Ishqbaaz – Omkara Ki Dulhania (Rikara FF)-Episode 3- Gauri’s care

Haiiiiiii Dears..How are you all???

Missed you all to the core!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????You all became my family.So i am missed my chutki’s,didi’s & brothers…

It’s been two months since i joined this site..Thanks for supporting me with your beautiful comments…Tqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooo much…

ON THAT MOVIE”…But even after that,i got two negative comments like “THE STARTING TWO PARTS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT


Really i thought to leave tellyupates.???????.But i thought this is small issue..When i have so much support why should i leave??!!????

Ok..I get into the story…


Episode 2


Here goes the third episode…

RECAP: Shivaay tells to gauri about svetlana….Gauri feels sad for Omkara…!!!

Third Episode:

As she was getting late for home,so Gauri took leave from Shivaay..

(Actually Gauri is living in individual house..Alone)

Gauri started to sleep..

She had nightmares..She was unable to sleep..???

All she could think was about Omkara..?????That man had something which struck her heart which she could not forget..

She felt guilty for leaving Shivaay alone!!!???

She couldn’t resist anymore..She Prepared Tomato soup for shivaay(To avoid sleep and stay fresh).????

After preparing soup she returned to the same hospital where Omkara was admitted..She gave the soup to shivaay and also asked him to feed
Omkara too if possible..??????

Even after drinking the soup Shivaay felt sleepy…He blinked with his Kanchi Blue Cat Eyes?????

Gauri Understood it and she asked him to sleep..

Gauri stayed awake whole night in hospital for Omkara..She alerted nurse to change the Drip once it’s over..She changed the bedsheets..
But Omkara was unconscious…

But as the Morning preceded,she left the hospital..

She felt she is getting a bit attached to him,but after she returned from the hospital Gauri was still thinking about Omkara,
the pain he has gone through for his family.Does he deserve this?How can a man be so self less to defend his family?All
the words said by Shivaay were ringing in her mind…????????

She wanted to call Shivaay and enquire about Omkara,but she felt like she is falling for him..So she wanted to avoid it..???

Whereas Shivaay Engrossed in Omkara’s troubles and little did he know Gauri would be a solution to it..?????

The Oberoi’s(Dadi,Pinky,Jhanvi, and others) were worried about Shivaay and Omkara and when they got the news
they rushed to the hospital and Shivaay described Gauri’s involvement in helping Omkara..?????

The family rejoiced knowing about Gauri and wanted to thank her for her help..

Omkara Slowly Opens his eyes,but because of bright day light it takes a minute to adjust his eyes with the light.

First he was confused that where is he?

Then when he realises that he is in hospital he slowly remembers yesterday night accident.
He sees Shivaay is sitting in front of him.Seeing Om Conscious Shivaay feels Releif.???

Shivaay calls the doctor..Doctor comes and after checking Omkara informs,

DOCTOR: He is fine now..He must take rest..

Doctor then gives some instructions to Nurse and leaves..Nurse also leaves the room to take some medicines..

Jhanvi and Dadi goes to home to bring food for Both..


That’s it for today friends…Please do support me as you all did before..Do you all liked it???Or i am boring???Please tell..
If yes,i will stop this ff…Please tell me frankly..Please leave your comments…Plsssssssssssss…Advance Happy Diwali to all my dear Readers…
God Bless you all with happiness..


Byeeeeeee…Love you all…Take care…



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  1. Very nice

    1. Logesh.M

      Hey palak.Tqqqqqqqqqqq soooooo much dear??????please register here.So that i can send you the links whenever i update..Keep reading and commenting dear..Take care?????pls register in tellyupdates

  2. Riana

    Hey Brooo…
    I missed u n ur writings a lot…
    Firstly let me tell you one thing do not leave you like this…as you said that some people insulted your writtings…Critizers are like this only…THEY CANT WRITE ANY THING BY THEIR OWN and insults others…huh…??…fake people…

    Secondly…One thing i would like to mention…if you get any negative commentators anytime just ignore them and focus on positive comments…and checkout that how many positive comments did you got….

    People praisisng is the MOST IMPORTANT not those who insults….?????

    You are best in yourself so dont lose hope and do not say again that you will leave TU ???

    And coming to thr episode…

    Broooo it was short ????…

    But anywayzzz I loved it….
    Gauri taking Omkara’s care was really really goood…?????

    I am waiting for next part do not end this …
    Else you are an AUTHOR and its completely your decission…???

    Take Care
    Love you
    & ur writings ✍️

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq veryyyyy much for those precious words Riana????????????Yeah.i will neglect them..i will not end this soon…..And also i will not leave TU???Unless if i dont have any further stories in my mind…Tqqqqqqqqq soooooo much for such long comment ??? is short!!!!!???I want to write small episodes for this new ff..So that readers can spend only little time to read it..As many readers are having exams, thats why….But i will write next episode little long??????take care

  3. Nice one and who said it is similar to the movie the first 2 parts were totally different

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqq soooooo much dear??????Yeah…Its totally different..please register in tellyupdates. So that i can send you the links whenever i update ????Byeee…Take care…please follow this story till its end…comment in upcoming parts too ????

