Ishqbaaz is not just another IPKKND!

I read this post where TM (topic maker) said that Iashqbaaz is just like IPKKND and there were comments saying that ArShi are best and ShivIka are waste and ask other things. Due to that I was motivated to write this because in no way IPPKND and Iashqbaaz should be compared.

There’s no comparison between IPKKND and Ishqbaaz. Both are different.

1. Arnav’s family wasn’t like that of Shivaay. While the Raizada’s loved each other truly and everyone was good and happy, the Oberoi’s aren’t like them. Tej-Jhanvi, Tej-Shakti, Om-tej and more of such are so complex to understand. Uncle Tej has a mistress! And Shevtlana’s character to has so many layers that it is hard to understand her. Was their a child war going on as to will become the heir of Oberoi empire? There’s no love between the brother’s Tej and Shakti, Tej has a mistress and his wife Jhanvi drinks to forget the pain that her broken marriage is causing her. Noting like this was shown in IPKKND.

2. Shivaay and Arnav are poles apart. While Arnav’s anger towards Khushi was half illogical, Shivaay’s isn’t. Why always Arnav manhandled Khushi? Just because he thought that she was his rivals prawn to destroy his fashion show! While him thinking that Khushi was having an affair with Shyam was pretty much reasonable advising to him because of his own past experiences. But Shivaay got a stronger reason to do what he’s doing. He thinks that it was Anika who leaked that video of Tej and Shevtlana, he also heard her taking about money when they were at police station to find that chip. Its a misunderstanding but Shivaay really thinks that Anika is behind ask that and how Onkara reacted after watching that video, angered Shivaay more. He cant handle a scratch on his brothers, an attempt to suicide made him go crazy. So Shivaay is doing ask this to make Anika confess that she’s behind that video leak.

3. Anika is so not like Khushi! Okay Khushi was adopted but did her foster parents tortured her? Have you seen how that bua of hers treat Anika and Sahil? Anika not only lost her parents but she also lost her little sister white dead or alive, we don’t know. Anika fears darkness for some reason that isn’t yet revealed. Khushi did faced Arnav strongly but still at times we could see that Arnav was the dominant one. But here things are different, Anika is so bold, crazily talkative and really clever. I am not calling Khushi lies clever but Anika just steals the show. If you have seen the recent episodes, the reason sequence and the cheque part, you may have noticed that how brilliantly Anika had fooled Shivaay. She let him believe that he won the challenge by accepting that cheque but the next day she came at the Oberoi mansion and is planning Shivaay’s wedding using his money(the cheque he gave her) and like she says, Shivaay may have the last word but she’s the full stop.

4. Omkara and Ishana as Aakaash and Payal… That’s a big fat no! Dude! Omkara was an alcoholic, Shivaay sent him to rehab. Omkara isn’t interested in business, he’s an artist and Ishana, she’s a con woman who is forced into doing this because she has to take care of a drunkard father and protect her younger sister. Aakaash didn’t had a bitter past and Payal wasn’t conning him. Payal and aakaash came together because they loved each other but IshKara are bounded by pain, bitter memories of bitter life and the flaws they have.

4. Lavanya loved Arnav but Tia, I don’t think she loves him. In tonight’s episode they showed that Tia’s mum is evil and wants Tia to marry Shivaay for money while this wasn’t a case with Lavanya. While Lavanya realized that ArShi are meant to be and left them in peace, I don’t think Tia would do the same.

So if we consider ask the above things, I would say that Ishqbaaz is only 5% IPKKND (just because like Arnav loved Anjali, Shivaay loves his brothers)

I am sorry if I hurt anyone by saying ask this. And please if you don’t like it ask just don’t comment! Refrain from partying comments like ArShi are the best and ShivIka are waste, that IPKKND is the best of ask and Ishqbaaz can’t compare. Please be my guest and ignore this post.

