Ishqbaaz – Omkara Ki Dulhania (Rikara FF)-Episode 2- Gauri Feels Sad For Omkara

Haiiiiiiiiii Dears….I am back with a Bang..Yesterday i was really not feeling well…My health was bad…!!!!!????

That’s why i was not able to update…I am sorry for the delay in updating my another ff “Gauri Aur Omkara”..Next update will be 18th part of
“Gauri Aur Omkara”…Please forgive me…I am sorry for disappointing you all with very short update(1st part of this ff)!!!!!!!!!???..Hope i gave nice starting for first time…

For “Gauri Aur Omkara”,i know the starting was really not well….

My wattpad friend ParichayHin joined TU yesterday…Please support her…She is a very good writer…Soon she will be posting her story…

Take a sneak peak into the 1st part if you missed it…Here is the link..?????????
RECAP: Omkara was lost in his thoughts…While walking in road, he was thinking about blackmailings of svetlana….

Here goes the next episode..

When every way seems close there comes a way with new light.
When every door seems closed an unknown power opens a new door.


He was so lost in his thoughts that he have not noticed a car was coming from opposite side..


Gauri is driving with her usual speed but suddenly a man comes in front of her car from nowhere.
Before she can control her car, that man was hit by her car.

That man is none other than Omkara..!!!!!!!

She quickly comes out of the car and rushes near him..!!!!!????????

“Hey Shankarji! What have I done?”

She murmurs to herself…

Omkara feels blank and before he has realized anything more he has fainted..He didnt see her face….!!!!

Gauri realizes that this man has fainted so she patting his cheek starts saying…..”Hey wake up!!! See i haven’t done this willingly.
I am so sorry please wake up….”!!!!???????

She tries to make him conscious but nothing worked.Then she notices blood coming out of his head, so she quickly rush him to the hospital.

After she admits him to hospital, doctor takes him for treatment.

She sits outside and looks at the phone which she has pick-off from beside this stranger…?????

She looks at last dial call and sees a name “SHIVAAY BHAIYA”..

So she calls to that number…

SHIVAAY: “Hello, haan Om say…Where are you? and w…..”

He was going to say something more but Gauri cut him in between…

GAURI: “Sorry……Actually he is admitted in XYZ Hospital.”

SHIVAAY:????What? Who are you? And what are you doing with my brother’s mobile? And why is he admitted in hospital?

In last Sentence Shivaay’s voice sounds broken!!!!!!!

Gauri feels that hearing him..So she says slowly..

GAURI: “It was an accident.Please come to this hospital.”

(Conversation ends)

Shivaay cutting the call quickly reaches the hospital.From reception knowing about the accident case he quickly reaches near Om’s room…

He sees a girl is sitting outside of the room and thought maybe she has only called..

He Reaches near her and says…

SHIVAAY: “I am Shivaay…You…”????

He trailed off..????

GAURI: “I am Gauri,Gauri Kumari Sharma.I only called you.”

SHIVAAY: “How this all happened?”!!!!!?????

GAURI: “I don’t know…I was driving and suddenly he came in front of my car..Before i could understand anything he was hit by my car!!!
I am so sorry…beleive me.I haven’t done this intentionally..It was just an accident…”!!!!?????????

She was going all explaining…Shivaay stops her and says…

SHIVAAY: “Hey Gauri, relax i understand. ”

Shivaay don’t know why but he beleives this girl saying..?????

After all she has no reason to lie and harm his brother. Other than this he feels an unknown connection with this unknown girl…??????

His heart says he can beleive on her. He hears her saying..

GAURI: “He(Om) was lost when i saw him in front of my car.I tried to control my car, but before that accident happened..!!!!”

Shivaay sits on the chair and took deep breath..

His heart says him to share his brother’s painful life story to this stranger girl and he follows his Heart…????????

He starts saying all the things that Omkara has suffered because of that Svetlana..After Hearing all this Gauri feels bad for Omkara..!!!!!??????

The screen Freezes with Gauri’s face….

That’s it for today dears….Please drop down your comments..Hit like….I will update 18th part of “Gauri Aur Omkara” tomorrow….

Byeee……Take care…Love you all….


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  4. Riana

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    1. Logesh.M

      Haiiiiii dinu.i am fine..what about you?yeah.that was worst episode..But now i am loving Dilpreet to the core..Though i am a boy?????Really rikara track is progressing well..I have high hopes??????tqqqqqqqqq sooooo much dear

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