Ishqbaaz – OS by Luna

Hi guys, again out of nowhere I thought of writing an OS on Ishqbaaz….My genius brain keeps on thinking about some weird ideas and I keep writing it….

Okay so in this OS there are all 3 couples of Ishqbaaz…..Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya…..Shivaye and Anika are married, Om and Ishana are engaged to each other…Rudra and Soumya are in a serious relationship.

Scene (Oberoi Mansion): It’s 10:00 pm….Obros, Anika, Ishana and Soumya are sitting in a roundtable near the poolside….They are completely drunk(don’t ask why, lol)…Anika is about to take another glass of wine when Shivaye stops her.
Shivaye(to Anika): Jaan, what are u doing???? It’s too much…don’t drink more…it’s harmful for health.
Anika(to Shivaye): Just shut up….I’ll drink whatever I want…who the hell are u to stop me????
Rudra(to Anika): What are u saying Bhabhi????
Anika(to Rudra): Rudy…u know ur brother is the…no 1 boring insaan in this world……he doesn’t even know the A….of romance.
Rudra(shocked): Really,??? But doesn’t romance starts with R and not A??? Am I right???
Soumya(to Rudra): wrong!!!! Romance starts with S….
Rudra(interrupting): Hain???? S??? Haha!!!! U don’t even know ABCD.
Soumya(to Rudra): Duffer Oberoi…first let me finish…..I said romance starts with SRK….He’s the king of romance.
Shivaye(confused): SRK???? Who the hell is he????
Everyone gets shocked.

Anika: see…I said he’s the most boring man I’ve ever seen…he only knows about business, stocks security…my life completely got spoiled after marrying him.
Rudra(to Anika): Bhabhi, u r wrong…Shivaye bhaiya is very romantic..he had many girlfriends in college….I’ve seen him doing romance with Mallika.
Anika(shocked): haan????? What???? And u never told me about it Shivaye????
Shivaye(panicked): haha…he’s joking Anika…..I never came close to Mallika.
Rudra: bhaiya, what are u saying???? Even your girlfriends praised u saying that u r too good in bed.
Everyone gets shocked.
Shivaye(seething): Rudra, I told u that it’s our secret.
Anika(confused): too good in…bed??? what does that mean????
Om(shocked): I thought u were a virgin Shivaye??? Didn’t u said so???
Rudra( bursting into laughter): hahaha…..bhaiya and virgin???? Good joke Om….how can u even believe him….well, let me reveal all his secrets today.
Shivaye(seething in a low voice): Just shut up Rudra.
Anika: will anyone tell me here what’s the meaning of virgin????
Ishana(hesitatingly): uhm…Anika actually virgin means a person who never had s*x and Shivaye is not a virgin so….u know.
Anika takes a pause and understood what Ishana meant.
Anika(shocked): O bete ki!!!!!

Anika gets shocked and fumes in anger looking at Shivaye….Shivaye gets scared looking at her angry wife.
Shivaye(looking at Anika completely scared): Hehe…hehe…sorry.
Om: Shivaye toh gaya.
Rudra(saluting Shivaye): Aakhri salaami.
Everyone gets scared and at same time excited with what will Anika do with Shivaye……Anika’s face gets completely red with anger….Anika without saying anything takes another shot….Everyone gets shocked giving fhat the wuck expressions.
Anika after drinking another shot takes deep breaths.
Shivaye(scared): Anika….are u…..are u fine????
Anika doesn’t responds Shivaye and ignores him.
Anika(seething): Rudy, tell me more about your beloved bhaiya, what more kaands he has done.
Rudra(smiling): Okay bhabhi, i’ll.
Shivaye: Rudra…stop!!!! Anika I’ll tell u…..Okay, I know I lied about being a virgin but it only happened with Mallika and nothing else
Rudra: And bhaiya, Tia???
Shivaye(slip of tongue): yeah, Tia also.
Anika(shocked): what???? Tia???

Shivaye realises that he unintentionally blurted out the truth
Shivaye(stuttering): uhbabababa.
Anika(shouting): Just shut up!!!!!! Haklana band karo.
Shivaye gets scared and makes his face like a beaten up puppy
Anika(shouting): Shivaye, u r disgusting???? Tia??? Seriously????
Rudra(to Anika): u r right bhabhi…..Tia???? seriously??? There are much better choices.
Everyone(to Rudra): Rudy….just shut up!!!!!
Ishana(to Om): Om??? What about u????
Om(confused): what about me????
Ishana: I know I never asked u but as we are getting married so it’s better if we make these things clear before itself….so, are u a virgin or not.
Om(stuttering): uh….uhm….why are u asking it now????
Ishana: arre??? What if I’m asking???? Just answer na.
Om(hesitatingly): Ishana try to understand, I’ll tell u later on.
Ishana: No….I want to hear now.
Rudra: Ishana, let me tell u Om’s secret too….Om was in a live-in-relationship with Riddhima in London….and he didn’t tell anyone in the family about it except me….rest…u can figure it out.
Ishana(shocked): what???? Om, u hypocrite!!!!!! U act like a saint and these are your true colours???
Om(stuttering): ahbabababa.