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  1. Nusz Khan

    Well said Megha, people also say it reflects with Qubool Hai.

    Anika and Shivaye are nothing compared to Arnav and Khushi or Asad and Zoya!

    Also thank you for letting the others know.

    ~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx

  2. Kavina

    I agree. No hate to both shows. I love both shows. I guess we have to wait till the show finishes to do a final result.

  3. I Think ishana is Anika little sister

  4. Ur absolutely correct Megha ! *gives standing ovation*

  5. Nadiya111Shah

    Meghaaaaaaaa!!!! Plz pat urself frm my side????
    I have been saying the same thing again and again??? Really Dn’t understand why some people r hell bound on showing IPKKND is above Ishqbaaz or ShiVika is below Arshi???? etc etc…Its unfair n untrue n seriously we shudnt give a dman about it…Ipkknd was gud bt in the past n Ishqbaaz Is equally awesome(actually it is better than IPKKND) in the PRESENT… We shud appreciate the hard wrk all the cast n crew puts in each single episode n njoy each show fr its individuality rather than comparing it wid every oda show n dampening our njoyment!!!????
    Thank u so much fr giving words to my thoughts n feelings n describing everything so aptly!!!???
    Love u ????????

  6. Absolutely true!! Ishqbaaz is a brilliant show with no nonsense character. Each and every character is brilliantly crafted and shown. Even tej’s mistress has a dark side. Unlike IPKKND.. No whr this can be compared to Ishqbaaz. And Shivika is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY better and more realistic than Arshi

  7. Very well said megha. . I agree there are few similarities but both the shows are special in their own ways. It isn’t really good to compare 2 such great shows.. I feel ishqbaaz is more entertaining than IPKKND. . no offence IPKKND fans. . Just my opinion. .

  8. Hey u r correct but like dont like shivika not that arohi was very good and they are not but still shivika doesn’t suit

  9. Asmithaa

    Well said…

  10. Priya15

    Hii megha di.. U too l watch ishqbaaz??? Omg.. So say Me who is the fav pair of urs.. And di.. Did u posted any of ur ff’s.. Pls say Me I want to read it..

  11. In my opinion both IPKKND & Ishqbaaz have a Mills & Boon base plot wherein a rich arrogant egoistic hero falls for the simple, sweet girl next door heroine.
    It’s just the ensemble cast of both the shows has been given a different treatment.
    In IPKKND it’s the family bonding nd just a single negative character whereas in Ishqbaaz the planning & plotting has just begun nd it will still take time for each character to develop further nd know their true intensions.
    As far as the leads are concerned Arnav was anot introvert kid who was snatched off his innocence at an early age due to his dad’s affair … so he had trust issues nd then he was devoid of his family inheritance due to his uncle’s scheming .. so he grew up noting that money stood for power .. hence he looked down upon poor people. He is a self made man nd boasts anout it. As far as Shivaye is concerned he also has a huge ego nd looks down upon people bt still there are many layers to his characters which r yet to be seen.
    For the female leads Khushi nd Anika I feel that both of them are strong characters. Khushi was a small town talkative girl who stood up for herself nd her family while Anika has a little urban approah who also stands for his brother. The difference being Khushi would react only after reaching the upper limit while Anika is street smart in the approach.
    Both Arshi nd Shivanika have good chemistry bt I personally like Arshi better is because of the actors who pot rayed those characters – Barun & Sanaya made Arshi magical.

