Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 10]

Part 10
Scene 1 (OM)
{bhai, har din kuch samay pehle dena jaruri nahi, Ib ke pehle kuch epi dekh lo, woha vi ek do epi me nahi hai?}
Shivika: Rudra have you gone mad!!!???
They say it together, again they got attention, arre akhir kiu na mile, they are the leads na? but bcoz of Rumya, their mind got diverted.
Rudra: bhai (remember? Rudy used to call Shiv “BHAI” in 1st few epis), didi. We haven’t gone mad. We really love each other. If we didn’t get married then Saumya would have to get married to Reeyan and she don’t love Reeyan.
Shiv: but at least you could have told us before taking any decision.
Ru: bhai, if we had told you, then would you have get us married?
Shiv is silent.

Ru: no right? That’s why we didn’t tell anyone.
Tej: I understand about Rudra. He always does childish things but Saumya you! I didn’t expect this from you. How could you agree to marry Rudra?
Saumya looks down. Rudra sees this.
Ru: papa, Saumya didn’t do anything, I made her swear on me to marry.
This shocks everyone more.
Shiv: Rudra….. (he said in a very low tone)
Janvi: but you both are very young. You two didn’t even complete your studies, why can you think of marriage?
Ru: Maa, we will complete our studies first, then we will stay as a couple and take responsibilities. Please Maa, at least you consider us and accept Saumya.
Jan starts to melt.
Dadi: but what will I tell my friend? (Saumya’s grandmother). When she will ask me how could I let her granddaughter marry without asking her, what will I answer, tell me!!!?
They get silent. Saumya is feeling guilty.
Pin: OMM! My Shivaay’s marriages is after 2 days and because of you two I will dies getting heart attacks.
Rumya are shocked to hear about Shiv’s marriage.
Rumya: after 2 days! “With questioning tone”
Ani: yes, Tia’s mom have fixed the date.
Dadi: I totally forgot about Shivaay’s marriage.
Tej: but Maa, what about these two?
Dadi: for now, let’s close this matter. We will talk about this after Shivaay’s marriage.
Tej: but Maa…
Pin: Mummyji is rights. We will talk about this laters. For nows colses the matters.

Scene 2 (C.H.)
Om: our closeness grew with time. I got to know many things about her. We started meeting daily. One day I got to know something about her past.
Fb: Ishana was passing from road at night. The road was empty. No one was there. Some goons came.
Goon 1: Ohho madam, where are you going? Take us along.
Goon 2: should we drop you somewhere Ms? (Arre they are teasing, don’t think ki they want to help her)
Goon3: arre talk to us na madam. You will love our company.
By their every word Ishana was getting more and more nervous but she kept walking {you can imagine this filmy scene}
Suddenly a goon tried to touch her and thaaaa…!!! Ishana hit him, actually slaped him. The goons got angry. They tried to misbehave with her but Ishana beaten all of them. Ishana was expert at martial arts.
Someone clapped. Ishana looked at the direction. Ishana got surprised {surprise!!! Look no one got shock this time???}
Ish: Om! You here???
Om: yeah, me. I was passing by (in car) and saw some goons teasing someone. I got down to help but then saw her beating the goons and it turned out to be you. Looks like you are karate champion.
Ish: “slight smile” huh… life makes person champion in everything…
Om: means?
Ish: zindagi sau dard deti hai
Deti hai agar ek khushi
To wo vi kuch hi pal me
chin jati hai

Jo darse bhag kar ro raha
Jo gum ke saye me jee raha
Khushiya uske pass
Kavi na rehti hai

Gum se jo ubhar paye
Dard se jo jeet paye
Zindagi ussehi
Khushiya deti hai
{Sorry for this ghatiya shayari, actually I write only joke type poems, I am weak at these type of emotional things}
Om understands that she had a lot of pain in her past.
Om: kya hua tha?
Ish: huh…?
Om: what had happened in your past?
Ish: my father was a drunkard. Every night he used to came home in drunk state and torture me, my younger sis and my mother.
My mother couldn’t bear it all so she committed suicide. After that my father lost all money in gambling. He then tortured me and my younger sis for money.
One day he did something terrible with my sis so I lost my temper and raised my hand. Then he locked me in a dark room and beaten me always. I learnt karate myself in the dark room to protect my sis and myself.
Tears escaped from Ishana’s eyes. Om looks on feeling sad
Fb ends.
Om: that day I got to know about real Ishana. She was so brave. She carried so much pain in her heart. My feeling for her got more stronger for her that day.
Rids looks on teary eyed.

