Ishqbaaz OBros – Hum Saath Hain, Toh Baat Hain- FF By Luna (Chapter 2)

Hi Friends…I’m back with the second chapter of this ff. Well, the reason why I started this FF was because Leenesh (Rudra) was about to leave Ishqbaaz, and Rudra track was ending. So I thought of writing an ff on OBros, as I thought we will not get them anymore…But now, Leenesh is staying in the show, and as per insider sources…Rumya track is ready and will start soon. Well, as I’ve started this ff…so I’ll complete it, if u like the story. Here’s the link of my previous chapter:
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Scene 1: Rudra is in his room. He’s crying recalling Tej’s harsh words. Jhanvi enters the room. Jhanvi sees Rudra crying and tears come out of her eyes. Rudra doesn’t notice Jhanvi. Jhanvi calls out “ Rudra” with pain in her voice, coming out from her heart. Rudra looks at Jhanvi. Seeing Jhanvi he bursts into tears, and runs towards her and hugs her. Both share an emotional moment.

Jhanvi(crying): I’m sorry Rudra…I’m sorry….I’ve been always been partial between u and Omkara …I never cared for u…It’s coz of me u never got the love of your mom and dad….Even if u are my illegitimate son, but u r still my son…I’ve given birth to u….how can I forget that??? How?? How I became such a bad mother??
Rudra(crying): No mom….no….u r not a bad mom…u r the best mom ever…and u don’t have to feel guilty…I’m not at all angry on u….I know what u did was wrong, but now u have realized your mistake.
Jhanvi: You have forgiven me Rudra??
Rudra: I was never angry on u mom….yeah, I was hurt to know this bitter truth…but…it doesn’t matters to me if I’m not an Oberoi….U r still my mom…Shivaye Bhaiya and O are still my brothers…Prinku is still my sister….and I don’t need any evidence to prove it….But what hurts me is….is…. dad doesn’t considers me as his…. Own.
Jhanvi: He’ll accept u Rudra…I promise u….he’ll accept u.
Tej(standing at the door): That day will never come!!!
Jhanvi and and Rudra look at Tej standing at the door with an arrogant face. Tej goes to them.
Rudra(with a numb expression): Papa…

Tej(angry): I’m not your Papa and it’ll be better for u if u understand this as soon as possible…Well, I just wanted to tell u that…U can’t live in this house anymore.
Jhanvi(furiously): Tej!!!! This house is Rudra’s also…he’s our son.
Tej: Not ours…he’s your son ..and this is my house….I’ll decide who will live and who will be out….
Jhanvi: Tej…u can’t do this.
Tej: of course I can do this….who will stop me?? U?? Once our divorce happens, You will also be out of this house….Rudra is not an Oberoi, so he has no right over the property of Oberois.
Rudra(numbly): Papa..please…..
Tej grabs Rudra’s hand and drags him to the main hall….Rudra was just crying without saying a word….Jhanvi was trying to stop Tej but he doesn’t listens…

Jhanvi: Tej….plz stop…u can’t get Rudra out of this house.
Tej(to Jhanvi): Shut up…just…shut up!!!!
Tej was just about to get Rudra, out of the house, when a voice comes from behind shouting “ Mr Oberoi” from non other than Omkara….Tej, Rudra and Jhanvi turn back and look at Omkara. Omkara glares at Tej and walks towards him….He goes near Tej and looks at him furiously….Om removes the hand of Tej from Rudra’s hand.
Om(furiously): Rudra will not go anywhere.
Tej(glaring): This is my house…I’ll decide, who will stay here and who will leave.
Shivaye(entering): What’s going on here??
All look at Shivaye as he walks to them.
Shivaye: Om…what happened???
Om: Shivaye…Mr Oberoi doesn’t wants Rudra to live in this house.
Tej(arrogantly): Yes….he’s not my son..Why will he live in this house??? He’s nothing more than a…a What Shivaye says??? Yeah, roadside trash….Rudra is nothing more than a roadside trash for me.
Shivaye looks down in guilt.
Om: Mr Oberoi…What do u want to prove??? Shivaye loves Rudra a lot….and this blood and lineage, doesn’t matters to him anymore.

