Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 2]


Hey every1, Neeti here. How r u all? I said that this part will nt have POV bt I want to knw ur oppinions. Sld I wr8 POV or dialogues??? Now my bakbak bands.

Part 2
Scene 1 (OM hall)
Annika’s POV
I just left frm there being angry. Seriously, he cant even say sorry. Not today bt at least aftr the chip matter, he sld have said sorry. I clearly remember how he challanged that he will buy me. I cried that ni8. He hurted me by asking my rate. I am just a toy for him. But why am I thinking so much abt him. No Anika cntrl urself, u sldnt think abt him. Nd I bumped with somebody again. This time it was nt Baghad Billa, but it was our cutie Soumya. I was so lost I didnt notice her. “Sorry, Soumya. Actually I didnt notice u” I said to her. “no no, Anika di. Its ok. Even I wasnt careful.” she replied to me. I left frm there as fast as I can, cz if hr detective mode get on, hr qstning will nt stop.

Soumya’s POV
I cld understand she was lost with something. I knw she ran frm here so that I cant qstn her. Bt I am sure she was thinking abt Bade Bhaiya. Any1 cld guess it bcz she always think about him only. I also moved frm the place cz I have to meet Rudra.

Scene 2 (Shivaay’s room)
Shivaay’s POV
I was nt able to cncntrt on my work. I walked here nd there in my room. Something is bothering me. May b I want to say sorry to her. But SSO the grt cant say sry. Wait did I just addressed myself as SSO??? What the wuck! Oh God, what is happening to me??!!! Why am I using Anika language??!!! Its all bcz of that Anika. Shivaay just stop thinking abt her… Just stop all these!!!

Scene 3 (Rudra’s room)
Rudra’s POV
I was a lil bit disappointed cz Sumo didnt come to meet me till now. She said that she will come to meet me nd aftr that we will go out nd celebrate our frndship. Aftr all we became frnds aftr so many fights. I was really stupid to run aftr the pshyco Romi, bt bcz of Sumo, I became safe. I proposed hr fr frndship, nd she accepted my proposal bt I didnt say thanks to hr till nw. I thought to thank hr today bt she didnt come to meet me till nw. I wonder if she will come. Here a sound comes to my ear. Sumo will live fr 100 yrs. Yeah she came opening the door. “where were u till nw” I asked hr in a bit angry tone. “actually, I was coming to u only bt by mistake juice fell on my dress, so I went to change” she replied. “ok, nw lets go. We were abt to go out na” I said. She noded in yes nd we went out.

Scene 4 (Artshop)
Omkara’s POV
I was busy with work till the soft voice reached my ear. My sweetie came. My Ishana. She was like an angel to me. I changed alot aftr she stepped in my life. I loved her but didnt confessed my love, fearing I might lose her. Her dance academy nd my artshop is at same place. This is the place, I met her nd we became frnds. I fell in love with her slowly bt feared to confess. “Om, we r getting late” she yelled at me. “yeah just a min, I am coming” I answered hr. We r supposed to going to an orphanage today. She didnt wanted to get late as it was her special day. I quickly went to hr nd we left Artshop.

Precap: Rumya, Ishkara nd Shivika moments.

I think it is longer than my previous part. I am writing it at ni8. I am vry sleepy, so there can b many typing mistake. Forgive me fr that. Many must b thinking why is Ishana shown, as I said Ridhima will b opp to Om. It is starting, the whole story is left, so fr nw it will b Ishkara.
As I said before, marking my flaws wld help me to improve nd good cmnts will surely encourage me even then I got only 13cmnt on part1. As I am new thats why I am nt expecting 30cmnts bt at least I can expect 20cmnt na. I am asking again sld I continue or nt???

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  1. nt bad plz continue

    1. Neeti

      thank u…

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    Super dr

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    obvio yu should continue..
    its really goood ff dear
    dont stop writing
    n updste soon

  4. Nansshivika

    Continue dear but I prefer dialogues to POV but its upto u and this part is good

  5. Ohhhh come on Neeti!!…Ur ff is really good…plzzz continue ur ff nd Don’t worry abt cmmnts Day by day it will incrsng ?…My opinion is u should write in dialogues bcoz pov is lik paragph na soooo lil confusng

    I’m a silent reader dr…
    Update fast I’m waitng..hahaha

  6. Shivika22kapoor

    Really a nice epi. Neeti , you are going really strong so please carry on with it and now I really want
    1.Shivaay to apologize
    2.Shivaay and Anika’s luv to blossom
    3.Sweet moments between all the couples.
    Now I am waiting for the next epi. So pls update it soon dear.

  7. It is little confusing

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