Ishqbaaz by Nirali (Part 2)


Part 2

Shivaay goes to Rudra’s room to see if his brother is ready or not, but when he goes in their he sees that he is their brother he is much more mature person than his baby brother. He realized that Rudra is not baby anymore, he is getting married, he is committing to something more than just two day affair and it is just because of Anika who made him realize that you need long term commitments to stay happy and also assured him that his love for his brother would not be troubled by Soumya.
Rudra- Bhai how am I looking?
Shivaay- handsome
Rudra- not more than Bhabhi
Shivaay- what?
Rudra- did u see her? She looks just like an angle ame from heaven
Anika- thanks for the compliment devar ji
Rudra- ewe! It doesn’t suit my personality
Anika- ok I won’t say devar ji, devar ji
Rudra- Mrs.Sadu Singh Oberoi
Anika- jokes apart. Sit down devar ji
Rudra- ok s*xy (glaring at Shivaay)
Anika- sit
Ishaana- Bhabhi badi maa is calling you
Anika- why
Ishaana- I don’t know
Anika- make Rudra wear this
Ishaana- ok
Anika goes to badi maa’s room in a hurry that she forgot her phone in Rudra’s room.
Rudra- bhaiya, Bhabhi forgot her phone here
Shivaay- ok I’ll give it to her
Badi Maa’s room
Anika- Badi Maa you called me
Badi Maa- yes, I want to give you something
Anika- what badi maa
Badi Maa- I wanted to give you this necklace, this is my mom’s necklace and I want to give it to you
Anika- I can’t take it
Badi Maa- why
Anika- it’s your mom’s
Badi Maa- I’m giving it to
Anika- if you really want to give me something, give me blessing to keep this family together and yes if you want to give this necklace give it to Priyanka with love
Badi Maa- you would never change
Anika gets out of the room smiling, she didn’t notice that Shivaay heard there conversation. Shivaay looks at Anika’s phone and release that her wallpaper and all the photos that she has are all his pictures that came in news and awards that he got.
Anika- where is my phone, I have probably left it in the room
Anika looks over the preparation and she goes check on Rudra, but someone pulled her into the room, it was none other than Shivaay. Shivaay make her wear the kamar bandh he got for her.
Shivaay- how is it

Anika- it is nice but it doesn’t mean that I’m angry with you.
Anika pushes Shivaay on the sofa and walks away.
Om- I’m sorry about the morning
Anika- its okay I’m not angry at you. I’m angry at someone else
Om- oh bhaiya. I’m angry with Shivaay and you too
Anika- why are you angry to me?
Om- because you didn’t show me the cake, and you didn’t talk to me at all
Anika- sorry
Om- Bhabhi can you please show me the cake, please
Anika- sure, but don’t tell anyone
Om- promise
Anika and Om went down stairs to see the cake.
Om- wow. It looks so yummy
Anika- lets go now
Anika is running everywhere to help the guests just then Dadi calls her.
Anika- yes Dadi
Dadi- go get Rudra
Anika- ok and I’ll take Ishaana with me
Dadi- okay
Anika- Ishaana come with me
Ishaana- okay, Are you angry with me
Anika- no
Ishaana- thank god
Anika- did you say something
Ishaana- no

In Rudra’s Room,
Anika and Ishaana- You look so handsome Rudra
Rudra- really Bhabhi
Anika- yes, why are you tensed?
Ishaana- Not tensed Bhabhi, he is scared
Anika and Ishaana laughs. While they both are laughing Shivaay and Omkara comes.
Omkara- Why are you guys laughing?
Ishaana- Rudra is scared
Shivaay and Omkara started laughing and gave each other a high five.
Rudra- You guys are so mean?
Anika- sorry, all of you stop laughing
Rudra- Bhabhi you are the best
Anika- Why are you scared?
Rudra- I don’t know
Anika- let me tell you something. Before marriage everyone is scared and right now Soumya is probably scared as well as you are, so don’t be scared it’s our circle of life some people get perfect life partners and some don’t.
Rudra- I don’t understand anything
Ishaana- you’ll understand when you get older.
Anika- let’s go everyone is waiting for you
Rudra- okay
Anika (whispering in Rudra’s ears) – oh yes, I forgot to tell you something Om knows where the cake is
Rudra- what
Anika- lets go
Rudra- let’s go
Anika, Ishaana, Shivaay and Omkara brought Rudra downstairs where everyone is waiting for them. Then both the Bhabhi’s made him sit on couch.
Dadi- So let’s start the engagement, Anika beta go get the engagement ring
Anika- Yes Dadi
The engagement is done and everyone is congratulating them.
Rudra- bhaiya the party is getting so boring

Precap- Om and Tej plan something

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