Ishqbaaz OS by Fama shot 5 (last shot)


Shivika reached Oberoi mansion from their honeymoon
Pinky: oh my mata! Mere bahu can’t enter the house just like that
She bring arthi plate and welcome Shivaay and Anika before stepping in the house.
S(mumbling): I never thought that you will forgive me.
A: so I shouldn’t have forgiven you.
S: no that is not what I meant to say
A: so what do you mean to say? And anyway it is my mistake that I think that you have really realised your mistake( she was teasing him)
R: aree bhaiya aur bhabhi what are you people mumbling to each other.
Pinky: haa Anika beta come in.

Anika wake up in the room after their night masti in the honeymoon avenue she gets shocked to see herself close to Shivaay and the whole night incident was rewinding in her mind, the she was talking to Shivaay, then singing and dancing with Shivaay and then comes the big shocked of her life…their marriage consummation
Anika gets up with a jerk and feel disgusted for what happened she shouts shivaay’s name with hatred filled in her voice.
A: what have you done to me? You feel that I wasn’t in my senses and you forced yourself on me, I will never forgive you Shivaay Singh Oberoi for ruining my.
Shivaay was speechless and doesn’t know what to do
S: Anika listen to me…I didn’t know what happened and how it happened but believe me I didn’t do anything intentionally I wasn’t in my senses.
A: where you ever in your senses? What did you think of me do you think that Anika is a toy that you camp lay with anytime you want or do you think am so weak that I will do what you want… first you believe that I am a gold digger you have been always insulting and reminding me of my status, you give money to Tia to buy me, you accused me of sleeping with Daksh then forcibly married and now what have you done you ruined my life by making me drank alcohol yesterday night. WHY SHIVAAY? Why are you doing this to me? ANSWER ME

Anika breaks down and cry uncontrollably Shivaay gets sad seeing her like that and he suddenly confessed his love to her and also told all this was a misunderstanding and it was Tia and Daksh’s planning to to make them misunderstood each other.
S: I really love you Anika I don’t know what will have happened to me when you are not in my life. I felt shattered when I saw you in Daksh’s room that morning am really sorry Anika please forgive me.
A: nayi I can’t forgive you. Now I felt that I have done a mistake by loving a man like you.
Shivaay got happy with Anika’s sudden statement but sad that she did want to forgive
For the rest of the day Shivaay is just apologising to Anika by sending flowers to her and coming with sorry board.
Shivaay didn’t know what to do now to melt Anika’s heart, but an idea came in his mind
S: now you will forgive me my paanika.

Shivika were in the car going home when Shivaay stops the car and came out and once again tried to convince Anika to forgive him.
A: Shivaay what nonsense is this?
Shivaay came on his knees
S: Anika please forgive me for always troubling you I know that I have done worst things ever but Anika please forgive to reduced my guilt and I promised you that I will never be obsessed about people’s background.
A: okay I will forgive you only when you will changed your thinking.
S: I promised you that I wil changed my thinking just to get you and your love.
Shivika hugged each other.

They reach Oberoi mansion to find Tia there telling her story of kidnapping to the family.
S: Tia stop your nonsense and I know that you are not kidnapped
You ran away with your …
Before Shivaay could finish Anika interrupt him
A: Tia we already know your truth will you tell the truth or shall we tell them you truth.
Tia exposed herself and told the family about her relationship with robin and their plan to trapped Shivaay into marriage and she will then divorced Shivaay and claim alimony. Pinky goes to tia and give her a tight ?slap she drag Tia out of the house.
Pinky(with folded hands): Anika am sorry for insulting you always
A: pinky aunty elders raise their hands to bless their children not to apologised
Everyone accept Anika
**********FB ends
Every one retired to their rooms after the long day.

*******after a week *******
Oberois were all sitting down having fun and chatting with each other happily. Anika was coming out of the kitchen with tray of juice to server the elders juice when she suddenly feel dizzy and faint Shivaay hit shocked and ran to wake her up but no use he asked them to called doctor
Omkara called their family doctor.

After sometime the doctor came out of Shivika’s room smiling
S:what happens doctor she is okay right
Doc: haa mr Oberoi your wife is perfectly fine.
Pinky:so why did she faints?
Doc: Mrs oberio (pinky) your bahu is pregnant.
Everybody got happy with the news and Shivaay went to Anika and kissed her lovingly and they hugged each other while Oberois are celebrating and giving sets to each other.
Rudra and Priyanka came to Shivika’s room and start to sing Dikhtana 2

******and The OS ends on Shivika’s happy face******

Hi guys?thank you for reading this boring OS upto the end and am sorry for such a boring end.
I have type the last part yesterday but I the process of copy and pasted, it got deleted so I have to type this boring one today

Thank you all the readers for commenting on my last few shots of the OS I really appreciate you comments.
Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes

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  1. I was waiting for is not boring…it’s awesome…really liked it…

    1. Fama

      Thnks Tharu I am happy that you like it.

  2. Akansha

    it was awesome i loved it totally…. hope u write another ff or OS… fama it was nt boring but intresting

    1. Fama

      Thanks Alansha and I will surely write another ff hope you guys will enjoy that as well.

      1. Fama


  3. Akshaya

    Hey fama don’t you dare to say it as boring. It was simply amazing. I read it from first shot. I think I’m commenting shots for the first time . Sorry I couldn’t comment in the previous has I was a bit busy. Hope you don’t mistake. Totally your shots were fabulous????

    1. Fama

      Thank you and am happy that you comment on the last part

  4. Shivika22kapoor

    Fama dear the epi was super amazing, I loved this Romantic Singh Oberoi alot dear.
    And waiting for your come back do come soon with a new ff dear. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Fama

      Thank you so much and I will be soon post and intro of my first ff. Hope you will like it.

  5. Amazing ?….❤ loved it

  6. Pinkyyy

    Awesome part dear
    A happy ending ???

  7. Samaira20

    It was super amazing dear …just loved it….

    1. Fama

      Thank you.

  8. Shivika

    It was lovely….happy ending wow…amazing

  9. Sat_9492

    Awesome…. It’s happy ending…. Waiting for your come back with new FF ya OS …

    1. Fama

      Thank you and I will be soon posting my first fan fiction intro hope you will like it.

  10. ShubhangiRokxx

    its awesome dear do write another one

    1. Fama

      Thanks and I will soon be back with a ff

  11. Whao.. I can’t wait fr this to happen… But when will it happen.. next week or next year.. u don’t know how anxious I am..

    1. Fama

      Even am anxious to know how Shivika will unite in the serial
      Thanks for commenting

  12. Mukta


  13. Superb darling….its Awazing…the way u express this story is superb…u perfectly nailed it…

    1. Fama

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment

  14. Uff y ur saying it boring it was excellent dear don’t demotivate urself like this from the beginning to the end it was a treat to read and yaa comeback soon we need more treats like this one actually I am a greedy person for reading …… And if I get something good to read my mood will be awesome so thanks for it

    1. Fama

      Thanks shama and am happy that you liked the OS from beginning
      I will be back with ff hope you will like that one as well

  15. i wish it would really happen.

  16. Priyali

    A perfect ending to a perfect os!?

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