Ishqbaaz – Omkara Ki Dulhania (Rikara FF)-Episode 4-Omkara’s Funny antics

Haiiii Dear Readers…How are you all??? Do you all really like this ff??
Please tell in your comments…Am I boring???

I am really very happy because my rikara has got awesome story in serial now…What a confession???What a background set during confession??

The sets and the lightings looked 100%%% Royal..????????

Anika is really looking cute in all costumes and makeup’s…Her dance,i laughed whole heartedly☺☺???…Keep rocking surbhi…My Kunal???????????

Link for 3rd part of “Omkara Ki Dulhania”.Take a sneak peak,iy you missed it….

Episode 3 Here

RECAP: Gauri prepares soup for shivaay and she stays in hospital for whole night,takes care of Omkara…Om gains conscious at morning….

Here goes the 4th episode…


After doctor and nurse left,other family members except Dadi & Jhanvi,also come and talk to Omkara..Shivaay sits beside Omkara..They all sit in Room asking
about how is he feeling now….

After assuring all that He is OK now,Omkara inquires to them that who admitted him in hospital..???

Shivaay tells him everything about Gauri and also says that Gauri stayed in hospital for whole night and she has brought soup for them..!!!????

After hearing all this Om feels really emotional…

Omkara’s P.O.V:

She has admitted me to hospital,she has took care of my Shivaay,she has stayed here in hospital whole night for me…For a stranger she did all these…

She not only saved me but also took care of Me…In today’s world where people forget about their own family and relatives she did all these things
for Me who is a Stranger….!!!!?????


Thinking all these he feels more emotional…Floating with this emotions a strong feeling comes to him…..He badly wants to meet her….

OMKARA: Shivaay Bhaiya do you know her address or phone number.?? Actually I want to Thank Her..

Other Oberoi Members also says the same that they also want to meet this girl who has saved their house’s son..

SHIVAAY : Yeah..She gave me her number…

Even before he completes his sentence Om has Snatched his mobile as if his life is dependent on that mobile…????

After taking mobile from Shivaay Om quickly saves Gauri’s Number in his mobile…He then calls to that number…
But she didn’t attend the call!!!!

Omkara then turns to Shivaay and says…

OMKARA: Bhaiyya please talk to the hospital authority and see CCTV camera recording of yesterday and take out a print of Gauri’s Picture from that video,
so that I can thank her when I meet her…????

Though Shivaay feels Puzzled seeing Om’s Strange behavior but still he makes arrangements to take a picture of Gauri from CCTV camera..???

He shows the picture to everyone but it was not clear, as lights were dim in that video…her face is looking Blur…Omkara gets disappointed..!!!??☹☹

Everyone gets distracted by Doctor’s voice..

DOCTOR: Omkara is fine now…You can take him Home…

SHIVAAY,SHAKTHI,PINKY,TEJ: Thank you soooo much doctor..??????

They take Omkara to Oberoi Mansion…


JHANVI: Pinky, since Omkara returned safely,I want to thank Ambe maa (Durga)…So let’s organize a small JAGRATHA in our house Tomorrow.

PINKY: That’s a great idea jhanvi..I will invite everyone..And make preparations..????

JHANVI: Shivaay, let’s go to the temple…I want to take ambe maa’s blessings and I will also get Omkara’s RUDRAKSHA which I offered ambe maa for her grace..???

SHIVAAY: Let’s go Badimma…


There was a gush of wind flowing in all directions and a girl in her early twenties was offering her prayers to Durga maa..She was in Entangled in Someone’s thoughts..

The thoughts which were never leaving her mind.They shut her every thinking in the name of just one person. And that person was OMKARA.??

And that Girl is our DABANG CHIRRIYA GAURI..

Don’t know why she was just thinking about him.

Unknown to her 2 people were observing her very intently.

SHIVAAY: She is the girl Badimma.

JHANVI: which girl shivaay?

SHIVAAY: The girl who saved Omkara..She is Gauri..

JHANVI: Really??She looks so pretty..Let’s talk to her..


We were about to talk to her.
But we stopped after seeing a sight.

P.O.V Ends…

PANDIT(To Gauri): For whom do you want to do this pooja beta??

GAURI: This pooja is for OMKARA…

PANDIT: Ok beta..


Why did I take his name? I don’t even know him.. What relation do I share with Him?

As I was Engrossed in my thoughts..

The wind blew very Harshly and Panditji dropped Ambe maa’s thalli and everything fell on me..

My forehead was covered with Sindoor and the RUDRAKSHA Was hanging around my neck..

Gauri’s P.O.V ends..

JHANVI: Did you see that Shivaay?????Its OMKARA’S RUDRAKSHA…

SHIVAAY: Yes Badimma??????Its OMKARA’s..

JHANVI: She even has ambe maa’s Sindoor on her forehead..I have to say she does have a connection with Omkara..

