Ishqbaaz by Nirali Part 4


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Part 4

In Anika and Shivaay’s room,
Anika- Shivaay what is your problem
Shivaay- you are asking what is my problem
Anika- yes
Omkara- what happened Shivaay what was that noise
Anika- probably he lost his tender and broke his phone
Rudra- bhaiya 90th phone that you broke this year
Shivaay- Rudra.
Rudra- Bhabhi
Anika- Shivaay don’t yell at Rudra. What happened?
Shivaay- why do you always his side

Anika- because he is like my son. Do you have any problem?
Omkara- can you guys stop fighting
Shivaay and Anika- ok
Soumya- Bhabhi come with us I want to ask you something
Anika- you guys go I’ll be there soon
Ishaana- okay
After Omkara, Ishaana, Rudra, Soumya and Priyanka left and Anika went change her clothes, while Shivaay was talking on his phone with security manager.
Shivaay- yes do the security tighter
Anika- what happened
Shivaay- nothing, let’s go everyone would be waiting for us
Anika- lets go
Shivaay and Anika went downstairs and there was no one in the living room
Shivaay- where is everyone?
Anika- everyone is outside in the backyard
Shivaay- why are they outside
Anika- we are having bon fire so let’s go

In the backyard,
Rudra- where is bhaiya and Bhabhi
Omkara- you took their name and here they are
Rudra- where I don’t see them
Soumya- cry baby they are behind you
Rudra- I’m not cry baby
Anika- Rudra, Soumya
Rudra and Soumya- sorry
Dadi- good job, come sit here
Anika and Shivaay sits down and starts talking with each other, While Anika, Ishaana, Soumya, and Priyanka looked at each other.
Dadi- what is the matter puttar?
Soumya- nothing
Omkara- there is something
Anika- nothing
Ishaana- I’ll tell you all.
Anika- okay

