Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 8]


Part 8
Shivika are crying remembering all their sweet moments… Ishkara having an emotional talk, someone hears them… Rudra fills Saumya’s hairline… [note: this was supposed to happen in last part but as I said, I didn’t gave the full update] *kuch samay pehle* *sometimes before*

Scene 1 (OM)
Shivaay goes near pool side. tears are flowing from his eyes. his face has become pale. his eyes became red. he is feeling very week. he remembers all his moments with Annika.

he remembers how he pulled Annika in the pool, how they fought, how Annika fell in his arms {this is an unseen scene, yaar we have to give them some privacy na?}

Nazdeek hai dilke
Phir kiu lage milke
jaise ho milo door wo…

he remembers Annika teasing him {the chopper/ helicopter part}. how Annika served him food {jala hua pasta scene}

Jazbaa hai anjana
Muskil hai Samjhana
Apna hai ya hai gair wo…

Scene 2 (other side of OM)
Annika also remembers their closeness. she thinks of their meet at temple {we all know that it was NOT their first meet, we don’t even know how they meet}. how she broke the glass of Shivaay’s car.

(arre song is still going on)
Ishq mai adhoora sa
Rooh mai hai pura sa
Dard hai ye sari umara ka

she remembers how Shiv tied the lace of her dress {hope you all remember, this was my created part}. how shopkeeper mistaken them to be couple, how Shiv saved her from the goons {yeah, yeah! I know Ani was not present there but if Shiv can get flashbacks of Ani’s imagination then why can’t Ani?}

O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki waaja…

screen gets divides in two parts, one part Annika and other part Shivaay

O jaana… O jaana…

Scene 3 (temple)

Rudra-Saumya enter the temple. they pray to Goddess Durga {they are at Durga temple}

Saumya’s POV
hey Goddess Durga! I trust Rudra, I know that he can never do anything wrong with me. he would never hurt me. please, just give him some brain so that he don’t take any childish decision and keep your blessings with us.

Rudra’s POV
hey, Maa (Goddess). please give us strength to face everyone. only you know my decisions, I hope I took right decision and Saumya understands my decision. today we will become one, no one can separate us. please give your blessings to us.
POV ends…

they open their eyes {as they were closing eyes while praying). they look at each other. priest comes, they greet the priest.

Scene 4 (C.H.)
Om goes to Ishana, Ishana smiles at Om, Om shocked to see Ishana.
Om runs to Ishana. Ishana is breathing heavily. tears come from her eyes but still she is smiling, Om is crying badly.
Ishana: O…Om…
Omkara: Ishana…Ishana… what is this? why are you lying here? why… why are tears in your eyes? oh…oh… you are crying because of that doctor’s wor…word… he… he is saying anything… he is saying that… you… you…. he is mad!!! please don’t believe him… yaar, please stop… stop this! why are you believing him!!!??? Ishuuu…!!!
Ishu: Om…Om… calm down… see, I am not listening to… to anyone… I… I am believing wh… what… I know… O… Om… I wan.. want you to be happy alwa…always… I rel… really care for y… you! I… I… I… luv y…you! [she is stammering cz she nt in a condition of speaking, she is having difficulty] (someone listens to them)
Om was shocked with the confession, he couldn’t understand what happened? did she really said “I love you”? his lips curved into a big smile with tears coming from his eyes…
Om: Ish… Ishana! what did you just say???!
Ishu: I l…lo…love yo… you… Om
Om: “hugged her” I love you too, Ishana, I really love you.
suddenly Ishana started breathing more heavily. she realises that it is her last day. her journey of life was ending. she will not be present after sometime. she could see Om shocked and breaking down. Om got panicked. Om starts shouting for doctor. Ishana starts speaking something.

Ishu: Om… Om… I… I won’t able… survive…fo… for more… time…. bye… bye… Om…please take ce…care of yourself… don’t blame th… them…. They ar… are not at fault… I don’t… hav… have much time…. I lov…. love… yo…. You… Om….
Ishana closes her eyes… Om gets shocked… Ishana’ s heart stop beating… doctor enters… He checks Ishana.

Scene 5 (temple)
Rumya hold hands and look at each other.
Ru: Panditji (Mr. Priest)… we… We want to get married.
Saumya gets shocked {hope you remember that Sumo didn’t knew this before}
Saumya: Rudr…
Rudra holds her hand tightly signalling her to keep quiet. Saumya is still shocked.
Priest: ok, dear. But isn’t there anyone with you?
Ru: panditji, my friend is coming.

