Ishqbaaz os ~ love for lifetime


Today, the oberoi mansion was decorated as a beautiful bride. Three marriages were taking place at a time. Shivaay,om and rudra. Three hearts were dancing and rejoicing with happiness, our very own nafratbaaz rotialana. They were very happy because they were marrying the obros. Shivaay with tia, om with swetlana, rudra with romi. In this happy atmoshphere three hearts were crying and that was of anika, gauri and saumya. How can one see getting their husbands married to someone else infront of their eyes. Though rumya’s and gaurika’s marriage was still a secret and happened with most unexpected style. Though they didn’t lived a life of a normal couple and nothing was fine between them. Though they never lived togather and never considered their marriage but don’t know why they were feeling the pain in their hearts as someone was stabbing their hearts continuously.

Both saumya and gauri were in their rooms and anika was busy listening pinky’s tantrums and checking end time arrangements. Gauri and saumya were thinking about their feelings. They both were confused of their feelings. Saumya was thinking that they both don’t consider their marriage and kept it as a secret and nothing more was there than friendship between them. She herself didn’t wanted to give a chance to their marriage then why she was jealous of rudra marrying romi and giving her more importance. He used to spend more time with her but since  her marriage was fixed with romi, he started ignoring her. She used to get irritate by rudra calling her sumo but she knows that how much she lived it. Was she not beautiful that he cannot love her or he felt ashamed to accept her as his wife. Did fat people have no feelings or they don’t have a heart or they don’t have the right to love someone. Was there something like that in any of the constitution. Thaught saumya while observing herself infront of a mirror. She was looking adorable in a beautiful blue  coloured lehanga with kundan jewellery.

Gauri in her room was also thinking about the same. What was her mistake that if omkara does not consider this marriage then why she has to suffer. She cannot go to bareily, not because she was afraid of kali but because her marriage was witnessed by whole village and according to holy scriptures after marriage the sasural or husband’s house is considered as the girl’s house. She can stay there by giving an excuse of meeting her mother and spending some time with her but for how long. One or the other day either she has to tell the truth or has to leave. She does not have the courage to tell this to her mother that her son in law does not accept her daughter as his wife. Her condition is not well and after this truth is out it may harm her health. Though gauri is not living with her mother but every thaught of hers has well being of her mother. She was looking beautiful wearing green lehenga with royal green colour duppatta  and golden embroidery while diamond jewellery adorned her. But does she knew that omkara knew the truth.

Anika was in the hall moving here and there, up and down. She was not looking any less than a bride in a royal maroon lehenga with golden embroidery and net duppatta.

All three were looking stunning in their attites but the charm had lost.
Anika went to saumya and gauri’s room and asked them to give the wedding attire to shivaay as she will not be able to face him. She had tears in her eyes but she rubbed them off and went with the two other wedding attires for two more grooms om and rudra. She went in om’scroom and knocked the door. ”om the sherwani you had ordered had came take it from me.” In a minute om snap oppened the door and took the sherwani from his one and only dearest bhabhi.”om once again think about your decission, you are doing wrong,you still have time.”anika said to om. ”bhabhi you too think about it, how easily yoa agreed to shivaay for marrying that lady baba, you have full rights to stop him . I can clearly see love and care for shivaay in your eyes. Please don’t show attitude in your laguage tadi’ please go and confess your love to him.”om said trying to put forward his point of view . Dadi entered the scene. ”ha puttar whatever you feel for him just go and say to him”dadi said. ”no dadi for shivaay there is no word like love. For him what matters is naam khoon and khandan and all these things are there with tia, he is happy with that and i hope tia loves him and cares for him for what he deserves. And my feelings….they don’t hold any importance,if i go and confess my feelings to him either he will ignore it and insult me which will break me. Yes i love him but i cannot endanger my self respect for this. Or if he will accept me as i am then i cannot see a child getting seperated from his dad. I don’t believe that child to be of shivaay’s and i still think tia is just lieing but with this lue and sacrifice of my love a child can get a fatherly love what else i will need. I know how difficult it is to live without parents and it is very important to have both in one’s life. I know shivaay will provide best facilities to the baby and accept him if its his or not. Its my last wish that the baby should stay healthy and bring happiness in all your lives ” anika told them both. And she left as a lone tear passed her eyes. This all was observed by someone.

Then anika moved towards rudra’s room. Rudra..!! Rudra….!! She called him. ”aaya bhabhi”came his reply. He came into the room from the washroom. Anika handed him over the sherwani and asked”are you happy with this marriage or not.”
Yes…bhabhi why not and why are you asking this ‘ rudra spoke
”like this only you didn’t seem happy and is something bothering you.asked anika.
No bhabhi’ rudra answered
Think again!! Anika spoke while moving out of the room.

On the other hand saumya and gauri entered shivaay’s room with the wedding attire. Bade bhaiyaa….!! Bade bhaiya……!! They called him and he came from the pool side. He was not looking happy because something was broken inside him. Both of them handed over him the wedding attire.”bade bhaiyaa i want to say you something. You will not get anyone more perfect then anika didi so please think once again. They both left him broken and in his deep thaughts.

Everyone was present in the hall. Three mandaps were beautifull decorated. On this special event just pinky and kapoors were the ones who were happy. No one else seemed even interested in this.