Scene 3 (Shivaay’s room)
Shivaay is sitting on bed thinking about Ru’s words. Annika comes outside Shiv’s room but stopped there to knock. Shiv sensed her.
Shi: come in Annika.
{Another shock?}
Now that da dhin sounds starts ???… remember that sound na… arre that day only they gave when Shivika fought about Sahil’s school, when Ani was calculating… yeah that one.
Ani came in…
Ani: did you fixed GPS tracker on my body?
Shiv: what!!!?
Ani: are you spying on me!!!???
Shiv: no ways…
Ani: did you send anyone to check on me? Or did you kept security camera on your room’s door? Or did you ask security guards to inform when I come?!!! Nahi kuch to kiya hoga warna (no you must have done something else) how did you always get to know that I am here ha???!
Shi: I haven’t done anything like that. I am not interested in you that I will follow you or spy you!
Ani: then how could you know?
Shiv:I… I just sensed you.
O jaana plays…
Ani looks at him
O jaana… O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jine ki waja
O jaana…
they share an eyelock, very cute type
Music continues…

Ishq hai asu, Ishq hai naagma
Ishq suku hai, rahat hai
Ishq hai sehra, Ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon ha, zehmat hai (2×)
Music continues…

Shiv: I mean… I mean I just guessed…
Ani: without watching that there is someone at the door…?

Music continues…
Tanha adhoora sa
Khamosh lamha sa
Thehra hua hai dil aha…

Mehsoos karle tu
Zabat ki khusbu
Khudse karu kya mai bayan

Dard hai jo halka sa
Khab khab chalka sa
Tu muskurayen har jagha…
O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki waja
O jaana…

Ani: ok forget all that. Dadi has sent a few cards and asked you to select one from these.
Shiv: and why?
Ani: for your marriage.
Shivika gets upset.
Shiv: marriage is after 2 days, why is the need to get cards printed? I mean when will they get printed and when we will distribute?
Ani: it all will be done, you don’t need to take tension “she said with a hurt voice”
Shiv: even if it get done then how will people come in such a short notice? Let it be.
Ani: all will be done. You just choose one. “Again with a hurt voice”
Shiv looks on.

Music continues…
Kispe karu jahir
Hai dard kya akhir
Kiu hai sukoon mujhse khafa…
Betab lamho mai
Benam ashqo mai
Ye aks kiska ban gaya…
Gum ko ajmane de
Dilko chot khaane de
Kya hai chale kuch to pata
O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki waja
O jaana… O jaana…
Song ends {sorry if lyrics is wrong, I remembered this with great difficulty, that too few months ago so don’t know if it is right, sorry}

Scene 4 (Rumya room)
Saumya: Rudra, I think we shouldn’t have married like this. We should have informed our family about this before.
Rudra: even you think me wrong Saumya?
Saums: no Rudra, I am just saying that we should have at least take their permission, you are getting me wrong.
Rudra gets angry, he holds her hand and pins her to the wall. Saumya gey scared and she is also feeling pain as he twisted her hand.
Saums: Rudra… Rudra you are hurting me… ahh…
Rudra: and what about me Saumya. Even you are hurting me by saying all this! Whatever I did, I did just for us. So that we can stay together and no one can separate us but you feel I am wrong.
Saums: Rudra, I know you did this for us but what about our families?
Rudra gets more angry and tightens his grip on her.
Ru: family family family!!! You just care about family and what about me!! Do you even care for me?!!
Saums: Rud…
She couldn’t complete it cz she is feeling pain, she closes her eyes in pain. A thick tear come from her eye. Rudra notices it and immediately leaves her realising that he have hurt her.
Rudra: I am so… sorry, Saumya. I didn’t wanted to hurt you, I am sorry…
Saumya leaves from there without saying anything, crying. Rudra felt sorry. He thinks to apologise to her in his own way. He smiles.

