?”I couldn’t able to control myself becoz of knowing fact that, There was no such type of relation of Wife and Husband between Me and Anika…!

Sahil stares me and say’s” har bacha appni honey ki zarurath nehi hai..Mr.Oberoi..! Merey aur Anika didi ka manna hai ki Rishtaa Pyaar sey bantaa hai..khoon, khandan sey nehi! Aur meri Anika did ko apki badey logogi tarah Khuun , khandaan , blood linage, surname..esi chizonka koie mainey nehi rakthi..! samar Anika didi ka beta hai..! samar Anika didi kehliyeh unki apni bachey sey bhi badkar hai..! jehsey mera aur unka rishtaa tha..!”
I get’s confuse listening his words and say’s”Kya kehrahi ho..Sahil? Samar sey tumhara , tumhari didi ki rishtey sey kya connection hai??”
Sahil say’s” Mei Anika didi ka sagha bhai nehi ho…jesaa Samar nehi hai..!”
I get’s shocked listening his words…!

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