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In these 3 yrs, I spent my life like a lifeless body..! After Anika left from Mansion…OmRu came to me with a video clip..I get’s shocked seeing Tia is talking to Robin on our wedding day…! I realizes Anika’s doubt is correct which I never believed…Later I came to know..Anika has collected this video evidence to make Tia’s truth out..! She took OmRu’s help for it..I feel Ashamed I couldn’t able trust her…Anika left me but she presents this truth in front of my eyes..! later, I have appointed a detective Ragav . after Tia..After some days..I came to know..Tia, Swetlana and Romi r kapoor sister’s who‘s motive is to destroy Oberoi Family…!
After some days, with full perfect proof and evidences..I presents Tia’s truth in front of my family…Mom gives her a tight slap followed by Badimaa and Dadi..Later, Mrs.Kapoor and her 3 daughters were charged for attempt murder and also for cheating…They r know in jail..I make sure they didn’t get any bail..
Everything is set…But This Guilty feeling …What I have done with Anika is killing me every sec..! I couldn’t able to live by this guiltiness…I tries to apologize to her but she had gone far leaving me …I searched for her everywhere but didn’t find where she is..She left the city..!Her house…! Everything!!
I really don’t know whether she will forgive me or not? But I want to apologies to her whole heartedly and also want to say “I love her..!”.Yes, the Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi has fallen for a simple girl..Who’s very crazy..! Talk active…! By realizing this, a smile curved on my face….
Just then I receive a call from Khanna! he said He have seen Anika near Dehradun….I’m on cloud nine hearing that…I orders him to enquire about her..Soon I inform OmRu about her… All Family members r very happy listening this…
When I was about to leave.. OmRu said they will accompanies me but Now, I want to meet Anika alone..After this Long separation…I want to ask her forgiveness…

Khanna meets me and shows a small portion…I slowly move towards that house….! And knocked it
I’m really feeling very tense by this thoughts…Hw Anika will react now seeing me.?? Will she forgives me? I have given her a lot of pain..!! My mind is driving me crazy with these thoughts….
Just then Door opens..My heart frozen for a min…My eyes get’s stricken on my lady love who’s standing In front of me…. I just lost in her beautiful eyes ….!

Anika’s pov: I get’s shocked seeing him…seeing that man, who make my life hell..! who accused me and my brother…. Now, After 3 yrs ..I’m seeing him…Is this all true??
Shivaay say’s ”Anikaaaaa!”I get’s startled by listening that voice….Unknowingly makes me feel relax..Shivaay comes close to me and ask’s”Anika kysey hu…??” by cupping my face lovingly..…I just stood silently with rolling tears…All incidents that I spent with him r flashing in front of my eyes …
I slowly came back to senses and took away his hands on me and say’s” kysi hai App Mr.oberoi!” I can see hurt feelings in his eyes when I call’s him Mr. Oberoi! Shivaay say’s”Anika….I signs him to stop and ask”Hw is ur so called wife Tia and ur family? It’s been 3yrs right? ” Shivaay again cups my face and say’s”Kya kehariho Anikaa? Tum janthi ho..Tia meri biwwi nehi hai..! Tum meri Biwwi ho.. Sirf Tum..Anika!”…I gives a weak smile and say’s”eh baath ajj apko yaad agayaa? But, I’m not ur wife anymore…Mr.Oberoi!” shivaay tries to say something….
Just then I heard a sweet voice calls me ”Mamma! “ I came back to senses and quickly wipes my tears…I took his hands from me and turns towards my son…He’s Samar! My life…he’s is just 3 yrs old…..!
I smiles and took him in Arms…he clings to me and stares Shivaay..! I can find many questions in shivaay’s eyes..But I don’t want to give any answers for it…
.Shivaay say’s”Anikaa…!”
I heard a small kid calling her “Mamma!” My heart broken into pieces…is she really moved in her life? Who’s this kid? What’s happening? Is Anika married some one?? These thoughts r making me crazy while I stood numb…Anika still carries that li’ll boy in her Arms and gives me a plain look…I couldn’t able to understand anything… I slowly clears my throat and ask’s”Anika! Yeh bacha??..Anika turns to me and say’s”It’s none of ur business Mr.Oberoi.! so, plz leave from here..!” She said like shouting….I still can’t believe what’s happening with me?? She’s Angry on me I know I deserves this..but this kid?? I still stood while thinking..Anika turns to that boy who is placing his hand on her chest while clings to her..she say’s”Samar chalo ..Andar chalo..Mamu ko utaav..!” That li’ll boy smiles innocently and nodes No..! I think he’s not ready to leave her..Anika starts pleasing him and he left to room…She stares me and say’s”App ko kuch aur sunna hai?”I say’s ”Ani..Anika! eh sab kya hai? Eh bacha? Tumhari shadi hogayi?”She didn’t look much surprise and say’s”Yes…I’m married and I’m very happy..!! Now, what else u want to know Mr.Oberoi?” She stares me with a plain look…I still can’t believe this..I slowly control my tears and left from that place…

That’s all for today..I know it is short update..But, i will try by level best to post an Large one tomorrow…! Hope u all will like this episode..plz give me ur suggestions and response..thought they r positive or negative…plz guys…Will meet u all again in next episode..Till then, Stay Tune my dear friends..!

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