Ishqbaaz – The oberoi brothers (Episode 5)

Hi guys, this is Ruchitha,,, I am very happy that you liked my FF,,and ur comments really made me happy,,, as this is the first time I am sharing my imagination or stories I create with strangers ,, I was little bit afraid,,but you guys rockz,,,and here’s the episode,,

The episode starts with Anika saying to shivaay to stop the car in a very angry look and shivaay apologising for anika. Then Anika shouts suddenly to stop the car. So shivaay stops the car, anika goes out the car , shivaay follows her saying,
SHi :I am sorry anika, I don’t know what I have said,,,( Sorry anika, mujhko nahi pata ki mai kya bol diya )
Ani : Billu, My house had came,,,,, so I have said you to stop the car, [ billu ji,mera ghar agaya hai,isliye mai ghaadi rokhne ke liye kaha ]
and she smiles,,and goes into home and shut the door,,, SHivaay too smiles, actually laughs at his stupidity,,, then gets in car,,goes to home,,just after shivaay leaving,,anika opens the door,,,and sees shivaay going scretly,,, then from back her brother sahil asks
sahil : ANika di,, who ur seeing ha ??? [ he know anika seeing shivaay][ anika di, aap kisko dekh rahi ho ? ]
anika : NO, sahil . Am not seeing anyone, [ no sahil, mai kisi ko nahi dek rahi huin,,]
Sa: anika di,, don’t say lies , ur seeing that Bagad billa na,,,?[anika di, jhoot math boliye, aap bagad billa ko dekh rahe ho na ? ]
Ani : no, Why I will see him ? { nahi, mai kyun dekhti usko ?]
Sa : u don’t know why you will see him???[ aapko nahi pata , aap usko kyun dekhti ho?]
Anika then thinks,,,and asks to herself,,yes why am I seeing him?[ haan, mai usko kyun dekh rahi huin ? ]
then scene shifts to oberoi mansion,, it is late night,,shivaay just entering into home,,in hall there are allll family members,,, shivaay sees this but ignores and trying to go to his room
then dadi stops him ask :
dadi, : Billu, what is this happening ? [ billu , yeh kya ho raha hai ? ]
shi : what is happening dadi ? nothing.[ kya ho raha hai ,? kuch nahi ]
Dadi : ok, then what is going between you and anika,,[ teek hai billu, tum aur anika ke beech mai kya ho raha hai ?]
shivaay suprised to listen this question , will be suprised,,,,,,,,and then there is a hugeee pause,,,,, a big silent,,,,,,,,,,,, then shivaay says
shi : I want to marry Anika,,[ mai anika se shaadi karna chahta huin ]
all members get shocked , and all stood up,,, then again all will ask many questions,,,
R u ok ? , but why ? shivaay, What we have to say to Tia & her family,etc. etc. But there comes a really INteresting question,,,,,,
and then OM comes to shivaay
Om : shivaay, U will marry anika ?
shiv: yes om.
om : then what about khoon, khandan,status?
shiv : om, papa, badepapa, and all,,,, After our marriage,, Our khoon will be anika’s khoon, our khandan, wll be anika’s khandan,, our status will be anika’s status……
then all get suprised to listen this,, OMRU really very happy ,,,,then a another interesting question comes,,,,,
Ru : but bhayya,, did you proposed to anika bhabhi ? what did she say?
shi : no rudra, I will say to her tommorow……
all gets happy,,,,,,,