Ishaan- I, Anika Bhabhi, Soumya, Priyanka were thinking to go on a trip.
Dadi- but where
Anika- on a hill station
Everyone- that’s a nice plan
Tej- I am feeling sleepy, so I am going to sleep
Janvi- I am also feeling sleepy
Shakti, Pinky, and Dadi- We are also sleepy, good night kids
Everyone- good night
After everyone left Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra started stalking about work.
Soumya- now what we do?
Ishaana- a special place where I and Anika Bhabhi always go if we have problem
Soumya- Where
Shivaay- dada ji’s Green house (garden)
Omkara and Rudra- how do you know?
Shivaay- what
Omkara- how do you know that, whenever they have problem they go to the green house.
Rudra- you are always in your work
Shivaay- what does that mean?
Rudra- I mean that you are always in office into you’re your work
Ishaana- Bhabhi did you tell him
Anika- no
Shivaay- She didn’t, I knew it
Ishaana- how
Anika- I and Shivaay made it because Dadi wanted to
Soumya- Stop fighting, I want to see the green house
Ishaana- lets go
Everyone goes there but Anika stops them.
Ishaana- what happened?
Anika- just wait here
Omkara- why?
Anika went towards the finger print scanner and putted her thumb on top of it the door opened.
Anika- lets go
Omkara- Bhabhi when did you putted the scanner
Anika- when we were making it, and yes the scanner only appears at night
Omkara- so only you could open it
Anika- no, let’s go in
Soumya- why is it so dark in here
Shivaay- it’s not dark the windows are covered
Soumya- covered
Shivaay went and pulled the curtains down
Soumya and Ishaana- wow it is so pretty
Anika- you like it
Soumya- yes Bhabhi
Ishaana- you never showed me this before
Anika- I reconstructed it, last week
Omkara- when you were with Ishaana last whole week
Rudra- she was also with me
Shivaay- I and Anika told the workers to do it, while we were preparing for the engagement
Ishaana- what is that on the wall
Anika- go look
Ishaana- it is so pretty
Omkara- what is so pretty
Ishaana- the pictures
Shivaay- what are you talking about
Soumya- don’t lie bhaiya
Shivaay- I am not lying, I don’t know about this
Shivaay went near the frames.
Anika- how is it? There is a photo of everyone
Ishaana- Bhabhi you are the best
Anika- I know
Soumya- I want to see the garden where is it
Anika- it is in the middle, let’s go
They all went to see the garden where the moon was reflecting.
Anika- there we are here
Soumya- how many months did it take you to make this
Shivaay- months, it took us a whole one year
Ishaana- that’s why every evening Bhabhi used to come here
Omkara- wait that why you asked me to make a design of a royal garden
Anika- you could say that
Ishaana- bhaiya I get that Bhabhi used to come here every evening but where did you go
Shivaay- I used to come here to help Anika
Rudra- helping or romancing
Shivaay- shut up Rudra
Rudra- I didn’t say anything wrong
Omkara- Rudra good point
Anika- okay let’s see everything then let’s go to sleep because we have to do a lot preparations
Soumya- Bhabhi come here
Anika- hmm
Soumya- Bhabhi I am going to help you
Ishaana- me too
Anika- sure
Shivaay- check out the other side
Rudra- ok
Everyone goes and Anika was just about to go when Shivaay pulled her hand and Anika fell on Shivaay
Anika- Shivaay
Shivaay- sorry for before
Anika- it’s okay, I’m sorry as well
Shivaay- not that easy
Anika- what do you mean
Shivaay- you have to kiss me
Anika- no
Shivaay- please
Anika- I’ll think
Shivaay- I want an answer before we go to sleep
Anika- okay
Anika walks away, and Shivaay laughs. Unknowingly Om and Rudra were behind Shivaay
Om- Ishqbaazi
Shivaay- what
Rudra- what was that
Anika- Shivaay
Shivaay- what happened
Anika- Ishaana has a question
Shivaay- coming. Thank god
Rudra- did you say something
Shivaay- nothing
Shivaay left and omru gave hi-fi to each other
Om- Ishu lets go to sleep it’s too late
Anika- Ishu
Ishaana- Bhabhi
Anika- okay lets go it’s too late and tomorrow is puja, so we have wake up early
Soumya- puja
Ishaana- Dadi kept it because she found a life partner for her grandson
Rudra- not fair, no one cares for me
Anika- aww!! Who said that we don’t care for you
Rudra- then I want to you to make my breakfast
Anika- okay what do you want
Rudra- whatever you want to make
Anika- but in one condition
Rudra- what
Anika- I want the before Rudra back
Ishaana- true, Rudra why did you change
Rudra- I didn’t change and you want the Rudra back right
Ishaana- yes
Rudra- if you want me back you have to play with me
Anika- promise
Rudra- tomorrow
Shivaay- what about me, Om, and Soumya
Anika- going to play with us
Om- cool
Anika- now let’s go to sleep
All of them go inside and then their rooms.
Shivika’s room,
Shivaay- want my answer
Anika- about what
Shivaay- kiss
Anika- umm
Rudra- Bhabhi
Anika- yes
Shivaay- nice timing Rudra
Rudra- sorry bhaiya
Anika- what is it
Rudra- love you
Anika- love you too
Shivaay- excuse me
Rudra- jealous
Shivaay- shut up Rudra
Rudra- good night Bhabhi
Anika- good night
Shivaay- good night
Anika- what happened
Shivaay- nothing
Anika- okay good night
Shivaay goes to sleep and Anika was still awake. Anika saw Shivaay sleeping peacefully and walked to towards him and kisses him on his cheek
Anika- love you
Saying that Anika walked towards the balcony. Shivaay opens his eyes and walks toward Anika, Shivaay hugs her from the back
Anika- Shivaay
Shivaay- love you
Anika- I know
Shivaay- lets sleep
Anika- yea
They both go to sleep.
Next Day,
Shivika’s room,
Anika comes out of shower wearing a red anrakali with half gold and half with pearls earring and her hair dripping, while she was drying them the splashes of water went on Shivaay, while she was trying to wear her mangalsutra, two are wrapping round her waist.
Anika- good morning
Shivaay- good morning, you are looking fabulous in red
Anika- oh really
Shivaay- yes
Anika- every day you say that
Shivaay- but today you are extra fabulous
Anika- okay then can put the hook of my mangalsutra
Shivaay- yes and here you go

Precap: om says a shayari to ishaana and Oberoi family fun.

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