Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [proologue]


Hey guys, I am new on IB page. I had a idea on my mind nd I wanted to share with u all. I hope u all like it.

So characters r same. If I add any new character, I will inform u later.

Scene 1 [at a dark isolated place] boy: hume ye karna parega. (we have to do this)
girl: par ap…(bt u…)
boy interrupts: hume ye karnahi parega, mai apni family k liye kuch v kar sakta hu. (we will have to do this, I can do anything fr my family.)
boy looks at girl, girl nods. Boy fills hr hairline with sindoor, girl closes hr eyes.
Scene 2 [aftr 2 mnths] Her pov:
I donno if it ws a ri8 decision or nt, bt the ni8 changed our lives. We r happy, bt in a corner of my heart, I feel pain. Each day, each hour, each minute, Each second.! “I donno y, bt may b it is better to die!!!”

so is it? I hope it is fine. I knw it ws too short bt I cant add anything mre. Nd the POV, I wanted to ri8 it in Hindi, bt didnt understand what to wri8. So it is my 1st IB ff, in the show all 3 bros r main lead bt in my ff Shivika r the main lead, so I will wri8 mre fr Shivik, sry.
Suggetion needed, I cant strt this frm this mnth as my exms r going on. So shld I start it frm December or nxt yr? Pls cmnt, I need ur support. Shld I continue or stop? Pls cmnt, good or bad, both r accepted.
Bye bye, luv u all- Neeti

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  1. Priyali

    It’s a unique concept neeti… update next one soonest

    1. Neeti

      Thank u, Priyali di. I will pst wen I get time.

      1. Priyali

        Sure dear. Do check out my ff as well . It’s ishqbaaz ff by Priyali.

    2. Neeti

      I will surely check it, I am reading every ff of IB frm frst prt nw…

  2. nice come back soon

    1. Neeti

      thank u, i will cme back asap

  3. Ishqkum

    Continue Dr it was. Nice

    1. Neeti

      thank u, i will continue


    1. Neeti

      thank u, nd am i so bad that i will take my sister wrng… i will post asap

  5. Nithu

    Lovely..dear neeti…strt frm dec..dear

    1. Neeti

      thank u, nd if i get time i will pst it this mnth only…

  6. Nansshivika

    Interesting but start it soon

    1. Neeti

      thank u, i will strt wen i get time… pakka

  7. 15novvaishnavi

    Nice. Please upload next part asap.

    1. Neeti

      thank u, i will post nxt prt asap

  8. Nice… Even I liked EDKV… Plz start this ff asap

    1. Neeti

      thank u, i will strt it asap

  9. Priyanka_22

    It was really nice n diff 😀
    But toooo short
    Make it lengthier n try to update soon
    I mean whenever you get time
    And m also obsessed wid shivika 😀

    1. Neeti

      thank u
      it ws just a prologue na, i cant reveal more so it was short
      i am tooooo much obsessed with Shivika 😛
      surely update wen i get time…

      1. Priyanka_22

        hi5 😀 .. n am waiting fo it

  10. Superb awesome next episode must be update asap luv uuuuu

    1. Neeti

      thank u, will try to pst soon… luv u too

  11. Ayath

    nice dear plz upload fast

    1. Neeti

      thank u, will try to update fast

  12. Ananya7044

    Nice one neeti..ypdate soon..

    1. Neeti

      thank u, will post asap

  13. Are you in medical college?

    1. Neeti

      no no, i am too small…

  14. Ya off course

  15. Nida

    It’s great and a new concept please continue

    1. Neeti

      thank u, nd i will continue

  16. Tulasi

    Hey neethi…awwsumm prologue…luvd it….continue it aftr ur exams

    1. Neeti

      thank u, Tulasi di. I will pst asap

  17. Vincy

    Nice… You can start whenever you are free

    1. Neeti

      Thank u, Vincy di. I will surely pst wen I am free.

  18. Rukhsar

    O bety ki…..neeti tu yahan kya kar rahi ha edkv ka page chor diya kya…….wahan koi post hi nahi

    1. Neeti

      Are kya bol rahe hai! Mai aur EDKV page ko chor du! Hoi nai sakta! Anika k bhasha me kahu to mujhe aisa sochne me hi michmichi hoti hai! Oto mujhe ek idea a gaya tha, isliye aha likh rahi hu, edkv pe pehlei meri ek ff, ek ts nd ek os pending hai aur udhar ek aur likhna thik nai hai, so maine socha aha likhu, kiuki mai IB fan v hu.
      Dekha di, koi pst nai kr raha, isiliye mai nai chahti thi edkv khatam ho, kiuki mujhe pata tha ahi hoga, I hate Sony fr this!
      Waise ap aha!!!??? Ap v IB fan ho? Aur apki beti kab hui:-P, mujhe bataya v nai!!!
      Nd thank u. Mai jald pst karne ki koshish karungi bt may b nt this mnth.
      Luv u, bye- Neeti

      1. Rukhsar

        Oye neetu meri koi beti veti nahi ha ma to anika ka famous dialog bol rai thi and yeah me too ib fan but i never commented on this page i sent a private msg to a writer on this page but she did not replied me back so i got disappointed and then i decided to never comment again

  19. Rukhsar

    Waise ff is really amazing start soon dear

  20. Nice plz continue

    1. Neeti

      thank u, I will continue

    1. Neeti

      thank u…

  21. Diya

    Oye oye Neetu tu to kamal ki likhti he !! Sounds really interesting !!!

    1. Neeti

      kya, di… apne par v liya??? itni jaldi, mujhe jaha tak pata hai kal mera ff 3rd page pe chala gaya tha, apko nam kaise malum para??? are jo v ho, thank u,… lekin mai makkhan nai khati, ghee chalega ;)….umeed hai ap bad me v paroge…

  22. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi neeti di finally I read your ff the prologue seems to be really interesting. Please keep writing.
    Wishing you lots of luck and love for this ff

  23. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ! Neeti I have finally read your ff and the prologue is amazing, keep going and sorry for such a late comment.
    Wishing you lots of love ❤ and luck dear .
    You are a beautiful writer.

    1. Neeti

      thank u, I have wrote the part 1 also, bt I got really less cmnts there so I am nt writing fr few days…. ur also a wonderful writer, di… btw what is ur real name??? thanks fr cmnting…. luv u- Neeti.

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