NEt Day : IN oberoi mansion,,,,Anika entering into home
Rudra : HI anika bhabhi,.,,good morning,,
Anika who is not at all familiar with the call bhabhi as rudra calles her di,,gives a strange look,,,,,,,,,, om reaches there,,
om: hey anika, How r u ? did u meet shivaay ?
a another unfamiliar question , she gives the same strange look,,,,,,meanwhile priyanka comes there
pri : Anika, come come,,,shivaay bhayya is talking about you only,,,,,,[ anika, aa aa ,, shivaay bhayya ne tere baare hin baat kar raha hai,,,]
as this is also a strange thing for Anika,,, she gives a strange look to all and goes into kitchen,,,there ,,she finds Shivaay,, asual he is preparing something,,,shivaay sees Anika,,, anika comes to him,,,
ani: billu ji, what happened to all ? why they are behaving soo strangely ?[ billu ji, sabko kya hya ? wo ajeeb se kun behave kar rahe hai ? ]
Shiv: ha,,,,[ he smiles ]
anika finds even this as strange and she trying to live the room,, shivaay cathes her,,pull scloser her towards him ,,,,,,
Omru will be there and they sayys,,,
OM : rudra , this is home,, [ rudra, yeh ghar hai ]
Ru : haan, and after thi is kitchen, u should not do these things here,,
after listening , n seeing omru ,,shivaay leaves anika,,, and says
shiv : guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shut up !
omru : okk,, U continue ,,and they leave,,
just after anika leaves,,

IN shivaay’s Room ,,,,, Anika goes in,,to find something,, shivaay comes after her, and he pulls anika closer to him,,,,,,and
ani : leave me billu ji, if anyone sees , it will not be nice,,[ billu ji, chodiye mijhe, koi dekha tho acha nahi hota,,,]
shiv : will u become Mrs.SHivaay singh oberoi ??
anika shocks,suprise,happy to listen this,,
ani : what about my status ? [ lekim mera khoon, khandan, status ? ]
shivaay stops her, closing her mouth,
shiv : not a word more about it,,,,,
and shivaay closes even closer and anika closes her eyes,,,there would be a liplock,,,,,,but TIa comes there,,sees it and says WHat is this happening here? ,,,shivaay leaves anika,,anika comes into senses
Tia : shivaay baby, What is this?
shiv : tia, I am love with anika
Tia : then what about me ?
Meanwhile omru reaches there,,,sees tia then shivaay,,
Shiv : Tia, universe is wishing ,,,,,,,,,, [ tia, universe chahti thi,,,,,,,,]
just after he starts ,,anika , omru, tries harder to stop their laugh
shiv : tia, universe is wishing that ANika and I should marry,, hope u understand,,,,[ tia,universe chahti thi ki mera aur anika ka shaadi ho ,,,]
Tia leaves from there,,then all 4 bursts into laughter,,, there is SHvOMru hug,,,,,ANika sees them and smiles .
Netx Day Morning : Anika goes into shivaay’s room,,, then shivaay comes from behind and closes the door,,,,,,,,,,,, ANika sees him turing back,,,,
shivaay comes to hug her,,, They have a hug, shivaay asks anika : U didn’t give my answer,,then anika releases herself from shivaay and smiles,,,,,,,SHivaay understood ,, actually he knows it before Anika loves him,,then anika goes near door,,,, before opening it,,,,,,
ani : Billu ji, then what about my local words,,,?
shiv : now don’t start that again,,,,, Michimichi ho rara hai,,
anika smiles at him,,,,, : love u SHivaay,,,,,,
1st time she called him shivaay so nicely,,and shivaay just suprised,,anika smiles and openes the door to leave,,,,,but there she finds a shocking thing,,,,
Infront door,, there are Rudra , soumya in garlands,,soumya had mangalsutra on her neck,,,,,,,,,shivaay shocked and says,,,,,,what is this??
how did u enjoy the last episode friends ? sorry if My hindi is wrong,,, as I don’t hindi,,,,althugh I written only 5 episodes , I know it is too less,,,,,but thank u so much for ur support,because of exams I couldn’t write FF , so I decided to stop this as I can’t keep u guys wait,, but ur comments , these 5 days,, I won’t forget,,,
BUt after a few days,, I will start a fresh new FF of SHivika again,,,,,,,, THank u guys…..Please do comment how’s the episodes,story,,,, and forgive me as I stopped this If u can,,,,
Bye evryone,,,,,,,,,,,
WIth love,
Ruchitha [ CHinnu ]