Jahnavi was there in om’s room. ”om i know you are not happy and are doing this because you didn’t wanted me and tej to divorce but beta there is no need to do it now. I also don’t want to stay in such  a relationahip  any longer. I have signed the divorce papers so just think about it once.”she said this and left. Now om knew what to do.

Three grooms descended the stairs. Each of them was looking damn good but not had the charm on their faces.



They three looked towards their better halves anika,gauri and saumya. They mesmerized by the three eternal beauties. There eyes locked. They were in their own world but when pandit ji asked to call bride and groom. Obros went and took the seat. Anika gauri and saumya were asked to go and call the brides. Anika went to call romi, saumya to swtlana and gauri to tia. Saumya and gauri came with tia and swetlana while anika came running. ”romi apne room me nahi ha” she told while panting
Everyone gasped ‘kya?
”yes and i got this letter which reads that she can’t marry rudra as she loves pankaj and was forced to marry rudra by mrs. Kapoor.”said anika.
Rudra jumped in happiness. ”yeah now i am a free bird”exclaimed rudra.
Everyone was in a shock because he was the most excited for the marriage.
Pandit ji asked the grooms to bring their brides. Shivaay and omkara get up and move forward.
Tia was standing adjacent to anika and swetlana was standung adjacent to gauri. Both obros moved forward and moved their hand out. ‘may i both of them asked standing before them. Tia and swetlana slipped their hands into om and shivaay’s. Shivaay shrugged tia’s hand away and again asked may i looking towards anika who was standing beside tia. Anika moved away and held tia by shoulders. ‘sure you can take your bride away” anika said without any expressions. ”anika i am asking you. See i have hurt you but i..i..i am sorry” he said in a go. Anika moved her hand and carressed his cheeks with her fingers which was creating havocs in shivaay. She just jerked her hand away. ”oh bete ki iss bagad billa ne sach me mujhe sorry kha, are om my phone is with you na just give it i have to set a reminder” she said in an astonished way. Shivaay just gave a fake smile and everyone else chuckled on anika’s antics. ”are shivaay bohat mazak ho gaya ab tia ko lekar chal mahurat nikal rha ha” pinky said. ”theek ha mom……,chale anika” shivaay said. ”kya ma, ma kya karungi aap tia ko lekar jaiye shaadi ka mahurat nikal rha ha” anika said.”ha toh ma apni dulhan ko hi lekar jaa rha hoon” shivaay said. ”ha toh lekar jaiye na tia ko”anika said.
”shivaay mazak  band kar or chal tia ko lekar” pinky said. ”ha lets go shivaay baby” tia added.”yes shivaay go” anika added. This rose shivva’s anger.
”why don’t you understand anika i want to marry you and nit this lady baba. Why would damn i marry this universe ki dukan. I LOVE YOU and i will marry you. Yes your billu ji love his paanika, i realised it very long when daksh kidnapped you but my mind rejected you. My heart gad accepted you a quite long ago. I never thaught that i will ever confess this to you. I believed shivaay singh oberoi can control anything like his heart but dadi you were true(looking towards dadi and still holding anika’s hands) ishq ka toh procedure hi control todne ka ha. Mujhe pata ha tumhare paas naam khoon kahndan nhi ha par mere liye yeh sab tumse zyaada important nhi ha. Ab tum yeh mat kehna ki tum mujhse pyaar nhi kartu because maine tumhari saari conversation sun li thi om aur dadi ke saath. Kya tum is billu ki billi banogi, kya tum mr. Tadibaaz ki mrs. Tadibaaz banogi” all this while anika was sobbing. ”ro kyoon rhi ho anika”shivaay asked worridly. ”khushi ke aansoon ha”anika replied still crying. ”to fir to tumhari zindagi rote rote hi beet jayegi kyunki ab tumhari life me sirf khushiyan aayengi. Shivaay told and embraced his love in his arms.
Everyone clapped.
Dadi’chalo rudra ki dulhan to bhaag gyi ab shivvay or anika ki shaadi ho gi or om ki. ”nhi dadi meri dulhan bhi yhi par ha” rudra told and goes towards saumya and held her hand. ”aap sab soch rhe honge na ki yeh ma kya keh rha hoon ya kya kar rha hoon but why to fear when rudy is here. Actually hua yoon ki………….. And he tells everyone how he got married to saumya. ”dekho saumya ma tumse yeh to nhi keh sakta ki i LOVE YOU but husband wife to sabse pehle ache dost hote ha na toh sumo kya tum apne cry baby se shaadi karogi iss baar sabke saamne no secret” rudra said while smiling and saumya hummed in response. Everyone clapped again. Dadi’chal om ab tu hi bacha ha.
”ha dadi mera bhi kuch aisa hi hai”
Kya!!everyone gasped 
Om held gauri’s hand and stood there in centre. ”yes dadi actually it happened as…………..and he tells how he married her to save her and a misunderstanding led him to hate her. He looked towards gauri and spoke’ i am sorry gauri i got to know this truth a long ago but what can i do ,my mom is most important person for me. Like you agreed to marry kali for ur mom likewise i did this for my mom. My mom loved this man (eying towards tej) and to save their relationship i decided to marry swetlana. But now mom has decided to divorce this man and now he can marry whoosever he wants.”om said this and took out divorce papers and threw  papers on his face.”i am sorry gauri if i had hurt you in anyway but now i want to forget all that and give our relationship a chance. Will you marry me again with our family as a witness .”om said and gauri nodded yes.


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