Ishqbaaz – The oberoi brothers (Episode 4)

HI everyone, I am Ruchitha, I am very sorry as I am updating this episode some what late,, tihs is because of my works, please forgive me if you can, and thank you so much for your comments , I am trying to reply every comment,,thank u,,, and coming to the episode, it starts with Doctor saying you can discharge anika now and anika, shivomru becomes happy
Scene shifts to oberoi mansion, In hall,shivomruanika just entering
om holds anika’s hand makes her walk slowly, then anika just slips. as she is too weak, as because of sudden pain she shouts ( in a loud voice ) ahhhh,,,,( in pain ) ,,then shivaay just holds her hand,,,, and worries , ask her, are you ok ?
anika suprised to see shivaay’s concern towards her,,, not only anika , evry family member is shocked to see this except omru,,as they already knows shivaay’s worry about anika,,
SHivaay sees anika couldn’t walk,, so he lifts her in his arms and takes her to his room and makes her to sleep there,,,,,,,,then shivaay goes to Omru,om and rudra sees shivaay and starts their conversation,,,,,,,
Om : Rudra, do you know these days ,, somebody is caring about someone,,,
rudra : haan bhayya,,, but we don’t know why ?
as shivaay’s there listening,,says ,,
shiv : Shut up guys!
Om : but shivaay, we are not talking about you , we are talking about someboDy
shiv : ok om, I understood, now don’t start it again,,,,,,,,,
then gradually it becomes night,,,, shivaay is going to his room just before entering ,,soumya calls him
soumya : bhayya, where are you going ? [ bhaya, app kaha jaa rahe ho ]
shiv : ah, to my room
so: but, anika is sleeping in ur room, it’s ok , I will take her to my room [ lekin anika di aapke kamre mein so rahi hai,]
shiv : no, soumya , it’s ok , now disturb her,,, I will go to om’s rom and will sleep there,,
shivaay goes to omru again,,,,, he finds om doing some artistic works and rudra ,,doing push ups,,,,, then he thinks ,, the should also do some work,,, but remebes one of the files in his room,,, then he goes to his room to take the file,,,,,,,,,,,just after he leaves ,, om & rudra sees each other,,, Nd says plan success,,,,,

IN shivaay’s ROom,,
shivaay searching for file ,, a cool breeze …….shivaay’s eyes goes to anika,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he goes near her,,,,,,,and keeps his hand on her forehead ,,, sees around ,,finds no one there and kisses her on forehead and he site there,,,,,,,,, seeing anika,, caring for anika all night awake,,,,,,,,
Next early morning,,,,: shivaay finds some moment in anika’s eyes ,,as he finds she ig going to wake up,,,,, shivaay goes to kitchen … [ no one woke up becoz its early morning ]
shivaay makes black coffee on his own,,and then comes to anika,,, anika woke up,,, shivaay gives the cup to anika,,
Anika : you have made it for me ? whyyy ?
then there’s a eyelock,,, anika takes the cup from shivaay’s hand,, drinks and keeps it aside,,,,, then shivaay smiles,, anika asks it again,,
Anika : billu ji, why u have made it for me ?
shiv : You won’t like KAALI coffee,then y u have drank ,?
anika shivvay eyelock,, priyanka comes there
pri: good morning bhayya, good morning anika.
shiv : goood moring priyanka ,,, anika smiles at her,,,then priyanka sees cup near anika,,,
pri : ANika, Who brought it here ? I mean who made it ?
anika looks like shivaay , smiles and says MR. SHIvaay singh Oberoi,,
priyanka sees shivaay and says : bhayya,,,,,, as she is going to sa something shivaay understood what is going to happen and leaves form there,,,,priyanka sees anika and they both laugh very hard as they kept shivaay in that situation,,, shivaay just before leaving the room,turns bak adn sees priyanka and anika laughing and says to himself: god, let these be happy like this forever , my sister priyanka ,,and,,,,,,,,,,, he smiles and goes away,,,,,
as days passing,,anika recovers and goes her home,,,,when anika entered the home,,,
sahil comes and hugs anika with tear eyed,,,,,,,
sahil : anika di,,,,,,,,,,,,
Ani; Sahil,,,,,,,,,,,,, just stop crying,,, Iam not dead right, now say me about school and all,,