Ishana(seething): Shut…up!!!!!
Om: But….
Ishana(shouting): I said shut up!!!!!
Om also gets scared of Ishana’s angry avatar and just like his brother makes his face like a beaten up puppy.
Soumya: waise Rudra….what about u????
Rudra: what about me????
Soumya: Are u also not a…virgin????
Rudra(taking a pause): uh..uhm… Soumya, actually…
Soumya(to Rudra): Leave it….no hope from u.
Anika: So the phrase was true…all men are the same.
Shivaye: what do u mean by all men are the same???? Our secrets got revealed but what about secrets of u girls.
Anika: what secrets???? We don’t have any secrets???? We don’t sleep around with any random guy????
Soumya(hesitatingly): Actually, Anika bhabhi…..I was also there, in a live-in-relationship with Reyaan, so I’m also not a virgin.
Anika(shocked): O bete ki!!!!!! Soumya tu bhi???? Ishana… What about u?????
Ishana(hesitatingly): me???? Uh…no…no!!!!
Anika(suspicious): Are u sure????

Ishana(taking a pause): Anika…u know that I and Om were about to get married so…..u know….sorry
Anika(doing facepalm): Oh my God……yaha toh sab chantomai bane baithe hai!!!!
Shivaye: Hey… what’s that language???
Anika(shouting): Shut up!!!! What’s that language and What’s that language??? Say something new…it’s called Hindi language if u don’t know.
Om(to Ishana): Hey…did u just said that we were about to get married???? What do u mean by were???
Ishana(angry): Don’t u understand English???? By were I meant we are no more getting married…Our relationship is over and I’m breaking our engagement right now.
Ishana takes out her engagement ring and hands it over to Om.
Om: Ishana, plz listen to me…..
Ishana: I said Shut up!!!!!
Om loses his cool and also gets angry.
Om: why are u getting so hyper???? Ishana I always liked u and always have been loyal to u but okay, if u r calling off our engagement then let me speak the truth about u…..u r the biggest despo I’ve ever seen…..I’ve never seen such a dominating girlfriend like u….I’m sick and tired of your non-stop bak-bak….Do u even know that u call me 30 times a day and message my 50 times…and if I forget to give a reply, then after few minutes message comes,” it’s not worth it anymore”…really???? it’s not worth it anymore??? Are u crazy????
Ishana(shocked): what??? So u have a problem with me calling u also????
Om: yes, because u are a despo…how many times u expect me to say I love u jaanu??? Huh????
Ishana(making puppy face): Only 50 times a day
Om(shocked): have u lost it???

Anika: Leave it Ishana…as I said…all men are the same.
Shivaye(getting angry): O hello!!!! Enough ha!!!! What is this all men are the same????AmI and Om same, Am I and Rudra same, and u Mrs Anika Singh Oberoi…..what do u think of yourself???? Queen of England???? U don’t even know how to cook food.
Anika(shouting): aee!!!!…I know how to cook, okay!!!!
Shivaye: just shut up!!!! U only know how to burn food….It’s me who cooks for u when it’s u who should cook for me.
Soumya: Why ???? why only wifes should cook for husbands???
Rudra: Oh Soumya….close your feminism channel.
Soumya(shouting): Shut up Rudra…..U’ll get a slap from me now.
Shivaye: U listen to me Mrs Anika, yes I’m not a virgin…so what???? What’s wrong with it???
Anika fumes in anger and seethes.
Anika(seething): Great, tonight u’ll sleep here only.
Shivaye(shocked): what???
Anika: yep, I’ll not let enter my room.
Shivaye: Hey….it’s my room.
Anika: It WAS your room, now it’s mine.

Anika gets up from the table and is about to leave.
Shivaye: Anika….plz…listen to me.
Anika ignores Shivaye and leaves..Shivaye runs behind her….Ishana also gets up from the table.
Om(to Ishana): where are you going???
Ishana(arrogantly): what do u think??? I’m going home.
Om: u can stay here for one night if u want.
Ishana(rudely): Oh hello!!!!! Don’t u get it??? I’m no more ur fiance….
Om(arrogantly): fine…u can go.
Ishana leaves from there…after few seconds, Om gets back in his senses ….
Om(to Rudra): Did I said too much???
Rudra: yeah…too much!!!!
Om: Oh My God!!!! What did I said??? I should stop her.
Om gets up and runs and runs behind Ishana…Now only Rudy and Sumo are left sitting in the round table…Rudra gets back in his flirtatious mode.
Rudra(grinning): So Soumya, no one is here…lets have a date and then u can come and sleep in my room.
Soumya gives a naughty smile…she gets up, goes near Rudra and gives a tight slap to him….Rudra gets shocked and his mouth gets sealed.
Soumya: Duffer Oberoi…just shut up, and don’t u dare to say that again…
Rudra nods yes in shock….Soumya leaves from there…Rudra again starts drinking but is still in shock.
Thankyou guys for reading this crap and wasting your time.

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  1. Akshaya

    It’s not crap. It’s cool

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  2. Shivika

    ?????….obro’s ki toh oh my mata hi ho gyi……hilarious one…….can’t stop laughing splly at condition of rudy who hot slap ……???????

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    Omg!!!! Its fun… but seriously i cant imagine oberoi brothers like this…. they are genuine yaar…

    1. Oh dear, don’t take this ff seriously, that’s why I called it a crap???
      Thanks a lot.

      1. SaiKastu

        No yaar… nothing serious.. keep going… all the very best for next ff

  7. Can’t believe it ???????????? this is one of the best funniest ff I have read till now.

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    It was so nyc…i was laughing imagining dis…..

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  11. Oh my god itz not crap it is really khidkitor
    FF I really loved it waiting for other ff

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    It was hilarious..But yaar sab Kuch sort out to kr deti

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    Mind blowing….

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