Ishqbaaz – The oberoi brothers (Episode 2)

Hi guys,, this is Ruchitha,, Thanks for your support. And I am very glad to receive this response,,, thank you so much,,and here I start this episode,,,,,,,,,,,,the episode starts with
Shivaay suddenly stops his car and was in shocked , tensed , look seeing towards road and A tear drops from his eye,,,Omru sees on road there is anika met with an accident and was bleeding too much,, Shivaay gets out of his car,,,and after a few seconds he comes into his senses,,, he can’t bear to see Anika in that situation, He screams ,cries and SHouts,,,,,,ANikaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,and runs towards her and kneels down takes anika in his hands and places on hands and taps her with his hand on her cheek,,,, and calls her anika , anika,,,and he turns head left ,right and he Closes his eyes sees up and shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Next scene infront of hospital,,,
SHivaay comes out of car and takes anika in his arms , goes into hospital, and doctor nurses admits anika takes her into ICU and closes the ICU door,,,,,,,,,,,Shivaay steps 2 3 steps back his back ataches with wall and he gradually sits there DOWN with all his shirt with hands with blood,,,,,,,,,and looking constantly towards ICU in a tensed look, Omru sees shivaay and then sees each other , Omkara face appears as he was thinking something and then he goes near shivaay

Om: Shivaay, Let’s go,then .. [ actually he doesn’t mean it but this is his drama ]
Shivaay : what are you saying?How can you say this?ANika is in that situation and you are saying lets go ?
Om: But we can pay some cash and we can leave,,,,after all she is our employee.
Shivaay suddenly looks at Om and then looks towards ICU ,pointing his hands towrds ICU
and screams,,,MY ANIKAAAAA ,,OM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My anika,,,,,,,
Om sees rudra in a happy look , that he achived something,,,and goes to RUdra ,says him ,,whispering

Om: Rudra,see, Shivaay said HIS anika,,, Heis realising,,,
Ru: HAan bhayya,,,,,
then rudra calls dadi and says everything and dadi says We[,Priyanka,soumya,tia,prinku,jhanvi ] are coming to the hospital
just then Doctors comes out ,,, shivaay , rudra,om comes to doctor,,
Doctor: Sorry, she is in dangerous condition, better you can lose all your hopes,,,,,
.and he leaves

OMru sees shivaay ,,shivaay is stunned ,,,,
then oberoi family reaches there,,
Dadi : what happened? How is anika now ?
shivaay sees dadi,,,and he just leaves from there ,,omru follows him
Scene : a empty road ,Night,, SHIvaay is sitting on a bench ,,looking at the ground,,,
Om and rudra reaches there ,,sits both sides of shivaay
om: What happened shivaay?
Shivay: Om, at this moment, I don’t want any khoon,khandan,status but I want anika,just anika……..
Om: Ur anika ???
shivaay : crying but there is a small smile appears on his face when he heard ur anika , and nodes his head and says ,,,haan, my anika
they spent all night there awake,,
next morning :
In hospital ,,Shivaay,om,rudra will reach in hospital ,,all oberoi family is still there,,, DOctor comes and says ,,
docotr : shivaay,,she is alright, BY gods grace,,I mustsay this is miracle, She is alright now,,,,,,,,,,,

SHivaay is very much happy and smiles and says doctor : thank you thank you so much doctor,
,,,then doctor leaves,,stepping 2 3 steps front he forgots to ask something ,then nurse reaches him,doctor asks nurse: Is the patient , SHivaay’s wife?
as the nurse saw shivaay screaming MY anika night in hospital
she replies : Yes,doctor,SHe is anika, MRs.SHivaay SIngh oberoi then doctor says ok,,
Then Scene to shivaay very much happy then Om says to family members
Om: Dadi, NOw u all go , We 3 will stay here,,,
dadi : ok puttar, lets leave ,,, and family leaves….
Oberoi brothers are there in Hospital

NEXT EPISODE : IN oberoi mansion : Tia asks shivaay: shivaay baby, who is more important to you?ANika or me ,,in a slight angry look,,,,
Thank u guys for supporting,,,,And please review this episode,,,,,,,

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  1. Awesome precap

  2. Namita0501

    Amazing part.. Update nextpartt soon

    1. Ruchitha

      thank u ,,,

  3. Vincy

    Nice episode…. At least khadoos realise his love for Anika…. Waiting for shivaye reaction for Tia’s question

    1. Ruchitha


  4. Amazing plz make lengthier

    1. Ruchitha

      trying my level best to make it lenghthier,,

  5. its superb

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  6. Amazing?….update soon

    1. Ruchitha

      thank you,,,,,

  7. Tulasi

    Nyc one ruchitha….check out my ff n suggest…

    1. Ruchitha

      Checked it… It is nyc…

  8. Akshaya

    No one asked about Om . Nice episode

  9. Akansha

    perfect n i want shivaay answer shd be anika n tia shd leave the oberoi mansion

  10. Ishqkum

    Supper yaar

    1. Ruchitha

      thank u ,,,,,,

  11. Priyanka_22

    my anika <3
    wonderful epi
    shivaay's pain for anika <3 loved it
    come back soon wid next part

  12. Aarya

    Nyccc….infact tooo good…..
    My anika…..that ws my fav part…
    Nurse : she is anika , Mrs shivaay singh obroi…wow…..thats smthng spcl…

    1. Ruchitha

      thank u so much aarya sis for ur supprt,,,,

  13. Kiki

    So nice…

  14. nyccc…..loved it…update soon…

  15. Awesome episode plz post the next episode soon.

    1. Ruchitha

      thank you,,,,,,,,

  16. Sat

    Ruchita dear very sorry for the late comment.
    Please forgive me if you can.
    I am a bit busy
    Ok why about my bakwaas
    Coming to the episode
    J should really appreciate your thinking skills, they are awesome
    And my bahgad billa saying mu annika was awesome really. Just loved that scene

    1. Ruchitha

      thank u so much sat,,for your support,,,,,,,,,,

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