Ishqbaaz os: shivika reunion by summaya part 2

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Precap:vikram reveals the truth about anika and his relation of brotherly sisterly bond vikrams gf comes to stop the wedding anikas outburst
Anika takes the bullet on herself and saves shivaay anika in OT critical

Let’s begin
Dr:we need blood
Shivaay:take it dr take my blood
Dr:Mr oberoi your blood should match with hers
she has a very rare blood grp she has o- blood
Gauri:I’ve the same blood grp dr take my blood
Gauri goes in to donate blood
Vikram is seen sitting on the chair with support
of kavya (his gf)
Vikram:kavya I’m not able to do anything she
saved my life and here I’m helpless
Kavya:no Vicky nothing will happen to her god always does good with good people
After sometime gauri comes out
Shivaay goes towards her and falls on her knees
Gauri:bade bhaiya what r u doing
Shivaay:gauri uve done a bit favour on me by
donating blood to anika
Gauri makes him stand
Gauri:bade bhaiya plz she is like my sister and I’ve not any favour on anyone it’s my duty
Om felt proud on his wife

Dr comes out
Ever been look at him in hope
Dr:I’m sorry Mr oberoi we were not able to save
your wife
Shivaay world started rotating his vision blurred
Shivaay:no nothing can happen to her nothing
Om:shivaay shivaay what happen
Suddenly shivaay jerks put of his dreams and
opens his eyes to see that he was laying in
hospitals bed
Shivaay:how is anika om she is fine no
Om:relax shivaay anika bhabhi is being treated you fell unconscious bcoz of stress that why u
are on this bed may be you saw a dream
Shivaay:yes om I saw a dream a very bad one
where I saw anika
He couldn’t tell further tears rolled down his eyes
(So guys u must have guessed till now that
whatever dr told was shivaay dream)
Shivaay gets up and rushes towards OT
Om goes behind him
Pinky:beta what e u doing here go and rest u r
not wells
Shivaay doesn’t listen and goes and stand at the

After 3 hours
These hours were the longest hours for oberois
Dr came out
Dr:Mr oberoi your wife is not responding to our treatment it feels as if she does not want to be
treated she doesn’t want to live but she is murmuring one thing and that’s shivaay I love u I
didn’t cheat u I was helpless
Pinky was scared that her truth would come out
While all members felt bad for anika
Ahivaay :I want to meet her
Dr:we don’t permit anyone but since she is
constantly saying your name u can meet her but only for five mins
Sgivaay goes in
He sees his love sleeping on the bed with lots of
machined connected to her
Shivaay goes and sits next to her
He says and tears comes out of his eyes
He holds her hand softly
Shivaay:come back anika I won’t ask anything
form u I don’t want to know the truth I’ll always trust u don’t leave me I’ll die

At the end he says
Shivaay:and I love u
He comes out of ot
Shivaay:treat her Dr I know now she will respond to the treatment
It takes another few hours after which Dr comes out
Dr:operation is successful we’ll shift her to another room she’s unconscious but safe but don’t stress her it will prove to be dangerous for
her health
Shivaay:thank u Dr thank u so much

After 2 hours
All the oberois are in anika room
Shivaay:it’s late u all should leave for OM
Rudra:no bhaiya we won’t go leaving u and anika bhabhi

Shivaay:rudra plz understand dadi is also here form morning ots not good for her health u all
go and take rest and come 2moro
All agree reluctantly
Pinky:shivaay u will stay here only u go home nurse is there no
All sorted daggers at her
Ahivaay:mom I know everything what happened
3 months ago so plz don’t act now or should I say Mrs oberoi bcoz now I got to know u r no
one to me and my wife
He said calmly
This came as a shock to everyone
Vikram:sorry everyone I couldn’t stop myself I
was hurt seeing anika like this so told him the whole truth anika had taken promise form me
and I’m ashamed I couldn’t keep the promise but I’m happy that now my sister will not face any difficulty in her love life

All leave for OM
Not knowing how to react after knowing that shivaay knows the truth and still is so calm

Precap:anika gains conscious showdown between pinky and shivaay shivaay along with his wife and brother and sister in laws leaves for new York
New life awaiting shivika !!!!confession in full romantic mood

Sorry guys I know it’s an os but I’m stretching it to 3 parts but I promise that the next part will be the last part
If you like it plz comment below and tell how u liked it

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