Hi, Friends..I’m Adhya…i’m a huge fan of ishqbaaz…This is my first short ff..Hope u all will like this…This ff is a shot one…Most probably 3-5 shorts….

Actually, My shot starts from Pinky and Tia accusing Sahil for theft…! later, some consequences which shivaay goona face brings many changes in his life and his thinking..!


Hi, This is Anika..! I’m an independent girl who strongly believes Human can write their own Destiny with their Handwork..!! I have No Family..No surname..but have a simple happy life..My one and only Family and best friend is Sahil..! he’s everything to me.. But, Unfortunately I met an Arrogant , Ruthless Successful Businessman Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi..In my language Mr.Stone Singh Oberoi !!
We always used to fight a lot like Tom and jerry..! He’s very Egoistic..! I used to fight with him by silly reasons..Actually, I used to enjoy fighting with him..I hardly controls my laugh by seeing his confuse face..when I use some words in my language like..Tadi, Nakarey… Poor Billuji can’t even understand it’s meaning..!
I have kept many names for him…Stone signh Oberoi..becoz, he just behaves like a stone who covers all his emotions inside him…Next, Calculator singh Oberoi.., Who always used to calculate the price of things very easily..he thinks he can buy Anything with his money…!but 1 thing which I like most is he can do anything for his BROTHERS..!! He always been Rude towards me..Which didn’t affect me at all..! I used to behave crazy with happiness by seeing his calmness due to Dadi though his Ego is hurting..I used to feel sad becoz, he’s always remembers me that I didn’t have a family, A high blood lineage..! He’s so stupid..who always believes Blood lineage, high class, family makes a Man’s perfect Identity..! My life went very happily and playfully like this….

Suddenly, One day A stormed came in to my Life…! I couldn’t able to forget that day in my life…It’s shivaay’s Wedding day, Oberoi Mansion was fully decorated with lights and arrangements r on full swing..All family members r enjoying the wedding my singing and dancing…

That day, I saw another side of Mr.Shivaay singh Oberoi..!! That shivaay who’s complete opposite to that shivaay whom I know..!! He forced me to marry him..I didn’t leave any chance to escape becoz, he had threaten me that he will kill my brother Sahil..! I know For Shivaay business is everything..but I can’t realize he can fall so low to protect his family name…he’s a coward who don’t have any dare to say this truth to his family.. I just becomes A robot and marry him without any happy emotion..My eyes r filled with tears which shows just my unhappiness and helplessness….
After knowing about of our marriage..All Oberoi family starts hating me…That family which considers me as their family member..Today, that family hates me…insults me..! Shivaay ignores me completely and takes Tia to home..He declares Tia as his Wife in front of the World..!! I feel broken by his move…
After listening lot’s of request from Dadi, I agrees to stay at Oberoi Mansion..!
On My pagperey rasam day, Shivaay surprised me with his gift..! Actually, It’s not a surprise..But Shock! A heart breakable shock…! He presents me Divorce Papers..! I feels shattered…While Sowmya presents a real surprise for me..She takes Sahil to Om…! I get’s my life back after seeing Sahil…!

Firstly I really can’t understand anything seeing Shivaay’s expression..!
Later, I understood he didn’t know about Sahil’s state…! I comforted him but my Anger on him is not at all cooling down..! Hw can he behaves like a devil??
But soon, my Anger get’s cool down by seeing his family reaction…After knowing about our Marriage Truth..! Even Om Ru too stops talking with him..I really don’t know why..but I took shivaay’s side and convinces OmRu..!
After seeing that Brothers Bonding..An Unknown Happiness formed on my face..! I know Shivaay can become Stone in front of world..He can become Hero to Villain for his family reputation…He can becomes A Devil who can makes my life miserable just by 1 day..!..But He can never able to live without his Family..Especially Without His OMRU..!!
Unknowingly…I starts falling for him…I feels surprise..Am I falling for that Shivaay singh Oberoi..who forced me for marriage.?? Whom I used to hate some days before…?? But lastly, I couldn’t able to control my feelings for him…! I admit to myself that “I loves Shivaay!!”

But, Unknowingly…A incident changes my Life..Completely…!!

