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Hello peeps…
I’m here again with one rumaya os of few shots..
I don’t know in how Much shots this will be completed but I’ll try my best to make it interesting.. No one Else will be In it.. As Playing Role but will be their As Only On call..

So Moving Forward name is No friendship is an Accident

Shot -1

A girl In her twenties Wake up from A round bed around 7 am And hugs a pic frame Picking that from Her side table..
Di I hate u.. u send me far away from u.. i know It’s Just one day Hardly but i never Went so far From u…..ahh.. i hate u i could have studied While Staying in india but no… You’ve To sent Me America.. Ehh.. Ok fine Now I’ve To Get ready As I’m getting late… Bye She kissed the pic and goes to washroom..

Next scene 2
A Boy in his twenties Wake-up from recliner and Opens His suit case And takes out a Pic frame And Hugs It crying… bhaiya i miss u… o I miss u U People don’t love me That’s why send me To America to study.. I hate u huh.. and Cries.. Than Goes to washroom..

Scene back to girl..
She Gets ready in Jeans And off shoulder top With her long hair open… Loose…
In sneakers.. There’s bell on door.. She opens her breakfast Was brought by Waiter she takes It And closes Door After breakfast she left for University

Same with the boy But all the while he was crying..

In University

Girl was sitting In cafeteria as classes Was postponed…
And just then she sees a boy Sitting on other table the boy was crying (he’s same One Shown In Scene 2..)

Girl thinks..
What.. Why he’s crying.. As if he’s A small kid Who is scared of going to School… But Why he’s crying.. He’s i think.. Must be 20 Years old.. ummm.. Should i go to him and ask? Umm why I feel like as if he’s upset or Missing someone.. Why i feel i should go to him and console himm… Thinking this she Starts walking and went to him and Touched his shoulder.. He Stopped crying And looks at her…..she Got Mesmerized he looks so so cute she thinks.. She was Statue For about 1 minute seeing his sad face Awww he looks so Cute she murmur.. and He Poked her on her hand.. She Looked back at him..
” hey? What happened? U want to say something?” he asked innocently ..
No.. Actually i want to ask.. She replied..
” what U want to ask? ” he asked again..
Can i sit here she asked him pointing finger at nearby Chair..
He nodded His head…
She sat on that chair..
Why u was crying? She asked him….
” no.. I wasn’t crying.. ” he denied

She murmured to herself
I knew he will lie Because no one accepts easily that they’re crying…

I know you was crying i saw u u can share with me? She replied..
“Nothing like that” he replied…

I know u was crying .. And i even Sensed that u are crying because you’re missing someone.. She said..

“umm.. How u know” he asked innocently..

Because me too was sad in the morning same as you’re now.. because i came here from India on My di’s Insists.. She replied

” so u too missing them as I’m missing my bro’s? ” he again Asked With tears in his eyes.

Yes..! I love my di’s and i didn’t wanted to leave them.. But They Made me Come here.. She replied Making Sad face..

Oh..! Same with me.. Actually i never ever went so Far from my bhaiy’s So That’s why.. He replied..

Not to worry I’ll make u happy here? U too make me happy? Let’s do friendship? We both are indian ? She asked Making happy face..

Yes..! That will be great.. Our time Will be passed Easily..? So friends? .. He replied Forwarding his hand Towards her..

She Immediately Shakes Her hand with him..
Replying yes yes yes..

What’s your name? He asked her..
My name is Soumaya Mehta.. And yours? She replied..
Oh so you’re the daughter of 2nd Most famous indian businessmen? He asked..

Yes..! She replied..

Actually my name is rudra singh oberoi.. He replied..

Hahah..! So you’re the son Of India’s no 1 businessman? She asked while laughing..

Haha yes.. He replied while Laughing..

They both Do a hi-fi..

And there bell rings..

For their Wonder they’re in same class..
They got happy..
And went to their class..
He wasn’t much comfortable with The surroundings.. But some how he managed with Soumaya And Starting feeling Comfortable ..

After Classes Got our.. They again Went To cafeteria..

Rudra= Somya can i call u somu?
Soumaya= but why?
Rudra= it suits u..! Cute like U
Soumaya= Okay.. But I’ll call u Rudy That suits u too..
They both agrees..

Okay done with the update ..
Comment down if u people’s like the concept..?
I’ll right next.. otherwise I’ll stop it right here only..
So Comments down.
I know it’s short but.. Views? Needed.. so Then I’ll right longer….

Ok bye tC

# annie

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