Ishqbaaz by Nirali 6


Part 6

Anika- Rudra come on quickly wear your Anika- that worked
Dadi- what is this noise and Anika puttar what should I wear
Anika- everyone be quite and listen to me get two or three clothes that you like and then come here
Everyone went and took out some clothes that they liked
Ishaana- Bhabhi you didn’t get your clothes
Anika- I know what I am going to wear
Ishaana- you know Bhabhi
Anika- what

Ishaana- whatever you wear you always look
Rudra- hot
Ishaana- gorgeous
Om- beautiful
Ishaana- bhaiya say something
Shivaay- I will tell after she wears it
Om- smart move
Shivaay- always
Anika- ok will but now think about you guys, Ishaana you take an hour to get ready, Rudra and Shivaay you both have tantrums and our Om is like a sweet boy who listens everything
Rudra- what should I wear
Anika- Older firsthand

Rudra- ok
Anika- don’t worry I will help you first… So let’s start with Dadi
Dadi shows
shows this dress to Anika and Anika chooses the green one. Now pinky and Janvi’s turn they both show their clothes
Anika- maa I think you should wear the pink one, and badi maa I think you should wear the cream color saree
Try and Shakti shows their clothes

Anika- I think bade pap you should wear the cream color kurta and it even matches with badi maa, dad I think you should wear the mehandi color Kurta
Shivaay, Om , Rudra shows there to Anika
Anika- Shivaay I think you should wear the red and black sherwani, Om I think you wear the red and white, and Rudra you should wear the black and white
Ishaana and Soumya shows there’s
Anika- Ishaana I think you should wear the green and red one, Soumya you should wear the pink and white one
Ishaana- I want to see what you are wearing
Anika- upstairs

Ishaana, Anika, and Soumya went to Shivika’s room and Anika took out two sarees
Ishaana and Soumya- we think that the red one will look better on you
Anika- I was going wear the red one, so let’s go down
They all go downstairs and asked which saree did you guys pick
Anika- it a red and black saree
Dadi- now let’s go change
Everyone left to their room.
Rudra’ room,
Rudra- after five minutes, I am just uploading the pictures of rangoli that you made on
Social media
Anika- okay I am leaving. You get dressed
Rudra- okay
Anika goes from there.
Shivika’s room
Anika enters the room and sees Shivaay sitting on the bed doing work
Anika- men and their work
Saying this Anika goes to the cupboard and gets out her saree and goes to the bathroom. After a while she comes out wear the red and black saree. Anika is fixing her saree when Shivaay hugs her and asks her how he looks
Anika- let me see
Shivaay- here

Anika- hot
Shivaay- thank you
Anika wears her jewelry and Shivaay again back hugs her
Shivaay- why do you have to wear that you just look hot and you are wearing a mind blowing saree which you are going to kill me
Rudra- Bhabhi
Rudra zooms through the door
Rudra- sorry
Shivaay- now what’s wrong
Rudra- I have some work with Bhabhi
Shivaay- and right now she is with me
Anika- Shivaay, Rudra what’s wrong
Rudra- Bhabhi the rangoli got 6,000 likes in 30 minutes
Shivaay- you came to tell that
Rudra- just tell that go amp don’t I’ll go, and close the door when you are romancing
Anika- okay Rudra now go wear your sharwani
Rudra goes and Shivika smiles

Shivaay- never knew when Rudra got older and mature
Anika- yes, I just wish he doesn’t forget to laugh
Shivaay- yes
Anika- lets go down
They both come down and Dadi saw them and smiled.
Anika- Dadi why are you smiling
Dadi- nothing just remembering old memories, and go light the diyas in temple
Anika- okay Dadi
Dadi- take Ishaana
Anika- always
Ishaana and Om comes down Ishaana wearing
Om and Ishaana walked toward Anika.
Anika- Ishaana could you help me with this
Ishaana- sure
Om- Bhabhi where is Shivaay
Anika- I think he would be on his phone
Om- him and his phone
Rudra- my two lovely Bhabhi how do I look
Anika and Ishaana- dashing and hot
Shivaay and om- what about us
Anika- don’t know

Pinky- Ishaana and Soumya come here
Ishaana- coming badi maa
Ishaana and Soumya go running from there.
Anika- yes mom
Pinky- is everything ready
Ishaana- yes badi maa we did everything
Soumya- what is done?
Ishaana- a surprise for Anika
Anika is walking towards the hall when two hands closes her eyes
Person- guess
Anika- how are you Malika
Malika and Anika hug each other
Malika- I am angry with you Anika
Anika- is that so, but why are you angry
Malika- you didn’t even call me once
Anika- sorry, where is Sidhaarth and uncle, aunty
Malika- by the you are looking hot

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