Priest: ok dear. I will make all the preparation till then.
Ru: ok panditji.
After some time, a boy and a girl come there.
Ru hugs the boy.

Ru: hi Nisha, hi Kabir (imagine them from NAUC)
Kabir: hi bro… how are how?
Ru: I am fine. What about you two?
Nisha: we are also fine.
Ru: well, let’s go. Panditji is waiting for us.
Nibir: ok, let’s go.

They went inside, the priest gave Saumya a chunri (stole). They sit at the mandap. Nisha does their gatbandhan (knotting).
Priest ask the couple to stand up for Jaimala (exchanging necklace of flowers). They does so. Priest explains the ritual. Then he starts Mantra asking them to take phera (taking rounds around the Holy Fire) He explains the meaning of the promises. Rumya take rounds, following Priest’s instructions. (Ok guys I really don’t know anything about the Hindu marriage, I just know some basics, which are shown in tv)
Priest then asks Ru to forward his hand and Saums to keep her hand on his. They does so. Priest places holy water on their hands (sorry if I am going wrong)… they does the ritual. Priest asks bride’s father to come for kanyadan. Saums gets emotional (as her father died)
Sau: panditji, can’t we skip this ritual? Actually my father is no more in this world.

Pr: what are you saying dear? This is not possible. If not your father then ask anyone else to do this.
Ru: panditji, Kabir and Nisha will do the ritual.
Pri: ok dear.
Kabir and Nisha does the ritual.
At last Priest ask Ru to tie Mangalsutra (nuptial tread/ necklace) and then fill sindoor bride’s hairline.
Rudra makes Saumya wear Mangalsutra (which Nibir got). Then he fill sindoor in her hairline. Saumya looks at him with teary eyes.

Scene 6 (C.H.)

Doctor: sorry to say, but she is no more.
Om gets a big shock, may be the biggest shock of his life. He couldn’t believe this. The tears were getting more. His heart was getting weak. He didn’t wanted to survive. (Ok, Om is in big shock so he didn’t react angrily) Om sees Ishana, he breaks down fully. He sits on the floor with a jerk. Someone was still watching this all.

Screen divides, it shows the faces of the couples.

Precap: well, that’s a secret for me also ?

So, you guys must have imagined na that how long part 7 was supposed to…? I would have updated the full part if I had got more comments. The sad thing is, my regular commenters didn’t comment, but happy that some new readers commented. Sorry I couldn’t reply, I will reply soon.

A clue
*who was hearing Ishkara?
1. The person will play a very important role
2. Nah! He/She is not Ridhima
3. He/She will play positive character.
4. Socho socho

Accha don’t you think ki Omru ne uss din Gul mam ko phn kiya tha? I mean jo humne dkha wohi unhe dkha, how is it possible? Yato he asked someone to download the vid of mrg day frm youtube provided by hotstar?, yaar Tia nd Dusyant wala part download nhi kar sakte the kya???! Too much ho gaya tha ye. Nd how can Shiv get fbs of Ani’s dream, ha? Director k dimag me dimak (an insect) lag gya

Bye guys. Sorry for grammatical and typing mistakes. Nxt update will be late. Throw chameli, chikni (I will get new chappals?) or ride ur Champa over me. U can even throw veggies, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes with which I will make pizza (muo me pani agaya)????… 1000rs? nd 500rs? notes? are also welcomed ?
Luv u all ?- Neeti

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    Aur yeh Tia Ki mom ko konsi aag lagi hai Jo iss na shadi itni jaldi karwani hai nallayak kabakhat na kam Ki na kaj Ki dushmaan anaj Ki. Pagal aurat ??.
    Ishu ????? ko kun mar Diya bichara Omi darling ka kya hoga. Aur Rudra na shadi kar li pagal kahinka Sumo kahin bhaag thodi na jaati chal koi na kehta hai na pyaar kiya toh dharna kya???. Saada sukhi raho✋✋ tathaastu.
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  17. what an episode yr..
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    actually after reading this one i went through all the parts of ur ff..
    they all r soooo good..
    neeti u r awesome or i should say “chota packet bara dhamaka” ??
    nd wanna say u some thing dear. don’t get disheartened by number of comments..
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