Tej(arrogantly): Oh Really??? I can’t believe it….A person for whom, family, blood, lineage was everything , doesn’t matters to him anymore??? Strange!!!!
Shivaye(gaining confidence): Yeah bade papa… family blood, lineage…matters to me…it still matters to me….(Om and Rudra get shocked hearing this)…BUT….when it comes to my brothers….my rules, my laws, my principles…will change, every time.. no matter what.
Tej: whatever!!!! Rudra will not stay in Oberoi mansion and this is my final decision.
Om :If Rudra will leave this house then each and everyone of us will leave.
Tej(arrogantly): Then feel free to leave….I don’t give a damn.
Om: okay, c’mon Shivaye.
Shivaye: No Om…we’ll not go anywhere.
Om: But Shivaye…U only said that that….

Shivaye: Yeah, I know…but then I realized that….Rudra is also a son of this house….It’s his right…to stay in this house.
Tej(furiously): Rudra is not my son, okay!!!!
Shivaye: But he’s my brother…and I am the son of this house, in your definition…right??? I also have a right in this house, in this property….So I’ll this right, and keep Rudra in this house…..Rudra will stay here only…..he has all the rights to stay in this house.
Tej(furiously): U are not doing right Shivaye.
Shivaye: What I’m doing…is completely right..Bade papa….
Tej gets very angry and turns to Rudra.
Tej(to Rudra): I’m not going to keep an illegitimate child in my house…
Rudra: Papa….I…

Tej(to Rudra): How many times do I have to tell u??? I am not your Papa….Your papa has left u and your mother..Why don’t you both go from my life??? Go and search your real dad na, who abandoned both of u….
Rudra(with a painful smile): U are my real dad and no one else…I don’t have to search anyone….It was u who used to be awake the whole night to make me sleep…It was u who bought me toys and gifts in childhood….Do u remember, used to sing lullaby for me??? And when I was afraid to go to my school, on my first day….it was u who removed my fears….Not my biological dad…U fulfilled all my wish3es and took care of me??? How can I leave u Papa???
Tej gets silenced and recalls his past moments with Rudra…..
Tej(furiously): Oh just shut up!!!! That time…I didn’t know that u r not my blood….The moment I knew that I’ve no blood relation with u, I stopped having any feelings for u.
Rudra: Papa… I don’t understand what is this blood relation….I don’t even know how many blood groups are there…and neither I can understand relations of heart like Om….But what I know is….I only see u as my papa…and no one else…
Tej(shouting in anger): I said shut up (Tej raises his hand on Rudra to slap him, but Om comes in between them and stops Tej)

Tej gets shocked…Om removes the hand of Tej.
Tej(furiously): What do u think of yourself??? U are raising your hand on me?? Don’t forget that I’m your dad.
Om(smirking): Strange!!!! The son who considers you as your father, u don’t accept him and tell him that u r not his father..… and the son who has ended his relation with you a long time ago… u keep reminding him that u r his father??? What do u want Mr Oberoi??? If relations are really based on blood and lineage na, then the relationship between u and me…wouldn’t have been at this stage…..
Tej: Whatever u say…it’ll not change the truth that…Rudra is not my son….I’m not his father
Om: And now he doesn’t even need a father, nor a mother (Jhanvi gets shocked hearing this and looks at Om)
Om(looking at Jhanvi): I and Shivaye are enough, to give Rudra the love of mom and dad….Shivaye was always like a father-figure to Rudra….now I’ll become a mother of Rudra….Shivaye was the wall for me and Rudra…now I’ll become a wall for Rudra to protect him…We’ll give Rudra that love, that carre…which he was supposed to get from both of u….and I promise…I’ll become a better parent than my parents……

Om holds Rudra’s hand and leaves from the there with Shivaye….Tej and Jhanvi just look at the OBros while they leave, holding each other’s hand…lafzon ka rishta plays….

Scene 2: ShivOmRu enter Shivaye’s room. Anika was there and sees Rudra crying.
Anika: Shivaye…what happened??? Why is Rudra crying??
Shivaye: Anika…first let him sit.
Shivaye, Om and Rudra sit on the bed and try to console Rudra and make him stop crying. Anika gives a glass of water to Rudra. Rudra stops crying.
Rudra(to Shivaye): Bhaiya….why dad hates me so much??? Just coz I’m not his real son, he wants to get me out of this house??? Are blood relations everything??? Is there no place for feelings in relationships.
Shivaye: No Rudra…..that’s not true.
Rudra(crying): Then why dad hates me so much???