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  1. Nice… Continue

  2. Chinnu super ga undi chinchesav and shivay tia ki cheppadam universe is wishing …. Tat dialogue is awesome
    I caInt stop laughing till now. Blanket lo inka navvutune unna chala bagundi total episode and plz don’t stop I mean ne exams baga rasaka malli start cheyi season 2 type like marriage rituals all tat stuff plzz. And I also love to read ur next ff. All the best for u exams dear.:-) once again episode was totally keka

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks, I am glad miku nachindi. ..ya, I will write new ff after a few days. .. and once again saying thank u…

  3. Don’t know wats wrong with tu. For once my comments don’t get posted and sometimes they get posted twice and thrice . god sry for tat ruchi.I forgot nee muddu Peru chala bagundi chinnu!!

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks nandini, ah naku kuda na muddu pere chala istam. ….

  4. Sooo nice ruchitha… in love with shivika more n more.. keep up the good work dea?

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks sahana

  5. Nice one 🙂

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you priyanka dear

  6. Ishqkum

    O nice Dr I really loved it but don’t stop writing Dr continue

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks Ishqkum, I am sorry. .I will write new ff after few days…

  7. Rithik

    This is best ff i am very happy to read this please donot stop this ff and write after shivika marrige please

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks Rithik. . Sry will write new ff after few days … Once again thanks for ur support

  8. Nida

    Hahahahahahahah it’s great

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks Nida

  9. Tulasi

    Awwwww…..chaaala bagundi ra…….suprbbb…….?? their proposal……soooooo sweeet

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks Tulasi sis. ..

  10. Vincy

    No problem u can translate it in English…. Luved the episode ??

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank u vincy

  11. Aarya

    Ohhh my god….ruchiiiii…..its tooooo goooooodddddd..??????……wonderful….. Loved ??it……universe yahi chahtha hain ki main anika se shadhi karo…….haha lol….that was killer…?????
    U r superb…..i wish u all the best for ur exams…..come back soon with another ff….

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank u so much aarya di .,,,,

  12. It was brilliant

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks namrata

  13. Elle

    nice one. ..continue

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks elle

  14. Akshaya

    Loved it chinnu . Oye ho kiya re? It’s actually Rudy’s dialogue

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks. .Akshaya …. .oh !

  15. Nice one

  16. Shivu

    todays storyline was superb, update next soon

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks shivu. .

  17. Nice as some ruchi

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks shisna

  18. wow intresting

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks sadia

  19. Raksha.manan

    Wow interesting

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks raksha

  20. Ananya7044

    Ruchita..its nice..ur stopping this?? Like seriously….but y..i mean y r stopping this so abruptly?? This is tii bad ruchitha

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks… And am so sorry ananya. .but I promise . I will come back with a new ff after a few days

    2. Ananya7044

      U stopped it with rumya marriage right..just tell wht hppnd after shivika saw demm…its too abrupt na thats y am telling..

      1. Ruchitha

        No actually. . I Imagined upto that only. .. and now I am noy getting time to imagine… So, I stopped but u can see it in actual serial, but I guess no one knows about their marriage. …
        Here , actually because if shivaay said he will marry anika, Rudry soumya gets happier ..and they party with their friends, while coming back they see a movie ..actually they were drunk .. and they decide to get marry as in the film… and they get marry ..morning, they gest shocked and comes to shivika. .. This is what happened that night. ….
        As I said you my Ff story line .. I am hoping ur happy now..

    3. Ananya7044

      Aww thanks ruchitha…..but still it would have been nice if u write abt all this in another epi or 2..but still ur ff is nice…do come bac..good job

  21. Ayath

    wow ruchita superb epi and all the best for ur exam

    1. Ruchitha

      Thanks ayath

  22. Wow..

  23. Wow…!! What a Creativity Yaar…After reading u r ff , Am really Waiting for u r new ff

    1. Ruchitha

      ?aww..that’s so sweet of u…

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