    2. Logesh.M

      i am gonna update it today..pls check out once updated???

  4. Komal

    Awesome one bhai.. Loved it!! Waiting for next part..

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqq sooooo much kashu?????keep reading and commenting dear??

  5. Niriha

    Awesome bro….I really loved this ff bro.
    Don’t feel bad for useless comments bro.In TU u have many sisters and brothers who loves u and support u and don’t say again that u will leave TU.. update next part soon
    Love you ??Take care and stay safe

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooo much for this compliment dear??????yeah i will not leave TU..bcoz i have manyyyy supporters??????Hpy diwali to u nd ur family in advance?????tc

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooooo much dear?????keep reading and commenting dear ???tc.byee

  6. Riya5794

    Yeah bhai..i missed ur ff…and this is very nice

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooo much reihna??????keep reading and keep commenting dear ???tc

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear… Just stick on the positive side, comments…. Stay happy and blessed

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooo much nikki????????Keep reading and commenting dear????take care

  8. Zaveesha

    Good one

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooo much zaveesha??????keep reading

  9. Yashu

    Hey bro….it was awesome….i read the previous part as well as this one…..they are awesome…n this part was so cute n sweet ❤❤❤i loved it….n abt comments don’t really get disheartened because of them…n every person has some ups and downs n without having them a person is dead….look towards those positive comments n find ur motivation there n keep going…..u r writing awesome….

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooooooooooo much yashu??????for such caring and precious comments…I wont leave TU????Keep reading and keep commenting dear????i will update Gauri Aur Omkara before diwali???

  10. Dinu

    Hey bro! Hw r u doing? ?? missed u n ur 2 ffs sooooo much. Where hv u been yaar??it’s been a long time? n hw dare u 2 even tnk about leaving TU??? n dat too 4 dat too 4 dat short minded people??? don’t give a damn 2 dat stupid people. They dnt know d true meaning of a ff.??? if u write d story exactly like d movie it won’t be creative. It will be a copy?? forget it.they won’t understand it.????n plz don’t stop writing dis ff.??I told u na dat I love dis ff more dan ur other ff☹☹ n 2dy epi was too short yaar.I happily started 2 read expecting dis will be long (I was excited as I was going 2 watch my favourite teledrama☹☹) bt suddenly it ended??? I was like ???????? nt fair? k k about d epi… I loved gauri’s care 2wrds om?????☺ she’s falling 4 him???(she has 2 be.after all our om is too handsome?????) n d montage is superbbbb?????? I loved it 2 d coreeee????? our omki is looking so hot in dat white shirt??????? ( n gauri also nt less than him???) they was on ??? in dat most favourite scene??? k enough of my bak bak.Happy Diwali 2 u n ur family too dr?(in advance) eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi.plz post soon.byeee?.celebrate Diwali 2 d fullest??? tc dr

    1. Logesh.M

      Haiiii dinu???i am fine.i too missed you all????!!!!! I will not leave tellyupdates dear????I will neglect that negative comments…Tqqqqqqqqq sooooooooo much for such a precious comment.Another important info: i will update 18th part of Gauri Aur Omkara this week…Our omki is always hot???????Even boys are admiring him..???me too…Cutiepie..sorry for the short update dear?????I will surely give long update in next part…I AM NOT GOING TO END BOTH FANFICTIONS…BOTH WILL HIT ATLEAST 50.??????I TAKE THIS RESOLUTION?????????Bye..Take care..Please support me continuously..Advance diwali wishes…

      1. Dinu

        Wow.dat is indeed a gd nws.i’m happy dat ur continuing d both ffs.eagerly waiting 4 gauri aur omkara ff.

    2. Logesh.M

      You all had waited for past three weeks..Wait for three more days..i will update 18th part?????i will update both ffs this week????

  11. Karina

    Very nice…keep up the good work.

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooo much karina?????keep supporting me…byeee…tc

  12. Ashwinee

    awesome update bhai…please continue it..take care

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      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooo much ashwinee??????Tc..Keep supporting me

  13. Aafiya

    Hi bro… Today’s one was awesome.. Please continue bro.. People around us say many things… Take only good things into consideration..
    Advance happy Diwali….

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqq soooooooo much aafiya????????????Keep reading and keep commenting dear….please support me like this????Yeah..i will neglect them hereafter?????

  14. VHM

    Simple, short and sweet episode….waiting eagerly for the bext one

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooooooo much harika didi???????????will update both ff’s this week????????

  15. Priyasaki

    Hi bro……Hw r u?…This epi was good…. Waiting for d next one….?….
    Keep writing bro……. Spread positive vibe through ur writing……..Don’t take tension about negative comments……Just take a note if it is ur mistake… Otherwise ignore it..Nd update soon bro… ‘i wish u and ur family a very happy Diwali in advance’…..

    1. Logesh.M

      tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq soooooooooooo much priyasaki….keep reading and keep commenting…yeah I will try to ignore it…?????????????