Om: Rudra….Mr Oberoi doesn’t considers u as your son…for him, blood and lineage is everything…Actually, for almost every person in this world…blood and lineage is everything….There is no place for…heart…no one listens to heart….Rudra, if Mr Oberoi….doesn’t accepts u as your son…then u should also stop considering him as your father.
Rudra: I’m not so strong like u O…..I don’t understand these philosophical things….what I understand is, I’ve always considered papa as my father…now how can I forget that in a moment??? I can’t forget these things.
Om: Rudra, you saw na how your dad treated u…and your mom?? She can’t even protect u…they don’t love you Rudra….that’s why they always ignored u.
Shivaye: Om..what are you saying???
Om: No Shivaye….let him face the truth…Rudra should get into the touch of reality now…he’s no more a kid…so Rudra, your family…the people who you consider as your mom and dad…don’t love you….coz u are illegitimate….break all your relations with them Rudra…the people who don’t value a relationship, don’t deserve that relationship. (Rudra bursts into tears hearing the harsh truth from Om)
Shivaye(hugs Rudra to console him and says): Om…why are you saying all this???
Om: Because this is the truth Shivaye…my words can be bitter for u all…but what I’m saying, is the truth…the bitter truth.
Shivaye: Om please….(Om leaves without hearing Shivaye)

Rudra was still crying….Shivaye and Anika try to console him.
Rudra(crying): Bhaiya…why O said like this??? Why he said that mom and dad doesn’t loves me???
Shivaye: Rudra, you know na,…Om is very emotional…he takes all his decisions on emotions…he easily gets judgemental on people…never gives chances to people to tell their side of story…he’s hurt right now…hurt coz, badi ma hid your truth from everyone all these years…and you know, he hates lies and betrayal.
Anika: Rudra….We all love u, no matter what….even Tej uncle and Jhanvi aunty love u…..Tej uncle just haven’t realized it yet.
Shivaye: Rudra…I promise that bade papa will accept u as your son one day.
Anika(putting her hand on Rudra’s shoulder): We promise u Rudra.
Shivaye and Anika hug Rudra….lafzon ka rishta plays)

Scene 3: Om is in his room…..He’s very angry. Jhanvi enters.
Jhanvi(with tears in her eyes): Om….
Om(looks at Jhanvi and gets angry): what are you doing here???
Jhanvi: I wanted to talk to u???
Om(glaring): But I don’t want to talk to u.
Jhanvi(numbly): But Om…I want to tell u that why…..why I had an extra-marital affair.
Om(furiously): Can’t u hear??? I said…I don’t want to talk to u…so plz…leave!!!
Jhanvi: Om….plz try to understand……I…I can explain.
Om(furiously): What explanation will u give… huh??? Is there really an explanation??
Jhanvi: Om…I know, what I did was wrong….It was a mistake and I still feel guilty for it….plz forgive me Om.
Om(furiously): What u have done…isn’t a mistake…it’s a sin…and u are only worthy of a punishment, not forgiveness.
Jhanvi(bursting into tears): Om….I can accept any punishment of your’s but not your hatred….plz understand…I love, Rudra and Prinku equally.

Om: No Mrs Oberoi…u don’t love anyone…It was Shivaye who took care of us…not u or Mr Oberoi…..u both were busy in having affairs and taking revenge from each other…In all this u forgot that u have 3 children, who are dying for your love….
Jhanvi(crying): Om….your words are hurting me.
Om(furiously): It should hurt u Mrs Oberoi….u know what u are??? A characterless woman, who can stoop to the lowest level….I feel disgusted by even looking at your face…..Even Mr Oberoi is better than u….at least he was a loyal husband to u until u became an unfaithful wife….It’s u who is the root of all our sorrow, not Mr Oberoi….today I hate thousand times more than Mr Oberoi.
Jhanvi(crying): But Om….I’m your mom.
Om(shouting): My mom is dead!!!! right no, the woman who is standing in front of me has no relation with me.
Jhanvi: Relations are not broken like this Om…..I’m your mother and no one can change this fact…we have a relation of blood.
Om: Blood doesn’t matters in relationships Mrs Oberoi….and my this belief is confirmed now….relationships are based on trust and loyalty…and u… have broken my trust…and I…can forgive u for this.
Jhanvi(crying): Om….
Om: get out!!!
Jhanvi: Om plz…
Om: I said get out !!!!

To Be Continued……

No Precap…..

I hope u all liked it…Plz comment and give your views. I’ve not decided yet that which girl I’ll pair opposite Om…Ishana or Gauri. So u all tell me in the comments section, which pair u want. ISHKARA or RIKARA??? The couple getting more votes will be in my ff. Having said that, this ff is more about the OBros so there will be not many scenes between the couples.
Thank you for reading. This is Luna, signing off

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