While they were talking like this The chanting Machine in Temple Plays ” SARVA MANGALA MANGALYE SHIVE SARVARDHA SAADHAGE SARANYE TRYAMBAGE GAURI,
NARAYANI NAMOSTHUDHE”…Which will be played in most of the marriages…

Hearing this Jhanvi and Shivaay gets even more excited…

PANDIT(To Jhanvi): Jhanvi Beta,i am sorry..I dropped your ambe Maa’s shagun..☹☹☹☹

JHANVI: You did the Right thing Panditji..It reached the Right Person..????

GAURI: I’m sorry!!!This Rudraksha is your’s right????!!!!

JHANVI: No Beta, its my son OMKARA’S…????

SHIVAAY: Gauri we met Again..????

GAURI: Bhaiya, That’s a pleasant surprise..
How is he?? Is he alright??
What did Doctor say?

SHIVAAY: Relax Gauri..????One question at a time…He is Fine, he was discharged today..


Seeing her eyes, I could feel her care…Maybe she wants to meet OMKARA…
I can’t miss this chance..

P.O.V Ends…

JHANVI: But he is still in pain Gauri..

GAURI: What?

JHANVI: Why don’t you meet him??I guess he will be happy to see you..

GAURI: How can I come???!! He doesn’t even know me properly!!!!

SHIVAAY: Then try to know him Gauri…

GAURI: What??

SHIVAAY: I mean if you don’t meet him, How will he know you???!!!You must come ! He will be happy to see you..

JHANVI: There is even an occasion Gauri..

GAURI: Occasion???

JHANVI: Tomorrow I’m organizing a jagratha in my house. You have to attend it…Please you have to sing song for durga maa in Jagratha…Only you have to sing..???

GAURI: OK aunty..I will try…

SHIVAAY: Not try Gauri..We will be awaiting your presence…???

GAURI: Ok..I will come for sure..Now I have to leave bhaiya and aunty..It’s nice meeting you both..????

JHANVI & SHIVAAY: The pleasure is mine Gauri..

*************************************************************After Gauri gone*****************

JHANVI: She is the one Shivaay.

SHIVAAY: Even I feel the same Badimma…She is meant only for our Omkara…

JHANVI: I can’t wait to announce that she is my future daughter in law..It’s decided Shivaay, she will be Omkara’s Wife at all costs…


Rudra singh oberoi was practicing dumbles…He was staring at a girl who was running in treadmill near to him…


GIRL: Hey Saumu,(Pointing towards the entrance of gym),I am here..Come..

Rudra turns to see…He sees a chubby,cute & Bubbly girl coming inside??????????

In excitement he drops the Dumbles and it fells on the legs of a middle age lady..

LADY cries in pain…

LADY: Are you mad????Don’t you have eyes???Stupid…

Saumya sees this and laughs…Rudra admires her cute smile..

The lady Comes in front of Rudra and shakes him…

RUDRA: Are you mad aunty??/Don’t get in between my view..(He tells without even realizing what he did and pushes The lady forcefully)???????

Due to the force she goes towards Saumya and Pushes Saumya…Saumya was about to fall, But Rudy helded her By her Waist…?????

They Share A cute Eyelock..?????.



How was it friends????Please leave your comments……Plssssssssssssssssss…Silent readers pls comment…..Byeee…..I will update soon….Take care..

Love you all….

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    Superb update anna.. The way om feels for gauri and gauri’s care for om are just wowwww…. Hoping to read rikara’s first meet soon.. Rumya scene was also nice anna.. The current rikara track in ib is making me very excited.. Am so happy tht om has accepted his love for gauri.. I just want them to get married soon and live happily.. And all the best for ur exams anna.. Do well..

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    Awesome. Dramatic and overhyped but nice going on. Update soon.

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    Wow ….A little dramatic but really beautiful and nice update….. Enjoyed it a lot…. destiny is giving so many signs that they are made for each other….
    Well in Rumya story I feel sorry for the lady, it’s injustice to her yaar…. hoping to see Rumya cute love story.
    In IB I am loving every episodes of IB from Dewali night ….Though I am having my tests but because of this amazing track I can’t stop myself from watching this show…now just hoping that because of leap they don’t make it irritating again….

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  11. Really very nice story line????
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    Very nice…keep up the good work.

    Dear Logesh
    Omkara Pov? Om Excited To See Gauri?? Gauri Temple Moment? Jhanvi ShivRi Conv? RuMya Scene And Moment? It’s Awesome Episode??????
    Thank You So Much For RUMYA???
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  14. Verna

    First of all I’m really really sorry my brother.. just now read all ur parts and its amazing.. this is my fav till date.. because it has my Om active and his funny antics for meeting Gauri and Their temple meeting was too cute.. keep going da

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    OMG firstly i think i must appreciate profile picture of this ff.???????This episode is damn nice.
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    Awwwww…..the way Gauri caresses about Om is damn nice.
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