Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 9]


Part 9
Shivika hug… Ishkara flashback scene… Rumya marriage shock…
*kuch samay pehle* *some time before*

Scene 1 (OM)
Shivaay is crying beside pool side. He is unknown to the fact why is he crying. He is totally lost in his memories with Annika. He stands up (he was sitting beside pool) and keeps moving. He didn’t realise that he is moving towards pool. He keeps moving. He was about to step in the pool but someone pulled him {yaar, I wanted him to fall in the pool, like “Gayi Bhaish Pani Me” }
Yeah it was Annika. Annika pulled him from there.
Ani: what are you doing, Shivaay!?? Have you gone mad!!!??? You was about to fall in the pool!!! Dhyaan kaha rehta hai apka? (where is you attention?)
Shiv is like “what? Kya hua?”
Ani: I am asking you something! Why were you stepping in the pool?
Shiv suddenly hugs Ani. Ani is shocked (don’t you think, I am giving them shocks pe shocks since last 2 parts… they will now throw their socks )
Ani: Shi… Shi… Shivaay… what happened to you? Shivaay???
She sees that Shivaay has slept hugging her. (aise kaise so gaya??? Maine kuch nahi kiya, sayad Nakuul ko neend agayi )
Ani takes Shiv to his room and laid him on bed. Shiv held her hand, tightly, very tightly. Ani couldn’t free her hand so she sat beside him {hey, hey, hey! Hold on! Avi tak din hai, aur wo sirf baithi hai, throw gande gande khayal out of your minds, ha! }
Ani looks tensed (like in the real show)
Ani: nahi ye galat hai… mai inse pyar nahi kar sakti… ye galat hai Annika ye galat hai!!! (No it’s wrong… I can’t love him… this is wrong Annika this is wrong!!!)

Scene 2 (C.H.)
Broken Om sits crying. He is not in a condition of even saying anything. His soul have separated from his body. He is totally blank. He is expressionless. He is sad, shocked, broken, and maybe dead inside. He had never imagined something like this. There is only dark in front of his eyes.
Doc: Mr.Oberoi, Mr.Oberoi! Mr.Oberoi please control yourself. Mr.Oberoi please.
Om is not responding.
The nurse who met him before {remember?} comes there.
Nur: doctor, what happened to him?
Nurse recognize him.
Nur: he… doctor, I know him. He was shouting for a girl about an hour ago. What happened to him?
Doc: oh, he is Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. the girl he was finding is dead, so he is in shock. I am going, please take care of him, Ms. Ridhima (yes this is Ridhima)
Doctor went from there. Ridhima looks at Om.

Scene 3 (OM main door)
Rumya enters OM. Varmala is around their neck, Soumya’s hairline is filled with sindoor, she is wearing Mangalsutra. Pinky was in hall. She is shocked to see them like this. She shouts for everyone.
Pin: OMM!!!!! Mummyji! Jethani ji! Jeth ji! Shakti ji! Shivaay!!! Sab kaha hai!!!??? Dekho ye kya chal raha hai!!! (Where is everyone!!!??? See what’s going on!!!)
Dadi comes,
Dadi: kya hua Pinky? Tu aise chilla ky…?!!!!!? (What happened Pinky? Why are you shouting li… ?!!!!!?)
She saw Rumya so she stopped talking and got shocked
Tej and Shakti come there. Shiv got disturbed by the sound and woke up. He sees Annika beside her and he is holding her hand. They share an eyelock. The eyelock breaks by shouting of Pinky. Shiv leaves her hand, they feel awkward but by the sound of shouting they got worried and went down (accha hua that everyone is concerned about Rumya now else Shivika ko ek sath ate huye dekkhe kya sochte )
They are also shocked to them, actually everyone present there is shocked.
Shi: Rudra!!!… ye… ye kya hai? (Wh… what… is this?)
Rumya looks at Shiv and then each other. Rudra holds her hand tightly to comfort her. Everyone see this, ofc Shivika also. Now Shivika also look at each other.
Tej: Rudra! Shivaay asked you something! What is this???!!!
Rudra: papa, bhaiya. “I MARRIED SAUMYA” (underline this, cz in serials they mark it loudly, they give thunderstorm sounds )
Shi: Rudr…
Ani: Rudra, tell clearly. Do you know what you are talking!??? Kaunsa Raita phaila ke aye ho tum dono?!!! (What mess have you both done?!!!)
Ru: di, we know. We married coz “WE LOVE EACH OTHER”!
(Thunder sounds )
Dadi: kya…!!!
Dadi falls on sofa in shock.
Shivika together rush to her. They hold her and coincidently they both keep hand at same place so Shiv’s hand is over Ani’s. This time it won’t matter as they are busy in handling dadi.
Ani: dadi… don’t don’t take tension, relax.
Shiv: dadi, please go inside and take rest
Dadi: how can you ask me to go inside, Billu? You heard what he said, right.
Shiv: ok ok, you stay here but please don’t take tension.