NEXT DAY : anika goes to oberoi mansion,,,,,,she goes in and starts searching for someone [ as we know she searches fo shivaay ]
then she heard a voice from her back ,,, then for whom you are searching ???
anika turns back ,, it shhivaay,,
shiv: for whom u r searching ??
ani : wo,,,,,wo ,,, am searching for dadi,
shi: but you know dadi will be in temple now,,, u won’t search for her,,,say me the truth [ as he know she is searching for him,,,he wants to hear it form her]
ani; ha yess,, actually am searching for om
shi:but , at this time , om will be in his room doing creating something,,that everyone knows,,you won’t search him ,,
ani : ok , am searching for rudra [ she says confidently ]
shi: rudra wl be in college ,,u know that
ani : ok baba,,,,, am searching fo soumya
shi : paanika ,,if rudra is in colg ,, soumya too will be in clg rightt??
ani : billu ji am searching for jhanvi aunty and pinky aunty,,
shiv : badema went to party and u know it because she said it yesterday ,, just after that mom also said she will go to tia ,,u know it too,, now sayyy me whom ur searching?
ani : prays god,,then remembers and says priyanka,,,,,,,,,,and she leaves
shivaay smiles and catches her hand
shiv : you are searching for everyone,,but not me ??
anika’s heart beat will be rosed tooo much
then priynka calls ,,anika,,,,,,and she reaches her,,seeing this shivaay leaves anika hand ,,, then priyanka , anika, leaves ,,,shivaay too goes for somework,,,,,,
that day night,, same situation comes,,,dadi requestiong anika to be there as it become night,, anika find excuses,tries to leave,,shivaay reaches there and asks anika he will drop her,,,anika refuses,,
shiv : stop it,,last time too you have refused and see what happened to u,,,
ani : but billu ji,,
shiv : shut up, and come with me,, he leaves ,,,, anika follows him

IN car :
when anika sees out from window shivaay sees anika,,and when shivaay sees out from window,,anika sees him,,,this continous,,, anika sees out from window ,shivaay seeing anika,, anika notices some vehicle is coming towards their car, she shots billu ji, shivaay sees that and suddenly appplies breaks,,,anika get a small hurt,,she shouts ah,,,,, shivaay sees her,,,and worries and keeps on asking,, anika, r u ok ? anika,,,,,,, anika sees shivaay ,,and asks
ani : y u r caring a lot for me ? why ?
shiv : U r mine,,, [ says suddenly ]
then sees steering,,,starts car ,,then moves,,
ani : what did u say just before,,,,
shiv : I have said ,,u r mine,,
then there will be a brief pause,, ,, silent,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after sometime,,anika says
ani : stop the car billu ji
shi : but anika , I didn’t mean it,,,,,
ani : I have said stop the car!!!!!!!!!!!
shi : I am sorry anika [ as he changed a lot these days,,frwquently saying sorry,thank u ]
ani : I have said you to stop the car [ IN a angry voice ]

PRECAP : IN oberoi Mansion : all famioly meeting night shivaay enters the hiuse just then,,,dadi stopes him and asks,, what is this shivaay ? what’s going between you and anika?

sorry guys, for late update, and I wll try to reply all ur comments,,, please do comment,,,,,,,,and tommorrow will be my last episode,,,so please comennt,,,,,, this episode,, i think it is boring a little bit,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Awesome ruchi dear waiting for next one

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      thank u,,, will post today evening ,,

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  3. Awesome yaaaar…. dont stop …… plz continue…

  4. Tulasi

    Nyc one ruchi……luvd shivika scenes a lottt…..u rocked it dear…..d way she made excuses tht she is searchng sumone else…..???? wat r u studyng dear??

    1. Ruchitha

      thank u so much tulasi sis ,, I am 9th now,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Oh my mata!! What an episode..? jst loved it dea?

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    Awesome… Waiting for next episode

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  7. Very nice but why u stop it here plzzz don’t stop

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      thanks chetna,, next episode u will have a happy ending of shivika,,,

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    Wow nice dear . The starting of it ff and other little bit coincided with other . So I got confused. Now it’s clear. Yours is awesome

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  11. Ketaki19

    SHIVIKA <3 somebody caring for someone mujhe ye padhke kalke episode ki yad aayi rudra ka dialogue o koi utavla ho raha hain decision janane ke liye some thing like that 😀 SHIVIKA's all scenes are too good <3 lovely part… you also include anika sahil scene 🙂 waiting for next

    1. Ruchitha

      actually after I have imagined it,, yesterday I was somewhat shocked,suprised to see the same content as my imagination in the epi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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      thanks namrata….

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    awesome ruchita 🙂
    loved shivika track 🙂

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    It’s was toooo good…when shivaye said you are searching for everyone but not me..<3 it just feels…<3

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    Wow Dr awesome I can’t wait for next one

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    Superb ruchi…..anika searching for shivaay nd then making excuses?????just awesome……u always give amazing epi…..

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