Ishqbaaz by Nirali (Part 1)


Hi guys, this is Nirali and I am writing a OS in which is basically about Rudra and Soumya’s wedding. The Characters are the same, but there is no Riddhima, Tia , Roop, and Gayartri. My sister helped me in this, so I am really thankful for that. I hope you all like it??

Part 1

Anika- kaka, why are the flowers not on the stage?
Kaka- I’ll do it right now (leaves taking the basket full of lavender)
Ishaana- Bhabhi, where is the necklace we bought for some
Anika- I gave it to badi maa
Ishaana- Bhabhi why aren’t you ready yet
Anika- I don’t take that long to get ready like some other people
Ishaana- Bhabhi the cake looks pretty good and done
Anika- you win I lose, but don’t let anyone touch the cake and you better not touch it
Ishaana- why Bhabhi
Rudra, Omkara, Dadi- why (everyone says on the same time and look at each other)
Anika- because I know you all love red velvet
Everyone being themselves and licks the frosting and says yuck and started coughing and they heard someone laughing behind them, it was on other Anika
Rudra-why did you ruin my mouth on my engagement day
Anika- why? You were ready ruin my 5 hour work in 1 minute, then why can’t I play a little prank with you all.
Omkara- that’s not fair

Anika- everything is fair in love and war
Ishaana- really Bhabhi
Saying this she puts the frosting that was on her fingers on Anika’s face and this makes Anika also take the frosting on her hand and runs behind Priyanka, Om, Rudra, and Ishaana. When they are running Anika collides into someone and to not try to fall she slams all the yukky frosting on the persons cheeks and her eyes were closed because she knew that she was going break something but she released that nothing so she opened her eyes and saw his angry face with the yukky frosting on his face. They kept staring inti their eyes until she heard Rudra say today Bhabhi is done
Shivaay makes Anika stand up and glares at them.

Anika- mein toh gaayi
Shivaay tastes the frosting and says yuck and everyone started laughing
Anika- why did you eat it?
Shivaay- I didn’t know it had tons of salt in it. Why did you put this much salt in it?
(Anika goes towards Rudra and Ishaana and pulls their ears and reveals the truth)
Shivaay- Why didn’t you wait for me?
Ishaana- bhaiya
Anika- wait a second……………………… you were the one who ruined half of the cake by licking the frosting……………………. I’m not making cake for any of you and I’m going to get ready
Anika leaves, Rudra and Ishaana come laughing and hugged Shivaay.
Shiva-I’m dead, by the way did you see the cake
Rudra- I don’t want to die on my engagement, so bye. Say sorry to Bhabhi
Everyone goes to get ready…..

In Anshi’s room
When Shivaay came in the room Anika splashes glass of water on his face and breaks the glass and leaves from there to get ready. Shivaay goes near the bed and sees the sherwani on the bed; he takes the sherwani and goes to his dressing room. When he comes out he sees his lovely wife in black and white choli, which she had trouble tying the dori of the blouse. Shivaay goes to her and ties the dori, he tries to back hug her but she hits him with her elbow and goes to beauty parlor with her jewelry.
Shivaay- ladies are very difficult to understand (talking to himself)
The screen stops at shivaay’s face

Precap: Anika and Rudra have cute little fight and Anika and Om have a conversation.

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