  12. yea,,,it’s really irritating to see ppl comparing both serials

  13. Megha U r absltly ryt…evn i flt de..both de stories r dffrnt …nd i jz love ISHQBAAZ….OMKARA?❤️

  14. Well..maybe ppl feel they r similar cuz of

    *shivay and Arnav as they both were rich, stubborn , businessmen and underestimate poor ppl
    * both khushi and Anika were lil poor and gotta job in Arnav’s and shivays house were they get a lil close
    *like Arnav can do anything for his sis ,shivay can do anything for his bros
    * both leads in both serials hate each other till death
    * both of them ( Arnav and shivay ) had problem with the girls job in the house but because of on of d family member( dadi and Anjali ) the girl had to work
    * Arnav and shivay both had gfs/ fiancée from b4 whom they were not so interested in
    *both the girl lead din have parents

    But as per Meghna their are 100s of differences in the 2 serials and both are unique and awesome in their own ways

    And most importantly the director or producer or writer of the show I don’t actually properly remember who ..gul khan is same in both the serials so mayb her ideas are always like that , so u cannot call it a copy or smthing cuz the creator of both ishqbaaz and IPKKND is same

    I personally like ishqbaaz more than IPKKND cuz as per Meghna ..ishqbaaz is more logical and leads have better reasons to hate eachother so..

    And qubool hai is also gul khans serial ..but did anyone notice in all the 2 serials qubool hai and IPKKND at the main time where the leads are either gonna confess or Marry something big misunderstanding will happend and that’s why I’m very scared for ishqbaaz..

    I hope shivay falls for Anika b4 Anika fall in love with shivay or together cuz in IPKKND khushi fell in love with Arnav pretty early ..when Arnav could hardly think about her and when Lavanya was still in Arnav’s life ..I hope if Anika fall in love b4 ( I think she will) then till that time Tia should not be in shivays life and I hope that Anika don’t end up calling shivay as shivay ji , like khushi used to ..she can call him shiv or shivay but not shivay Ji pls ..and I wish Anika would know English properly..Ik the scenes are fun when Anika doesn’t know English but still …and pls Anika should have a misunderstanding if in future they ever have cuz I want to see shivays soft side and when he will be explaining Anika.. And all

    God , I wrote a damn big comment din of expect ..if u read this comment till here then pls recommend me some Hindi old serials I can watch where the live story starts with hatred pls ..I don’t want them leads to be frnds in the serial like pyaar ka dard hai ..and pls recommend me some old serial pls holidays are going and I don’t have anything to watch ..thnq

    1. Watch this show called Geet .. grt chemistry between lead pairs where love story starts with hate.

      1. Thnq Jenika so sweat of you ..but I have watched it already on hotstar b4 some days I completed that serial and the serial is nice ..some other serials if u know ..I have watched beintehaa,IPKKND ,geet ,mile jab hum tum and yeh hai mohabbatein .kitani mohabbat hai …only these Indian serials I have watched pls pls tell me some serials to watch holidays are going on and I’m just getting bored

    2. Arshi

      Have a look at kaise yeh yaariyan…. its quite nice series… though its a remake of korean series… i like the hindi version equally…. love hate relation… aftr love also they were lerfect….

      Currently i can watch kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…. each and every epi s just awesome…


      Bade acchey lagthe hain… it had ended… it was equally sooo nice ti watch…. a matured love story….

      Itna na karo mujse pyar… is also a matured broken love story… i didnt watch this fully.. but at starting … it was just awesome…hero’s concern for heroine.. also his anger towarfd her… and jealous towards another man thinking him as her husband… qas just awesome…


  15. Sorry but the comparisons are coming because there are loose similarities. Obviously it can’t be 100/ copy but the main gist between the main couple is there. Hate / ego/ misunderstanding and viewers wait to see if and when it turns to love. Unfortunately in this case while Shivaay isn’t so bad at his acting, Anika is massively annoying. Yes she can be bold and out there but all the facial mannerisms And hand gestures are irritating. She is trying to hard and there is zero chemistry between the lead. Shivaay hated her and now he’s softening but for no apparent reason. Arnav was consistently brutal to Khushi and slowly fell for her but here Shivaay has no reason. And why are rudra and om calling her didi?!! That doesn’t make any sense. She’s the help. Why go there with didi.
    And the oberai mansion is so big and huge why is soumya in rudra room?!!!! They don’t have a guest room!!

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