Scene 4 (C.H.)
Ridhima: Mr.Omkara, please say something. Please say something else your condition will get worse. Mr.Omkara!!!
She slaps Om. Om is shocked {I think i should have killed everyone by giving shock at once, i am giving them shocks every moment} Om start crying heavily. He hugs her. Ridhima reciprocate the hug understanding that he needs someone. Om realise his position and gets back.
Om: I am, I am sorry… (he continues crying)
Rid: it’s it’s okay. I can understand that you are in much pain. Who is she to you?
Om: we loved each other.
Rid: oh!… I don’t know how you are feeling, but you can share your sorrow with me. You will feel better.
Om is silent.
Rid: if you don’t wanna share then it’s okay. I am going.
Rids gets up to leave.
Om: we met at her dance academy. She was teaching few kids. I was leaving from my Artshop, I saw her dance academy. I went inside to see her. She was dancing, she didn’t notice me.
Ishana is shown dancing. She was teaching the kids few steps when Om entered. Om got lost in her. He was mesmerized watching her dancing. Her moves did magic to him. He went towards Ishana.
Ishana notices Om coming towards her and stops dancing.
Ish: ji, who are you?
Om was lost and didn’t listen to what she said but he didn’t move more. Ishana moves her hand in front of Om’s eye.
Ish: excuse me… I asked who are you?
Om got into senses.
Om: huh… oh… I am Omkara, Omkara Singh Oberoi. I was coming out of my Artshop and saw your dance academy. It was not here before so I thought to check.
Ish: OMG! You are OSO! The famous artist!
Om: yes I am, but don’t call me that. You can call me Om. What is your name?
Ish: Ishana, Ishana Mehta.
Om: nice to meet you Ms. Ishana. Friends?
Ish: huh… sure and please don’t call me Ms.Ishana, I am your friend now, so call me just Ishana or Ishu.
Fb ends
Om: it was our first me. I fell for her at the very first sight.
Om smiles, Ridhima looks at him
Screen freezes on all the couples’ face… Om smiling and Rids looking at him. Shivaay, Annika consoling Dadi and Shiv’s hand over Ani’s. Rumya standing with tensed faces.

Precap: Rumya explaining family about their decision… more Ishkara fbs… no Shivika part maybe, sorry.

Accha, did you all notice one thing? This one day is not ending till now! The reason is, remember I said that I will take the story in fast forward mode, for that these are imp. So I hope you all understand. Last part I got 15 comments, now I am expecting more, if you really like my story please comment.
Note for silent readers: (if any)
The biggest insult of a writer is when you read the story still you ignore it. If you like the story you should appreciate writers by telling your opinions. If you find any flaw somewhere you should tell it clearly to the writer that where the flaw is. Trust me no writer would mind it. Writers always get happy with both neg and pos comments. You know, i read all stories here, I feel so bad when I don’t comment. It feels like I murdered someone and hiding the fact. Don’t be like me, please. If you read still don’t cmnt, it will be my insult, so please leave a comment, even if it’s an emoji. If you like it give any pos emoji and if you don’t like it give this type of emoji. All are welcomed.

Well, even after Daksh return nothing will change as we all know that Tia’s hubby has died. Now Tia hold Annika responsible for this, she will not let them live happily, it’s confirmed. but Shivaay’s guilt is the biggest weapon that can grow their closeness. Pray for that.
Ok bakbak band. Kalke dialogues yad hai na ohi aha chipka lo. Thank you, bye- Neeti

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