  16. Lauren

    Yeah happy to have nxt part of diss ff… loved it… it was fab…post nxt soon bhai…

    1. Logesh.M

      tqqqqqqqqqq sooooooooooooooo much lauren..keep reading and keep commenting….take care..???????????????????

  17. Tharu

    Awesome chapter but its short ? wanna read more gouri is falling for om loved it lot missed ur ff waiting for the next part

    1. Logesh.M

      tqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooooooo much tharu…keep reading and keep commenting…yeah it was short!!!!I will give next update(today) as long update..take care…??????????????

  18. Negisanyukta

    Awesome as usual.Sorry bhaiya for not commenting on previous episode.???
    I just loved it to the core.?????
    Bhaiya neglect those criticization nd don’t stop writing in future bcoz universe nahi chahta ki aap writing chhode.I don’t know about universe,but i just know the fact that i love ur writings.
    So,Keep writing bhaiya.

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqq soooooo much sanyukta?????you doubled my happiness by double comments and increased the count??????hehe

  19. Negisanyukta

    Awesome as usual.Sorry bhaiya for not commenting on previous episode.???
    I just loved it to the core.?????
    Bhaiya neglect those criticization nd don’t stop writing in future bcoz universe nahi chahta ki aap writing chhode.I don’t know about universe,but i just know the fact that i love ur writings.
    Even as i know Humpty sharma ki dulhania nd badrinath ki dulhania have most of the same story line.So,they must criticise these movies having same same storyline with same actors.
    So,Keep writing bhaiya.

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqq soooooo much sanyukta????????for this long comment…keep reading and commenting dear????

  20. ParichayHin

    Ahh….finally after long waiting u have updated this ff…..
    Its really awesome…. slowly each characters are taking their shape…..
    Eagerly waiting to know what is going to happen next.
    Have a beautiful Dewali…. happy dewali….

  21. Shreyanvi

    Sorry…sorry..sorry….so sorry bhai…for not commenting on previous chappy’s….i m so sorry…i knw now also I m a bit late…..nd I m so angry….how dare u to think of leaving tu….dat to wdout informing me…????…critisim hurts but it’s part of our work…..nd vs of it stopping rd is not solution..
    .nd cz of 2 neg comments u were ready to leave…wht abt rest 60 comments..???…it will happen again….so just don’t think abt it….whenever u feel like sharing u can share wd me or any of us if u r comfortable…but just don’t try to end it….u started it for me…nd was ending it wdout informing me..?..not fair….
    But I m glad to took r8 decision nd u r back wd bang….
    All is well…when end is well…
    Coming to chappy….it was nice..loved it to
    the core…keep it up….nd post nxt part soon…..

    Nd I m angry again….u missed my comments only haan..???..not me…??????????….katti….???

    1. Logesh.M

      tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooooo much saku???????i will not leave TU????That too i will not leave without informing you??????I missed u too??????so dont think that i missed only your comments ?????

  22. ParichayHin

    Don’t bother about negative comments dear…..if anyone is having any misunderstanding then clear it and continue writing with positive energy…..

    Ahh….finally after long waiting u have updated this ff…..
    Its really awesome…. slowly each characters are taking their shape…..
    Eagerly waiting to know what is going to happen next.
    Have a beautiful Dewali…. happy dewali….

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqq soooooooo much sister…?????for such a long comment ????i willl update 4th part today..check it out and comment

    2. Logesh.M

      Take care sister…byeeee??????

  23. Kashaf

    I’m so sorry for late comment. I rarely come to telly updates. It’s awesome dear.

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqqq soooooo much kashaf????pls read 18th part of my another ff…and comment???

  24. Dhwani_Naidu

    Brother.. Epdi irukeenga?? Came to TU after 3 weeks.. Just now read this chapter.. Sry sry sry anna for being sooooo late..

    It’s just the 3rd chap and gauri has started having feelings for om!!! Wowwwww!!! So excited that this ff is fast paced.. Update next epi soon Anna.. Wat abt gauri and omkara ff.. I had expected tht after so many weeks, I will get to read lot of chapters 🙁 Update next soon Anna..
    Placement training over ah kuduthu saavadikuraangala clg la??!! Athan busy ah anna??

    1. Logesh.M

      Haiiiii dhwani??????nee thaan enna vida busy aa iruka????3weeks varlaye!!!!Thanqqqqq soooo much…i updated 18th part..Enaku nethu thaan semester practicals mudinjudhu???Thats why i was busy…Also pona saturday thaan project zeroth review mudinjudhu???october 31 my semester theory exams are staring.Semester will end on November 18…Adhuku apram naan free dhaan???Link for 18th part og Gauri Aur Omkara.please read and comment ???

      Today i will update 4th part of new ff…Within this week 19th episode of Gauri Aur Omkara will also be updated ???Take care..Which standard you are??

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Busy ah enga irunthen anna???!! Athan udambu seri illama poche.. Athan tu varala.. Omg!! I didnt see o nd g ff’s next epi.. How cud I miss it??!! Thanks for sending the link anna.. Naa 12th std..

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