Tia and Pinky Aunty accused my sahil for theft..! They continued their blaming…My eyes r just staring at My Shivaay..who is my support system..! But to my surprise..he didn’t say anything..! He ask’s”Sahil! Did u stolen necklace..!”his words breaks me down..Is he The Same Shivaay whom I know? Whom I loved? Who raises his voice for me against his mother? No…he’s not that Shivaay!! I just stare at him with tearful eyes…He didn’t look much affected..! He’s just standing as a statue..! hw could he? Tia and pinky aunty continue their insult and threaten me to call police..! I begs in front of them to not to do so..While Shivaay just staring me without saying anything..! His silence is killing me!! He holds his mom’s hand to stop..but, he say’s”Do as ur wish Mom!!”I get’s shocked to see this Stone singh Oberoi in my Shivaay’s place..! Why he’s doing this with me? He knows Sahil can’t do this…but He’s accusing him with his family..! That, Shivaay who holds my hand..Who consoles me when I cries..Who cares for me…He just gets vanished just by 1 day!! How? Is this all true? Is shivaay’s mind set about his own family, blood line..high class doesn’t changed? Is he is the same shivaay whom I saw today? I really didn’t understand anything..My heart broken in to pieces by seeing his behavior..! I came back to senses by listening my baby brother’s crying tone…I hugs him and slowly begs tia and pinky aunty not to do this…They insults me to core..while I apologizes Tia for my brother…Shivaay just stood like a rock without any emotion…My eyes lost the trust for him and filled with Anger…! I stares him while he tries to ignore my eye contact.
I have spare everything..But I couldn’t able to control myself when Tia pushed my brother even not at all realizing about his state..Hw can this high class people can behave like this? I gives a tight slap to her..I helped my sahil to stand and Shout’s”Hw dare u Tia kapoor? Khabar dhar agar ek kadam bhi agey bada tho…Ajj tak jobhi huva mei bardaash karliyaa..phar aaj jho huva oh to meney bardash nehi karsakthi..! Meri bhai meri takath hai..! mera self respect hai..! Agar koiebhi meri bhai ko..meri athma sammanko choot pochaneyki koshish karta hai..mei chup nehi betungi..! “Tia get’s startled seeing my anger…I turns to pinky aunty and say’s”Ajj tak app mujhey jobhi kaha..mey chup hu ..issliyeh ki app meri maa saman hai..! App iss ghar ki bahu..Pinky singh Oberoi banney key pehaley..App ek Aurath hai..! Aur Ek Aurath ko appni self respect aur character sey badkar kuch bi nehi hota..Aunty..! Phar Ajj mei sirf sur sirf Mrs.Pinky Singn Oberoi ko dekha hai..jis ko unki hira beta aur high class bahu key bager kuch nehi diktaa…Sry Aunty…Agar mujhey apki piesosay..aur dowlath ki ashaa hotina..apthak bahut kuch karneywali hu..Hum Middle class log…Middle class hotey phar hamey hamari self respect sey badhkar kuch nehi hota..! I Stares Shivaay Angrily and about to leave but om Ru stops me and request me not to do so..I turns to them and say’s” Om, rudra plz aaj mujhey math roknaa..! Mei abb yaha nehi rehasakthi..phar yaad rakna..Jo kaam mei pura nehi dhono pura kareyga..! Promise me Om Ru..!” I said while extending my hand in front of them ..Om ru promises me with tears..and I left from there with My Sahil.

Shivaay’s Pov:
My Anika left my house..! not only my house..she left me alone..! I couldn’t tell her not to do so..becoz, my hands were tied by Mrs.Kapoor’s warning and threatening..! I know My Anika is very bold..! She can bounce back ..but My Om is not like her..he’s very sensitive…If he knows about his illetimecy’s truth he couldn’t able to take it…I don’t want to lose my Om for My selfishness..! For My love..!! I just stood silent when Anika begs me to help her…I still stood silent while My Anika is leaving me and going far away from me..I know I have done a big mistake..By choosing My Om by Anika…but I really don’t have any option than this….!!!

Shivaay’s POV :
It’s been 3 yrs..Anika left me…! I must say My soul left my body..! I still curse myself for not supported her that day…If I wouldn’t scared of Mrs.Kapoor ‘s warnings,..Then I wouldn’t lose my Anika..! Log sahi kehatahai..jab koie insaan hamarey pass hotey hai..hamarey saath hotey hai..unki value hamey nehi patahota hai..phar agar oh hum sey duur chali jata hai…Tab hamey unki value pata chaltihey…Hamari zindagimey unki jagah ka ehsaas hota hai.!! [people say’s right..! we didn’t realize their importance if a person is around ..we get’s to know their greatness/importance .. Their place in our life..! when they go far away from us]

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