ishqbaaz *priveer* Os by #Annie


Hey guys Wassup ?
Here I’m Again up with an os
But this time priveer’s

so Here I’ll start From The Day when she confessed… About accident in front of Ranveer.…
No other characters will be here In os.. *Maybe*
it could be Short or long idk

Let’s start..

ranveer What u want from us? (in her trembling voice) she asked

I want confession from u and ur brother he replies in his angry and loud voice

She takes Aback

W.. W.. What confession she again asked in trembling voice…

About that when your brother hit My sister with his car holding her Shoulder Tightly… He replied

*She started Panicking *

He tightening his clutches on her Shoulder.. Says

Miss . Priyanka singh oberoi you’re guilty with ur Brother u two killed my sis..with ur car..

She Is crying terribly

L.. L.. Look Mr ranveer my brother isn’t guilty that night i was driving the car and suddenly from nowhere That girl came in front of our car and got hit it’s not our fault… And faints in his Clutches…

Hr got worried and holding her in his arms He walked towards his car and places her on front seat and he settled on driving seat .. He tries to wake her up by sprinkling water on her face but in vain He Looks at her and a tear Rolls down from his Eyes…

Why I’m feeling ache in my heart when she’s hurt.. why I’m worried when she isn’t fine… Why…??? This question was running in his mind…

He took her to his home…
He take her to his room and lay her down on his bed calls doctor

Doctor comes..

After checkup

Doc what happened to her she’s fine na anything serious? Asked ranverrr

Yeah she’s fine and will be conscious in sometime that was Just a Panic attack .. Just take care of her ranveer days doc and leaves

She was still unconscious..

He sits beside her and looks at her..
Caresses her face

He talks to her (she’s unconscious) :: prianku I’m sorry that I’m hurting u.. Like this but what can i do… U had Hurt me.. When i met u for the first time.. In park.. I felt something in my heart… i was mesmerized by ur beauty.… ur simplicity.. I felt like I’m gonna fall in love with u… and maybe i did.. But whyyyy u hit my sister.. Just because of u she’s paralyzed For past 2 years… she’s a lifeless Body… If u haven’t hit her.. I wouldn’t even touched u or hurt u like that just My fate is Unfaithful with me that’s why First he took my sis.. Now i even after loving u can’t accept u just because i can’t Ditch my sister… *and tears Flowing from his eyes…*

Prinku gets conscious..
*he’s still caring for her*
She Gets Scared seeing herself in some unknown place that too on bed and Ranveer beside…

She Is trying to sit
Ranveer helps her…
She was kind of shocked
He goes and bring some water gives her

Pri”: ranveer I’m really sorry… Just because of me your sister died if u wabt to arrest ..I’m ready just arrest me..

Ranv:: she’s not dead.. But she isn’t even alive.. She’s like…. She… She is Paralyzed She can hear think look…byt can’t speak or even move Her fingers she’s like a lifeless body and he cries.…she Too gets emotional and side hug him…

Pri:: can i see her…
Ran takes her to His sis room..

She goes near his sis And sit beside her she(ranveer sis) was constantly looking at prianku…

Priankuuu holds her Hand in hers..
I’m sorry..!! Just because of me you’re in this state.. I.. I I’m really sorry… I know my sorry will not bring u back to ur normal life… But.. I promise u I’ll bring ur life back to ur normal life.. I’ll…
And she caresses her hand and leaves crying tear escapes from her eyes too..

Ranveer follows prianku and she sits on bed in ranveer room

Pri/ I’m sorry ranveer but She will be okay… she just need treatment.. And she’ll be okay..

Ran:: i can’t afford that treatment prianka … i Just can’t..

Pri:: I’ll Do everything. I’ll

Ran:: but.

Pri:: don’t think I’m doing favor or Doing this to not go to jail… I’ll go to jail if you want to arrest me.. I’m just doing this to Get myself.. And bro to less our guilt.. That day after accident we tried to find her a lot but in vain…

Ran :: she falled off from that Bridge…

Pri:: no worries I’ll do everything alright.. Just give me her reports..

He gives her.…
She sends that to someone.
And after reply…

Pri:: ranveer pack urs and her bags we are leaving for Germany..

Ran:: but why..?

Pri:” just do as i say if u believe me…!

he nods in yes

She leaves saying I’ll pick u from here by 10 pm..

After that she left and In Mansion she said to jhanvi that she’s going to Her nani home for a week.. For meditation.. She packs her bag and calls someone…

Pri:: hello mehta ji..?
Mehta:: yes madam how can i help u?
Pri:: get 3 return tickets of Germany 1 patient … and take appointment of Germany’s best hospital for paralyzed treatment.. I just want it be done now I’m leaving for airport now.. 2 rooms in hotel near hospital too? Got it.. And yeah don’t let anyone know about my this travel.. No one get it?
Mehta :: yes mam

She leaves..

Pick up ranveer and his sis and they Leaves. To Germany after 2 hours

In hospital…
Doc to ranveer totall bill will be 30 lac? Rupees Indian …

He was shocked…

Pri:: its ok But she’ll be fine na?

Doc yeah perfectly we need 3 Days just she leaves And pays the amount on reception..

In hotel
Manager mam sorry we just have one sweet room left ur booking was late and… Just one room available…

She takes the key and left to her room With ranveer.…

They Fresh up..

Pri:: ranveer I’m sorry again…
Ran:: I’m glad that u r rectifying .. Just I’m very thankful to u U are doing so much for my sis i don’t know how I’ll Pay u back…

Pri.. Don’t need to pay back.. Just Forgive me And my bro…
Don’t think I’ll not surrender u cab arrest me.. After I’ll tell my Family about this all accident and Germany tour. …

they both Sleeps On bed With one curtain partition…
All the night ranverrr was looking at Priankuuu

next night opposite prianku looking at ranveer…

and just like one week passed His sister was fully recovered … she thanked prianku..
(let’s give his sis a name surbhi)

Surbhi : thanks much priyanka dii…

they left for India, Mumbai

After reaching home with acp and her sis .. Prianku gathers everyone in hall..

she tells them everything… Fron accident till treatment … om was Feeling Relaxed.. And ashamed that He couldn’t even helped her sis… Everyone was shocked But Was proud too.. that she did everything well And managed alone..

Prianku ask.. Acp to arrest her Acp Put his hand inside his back pocket to takeout something
everyone thought its Handcuffs..
shiv:: don’t u dare acp..
cuts by pri.. bhaiya I’m guilty I’ll go to jail it’s my wish…
ranveer sits on his knees..
everyone was shocked including prianku..
he Took out box from his Pocket a d opens it takes out ring..

ran= priankuuu … ik it looks weird that first i Blackmailed u.. hurt u and now this .. Trust me I fallen for u when we first met in Garden on Karwachauth but i did all these because of my sis … but now u helped me Getting my sis back… So i should also accept that i love u.. Yes Priankuuu i love u so much… please will u marry me?

Priankuuu nods in yes. !! Ranveer makes her wear ring she too sits on her knees and hugs him crying.. Everyone coughs.. they feel embarrassed and stands up..
pri:: but I’m guilty..
Surbhi “: no di you’re not actually..
fb starts by Surbhi

i was Followed by some drunken Mans Goons. . so i started running fast And land up On bridge side road I was running to Save myself.. And Ur car was passing by On road i didn’t noticed and Just Land up on road… And got hit with a car…
i saw u ppl searching for me… I tried to standup but thn i slipped and falled off from bridge.. In lake…

they all sighs And Hugs priveer..

happy ending ….

guys this is it… hope you’ll like this han?
drop your valuable view.. please


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