Ishqbaaz by Nirali Part 7

Anika- thank you
Malika goes to Rudra and Soumya.
Malika- Congratulations guys
Rumya- thank you
Sidhaarth- congrats guys
Rudra- thank you bhaiya
Sidhaarth- sorry couldn’t come for the engagement
Soumya- it’s okay, but from now you have to come in every function
Malika- yes mam
Pandit ji- who is doing the puja
Dadi- my three grandsons
Pandit ji- I’ll tell you when everything is ready
Dadi- okay

Anika—what will you guys like to have?
Sidhaarth- a coffee made from your hand
Malika- I will help
Anika- okay
Ishaana- uncle aunty what will you have
Mrs. Rana- Tea
Ishaana- okay, Soumya come with me
Anika, Malika, Ishaana, and Soumya go to kitchen.

Kitchen area,
Malika- Rudra has changed a lot
Anika- for someone
Malika- really who?
Anika- Soumya
Malika and Ishaana look at Soumya and Soumya feels embarrassed.
Ishaana- by the way Malika di you have changed a lot as well
Anika- hmm sari, looks good on you
Malika- thank you but I am seeing someone is getting hotter day by day
Ishaana- who
Dadi- Anika puttar
Anika- yes Dadi
Dadi- come here
Anika- coming

In the hall,
Tej- where is my file
Shakti- bhai shab which file
Tej- the Mehra’s
Anika- bade papa what are you finding
Tej- my file
Anika- in your hand
Tej- it’s not in my hands
Anika- check
Tej checks it and finds it his hand.

Shakti- you took the house on your head
Anika- stop fighting and discuss how to crack this deal
Anika leaves from there and Malika, Ishaana, and Soumya follows her.
Rudra- Bhabhi my shoes
Anika- on this first rack of your shelf
Rudra- thank you Bhabhi you are the best
Rudra leaves and Anika starts walking again but om stops her.
Om- Bhabhi
Anika- yes
Om- can you talk to bhaiya about the studio
Anika- okay
Om leaves and Anika again starts walking. Om sees Malika, Ishaana, Soumya, Rudra following Anika and Ishaana drags Om with them. Anika sees Priyanka struggling with something.
Anika- prinku
Priyanka- Bhabhi can you please help me
Anika- yeah what’s wrong
Priyanka- I can’t figure out which earrings to wear
Priyanka shows some earrings to Anika and Anika likes pink and gold earrings.
Priyanka- thank you Bhabhi
Anika- you’re most welcome
Anika leaves and everyone follows her. Anika reaches to Dadi’s room.

Anika- dadi you called me
Dadi- yes I wanted to give you traditional bangles
Anika- but
Dadi- keep it and don’t worry I’m giving all my four granddaughters something
Anika- I’ll get when I want to wear it and anyways it’s traditional bangle
Dadi- okay now go pinky and Janvi were looking for you
Anika leaves and finds Pinky and Janvi.
Anika- you called me
Pinky- we are angry with you
Anika- why
Janvi- because you forgot something
Anika- what did I forget
Pinky- really
Anika- how can I forget?
Pinky- when will we get our cups of buttermilk
Anika- at night before sleep
Pinky and Janvi- okay
Pinky and Janvi leaves and Anika again starts walking (everyone was following her) to her room but stops at the pool side where Shivaay was looking at the water. Anika comes next to him.
Anika- what’s wrong
Shivaay- remembering old days
Anika- time passes so fast
Shivaay- yeah, by the way how is Sahil
Anika- he is good and I talked to him today morning
Shivaay- is he coming in the wedding
Anika- no he is exams so he can’t come
Shivaay- okay

Shivaay hugs Anika from the back and Anika try to free herself but she couldn’t.
Anika- someone will come
Shivaay- are I am romancing with my wife
Anika- is this time romance
Shivaay- it there any time
Malika- when there is no one around
Everyone comes in and Shivaay breaks the hug.
Rudra- what bhaiya you don’t even know that
They hear something breaking and everyone comes down.
Dadi- what broke
Tej- I accidently drop the glass
Anika- don’t worry I’ll clean it up
Ishaana- Bhabhi I’ll do it you go finish your work
Ishaana starts cleaning and everyone does their work. Ishaana was thinking something and stabbed herself with piece of glass.
Ishaana- ahhh
Anika- ishu

Anika ran to Ishaana with first aid kit and does the medication and everyone came to them
Anika- can’t you see and pick it up
Ishaana- sorry
Anika- what sorry
Om- ishu you should have been careful
Khanna- Anika mam
Anika- yes
Khanna- can you please come
Anika nods and leaves Ishaana trys to talk

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