Ishqbaaz by Nirali Part 5


Part 5

Anika- thank you
Shivaay- now hot
Rudra- Bhabhi can I come in
Anika- yes
Rudra- Bhabhi I am going for a jog
Anika- okay and take your bhaiya
Rudra- sure Bhabhi and yes Bhabhi you are looking pretty
Anika- thank you

Rudra- come join me bhaiya
Shivaay- coming and get Om
Rudra- I’ll will wait for you
Shivaay goes to bathroom to get fresh up until than Rudra sit on the bed and watches Anika take out clothes from Shivaay.
Rudra- Bhabhi
Anika- yes
Rudra- what should I wear in puja
Anika- whatever you want
Rudra- that means that I could wear whatever I want to wear
Anika- no, I take out your clothes before the puja
Shivaay- lets go
Rudra- yes
Anika- I am with you guys
Rudra- where
Anika- to om’s room
Shivaay- why
Anika- to get Ishaana

They three went to ishkara’s room
Ishaana was getting ready, she wore a pink, black, and gray anarkali. She wore a gold and few pearls earring.
Om- “Apko dekhkar ye nigah jhuk jaegi,
Khamoshi harbaat keh jaegi,
Path lena in aankho me meri Mohobbat ko,
Aapki kasam saari Kaynat wahi ruk jaegi
Anika- kya baat hai,
Om- thank you Bhabhi
Anika- you are most welcome, I think this was the best and very romantic Shayari I have heard from
Ishaana- come in guys
Rudra- Om bhaiya come with us for a jog

Ishaana- bhabhi what are you thinking
Anika- nothing
Omkara- okay lets go down
Ishaana- you guys go we are coming
Shivaay- where is Soumya
Ishaana- she is in her room
Rudra- lets go
They go only Ishaana and Anika are left
Ishaana- what’s wrong
Anika- nothing, lets go down
They both go down and walks towards mandir and lights the diyas and do the arti. After they both did the arti and they went to dadi, pinky, Janvi, Tej and Shakti to take their blessings. Soumya comes down wearing a grey, blue and purple anarkali with pink earrings and takes blessings from everyone .
Dadi- where is my grandsons

Anika- they went on a jog and I think they would be coming
Ishaana- Bhabhi lets go and make Rudra’ milkshake and breakfast for everybody
Anika – Dadi you will drink tea with two spoons of sugar, bade papa and badi Maa you will drink coffee, papa and Maa you will drink tea with two spoons of sugar, Shivaay will drink his Espresso, Om will drink coffee, and Rudra will dink his milkshake
Ishaana- Bhabhi you are a genius
Anika- thank you
Dadi- how do you remember everything
Shivaay- because she makes it every day, but today there is a change
Dadi- what?
Shivaay- Rudra is not drinking protein shake instead he is drinking milkshake
Anika- that’s good and your clothes are on the bed
Shivaay- you are the best
Ishaana- what about me

Shivaay- you got a husband who tells you a Shayari every day in the morning
Dadi- what
Ishaana- nothing, Anika Bhabhi lets go
Shivaay smiles at Dadi and goes upstairs and after a while Shivaay, Om, and Rudra came down dressed. In the kitchen Anika, Ishaana, and Soumya makes tea and coffee and brings them to the dining table.

Dadi- my dashing grandsons are here
Janvi and pinky- mumiji if your grandson are your favorite then our bahu’s ere our favorite
Anika and Ishaana- badi Maa and Maa
Tej and Shakti- we love our bahu’s better
Anika- Soumya why are you standing there come here
Soumya- but

Ishaana- no buts you now these house counts you as bahu
Soumya joins them.
Dadi- I love my grandson’s wife more the my grandson
Shivaay- Dadi this is not fair
Anika- aww, Dadi this not fair
Dadi- we are taking your side and you are taking their side
Ishaana and Anika- we are taking their side because we love them
Dadi- so we are connected to each other
Anika- yes Dadi
Ishaana- lets go

Everyone are fined with their breakfasts and Anika, Ishaana, and Soumya is cleaning the kitchen. Soumya’s phone rings and excuses herself.
Badi maa- Ishaana come here
Anika- you go I will handle everything
Anika was making peda for the Prasad when wind blew and Anika’s hair came in front of her eyes, Anika tries to put her hair behind her ear but she fails and Shivaay does it
Shivaay- so what are you making dear wife
Anika- peda for the puja
Shivaay- can I help
Anika- no I’m done with them
Shivaay- okay

Anika goes outside the kitchen.
Anika- flowers don’t go there, bhaiya ji move them
Flower person- okay
Anika- these flowers are not good, get new one
Flower person- but mam
Anika- don’t worry I won’t charge you more
Dadi- Shivaay come here
Shivaay- yes Dadi
Dadi- why does Anika take stress?
Shivaay- because she doesn’t want to give anyone stress
Dadi- Anika
Anika- yes Dadi
Dadi- did you make the rangoli

Anika- I forgot I will make it now
Dadi- now Anika will not be stressed
Shivaay- because she likes doing rangoli
After two three hours Anika was done with rangoli which had a peacock in the middle and outside she putted orchid, roses, and lilies.
Soumya- Bhabhi you made this
Anika- took a little help from our artist
Om- just the design everything else is not told by me
Anika- Soumya go get ready
Soumya- when are you going get ready
Anika- after I see every preparations are done

Shivaay- I checked everything is done, now can you get my clothes out
Anika- fine
Rudra- bhaiya why are hurrying there is a lot of time
Shivaay- Rudra
Rudra- we all know that you want to spend some time with Bhabhi then take her on a date
Anika- I think you should take Soumya on a date
Soumya- Bhabhi we were talking about you guys
Anika- I was just kidding and Rudra did you take out your clothes
Rudra- no

Anika- okay
Shivaay- what about my clothes
Anika- wait
Pinky- Anika
Anika- yes mom
Pinky- what should I wear
Shakti- Anika what should I wear
Ishaana- Anika Bhabhi can you help me figure out what should bade papa and badi maa wear
Priyanka- Bhabhi what should I wear
Anika- everyone be quiet
Everyone got quiet and they all looked at Anika

Precap: Anika decides what Everyone should wear and Anika gets a surplice.

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