Scene 5 (C.H.)
Omkara tells everything to her about his relationship with Ishana. He was feeling a bit fine now.
Rids: I think you should go to home Mr.Omkara. it’s almost evening.
Om: but how can I leave my Ishana here? I can’t leave her here like this.
Rids understands his state of mind.
Rid: don’t worry Mr.Omkara. I will be here. Actually this is a police case because someone have hit her and went from there. The man is being caught so he will be charged for hit and run case. Police needs proof for that so we need her dead body to make the case more stronger.
Om: where’s the man!!!? Who is he!!??? I will kill him!
Rid: please… please calm down Mr.Omkara. he will be punished by law. You please calm down.
Om: how can I calm down! Tell me where is he? He took my life from me… he took my life…
Saying that he burst in to tears.
Ridima feels sad. She consoles him.
Rid: he will get very big punishment. After all he took life of such a great man {makkhanbaaz, tujhe kaise pata wo great hai ki nahi, huh!?}
Rid: please go home now. Your family must be waiting for you. We will call you when… when… we do her la… last rites “she said lowering her voice”
Om looks at her painfully.
Rid: I a.. am sorry…..
Om left from there without saying anything. Rid looks on sad.
Rid: I shouldn’t have said that…

Scene 6 (poolside)
Saumya was standing and crying there. Suddenly music is been heard.
Goriya re choriya re

Saumya looks there. She is surprised.

Tera jalwa dekha to
Dil hua Milkha
Badi tej bhage re..e…e..

Saumya: Rudra…
That is Rudra. he has turned audio recorder. He is just dancing and doing lip sync.

Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage… (2×)
(He does the same step from the film.)
Dil jagha se hil gaya re (2×)
(He places his hand at his heart first then placed it on the other side of chest.)
Shivika comes there. They get shock (again). They laugh watching Rudy’s melodramatic dance.
Tukdo me nikla re dilka chilka tune pheka khake re…
(He removes his jacket.)
Manma emotion jage re manma emotion jage.
Saiya mera desi typical saiya
(His finger is pointing at Saumya.)
Peepal ki thandi chaiyya
(He goes under a tree nearby.)
Mai nache ta ta thaiya thaiya saiya
(He does classical dance steps.)
Mera desi typical saiya
Peepal ki thandi chaiyya
Mai nache ta ta thaiya daiya daiya… (repeat all that again)
Dil ki phansi hai naiya majhdar me
(He sits dipping his legs in pool and acts like he can’t get up)
Sunle bistar mai
(He cries like cry baby.)
Ho loot gaya pyaar mai
(He does drama like he is hitting his chest indicating that his everything is taken away.)
Ye bata de mere jaazbat ka itna kam rate kyu hai tere bajar me
(Moving hands from this side to that side like why did you do that/ where)

Pinky and dadi come: Oh My Maata!

Karke owada kyu na ayi
Karke owada kyu na ayi
(He hits his head with his hand.)
Hua dilka jagrata
Halka phulka sa
Dhoka khake re….
(He gets up does steps.)
Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage
Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage.

Tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke mod pe
(He signals like turn of road.)
Express highway ke baju wali road pe
Battamiz gadi roki
Kiya ishara aslil ada teda
(He acts crying for help)
Dekha muda.. bola lakht e jigar
Mast figure aja baith ja
(He sits down on a couch there.)
Baju wali seat khali aja baith ja
(He signals Saumya to come)

Saiya mera desi typical saiya
Peepal ki thandi chaiyya
Mai nache ta ta thaiya
Saiya… o mere saiya
Mera desi typical saiya
Peepal ki thandi chaiya mai nache ta ta thaiya daiya saiya saiya….
(He repeats the steps and this time all joined him including Saumya.)
{Note: I remembered it last year, so maybe I wrote many wrong things coz I don’t remember fully, so please forgive me}

Scene 6 (OM main door)
Om enters home very sadly. He is moving just to like a lifeless body. He was about to fall. Shivru comes and holds him.
Shi: where are you lost, O! Can’t you see and walk???!
Gum hume khajata hai
Hum gumko nahi
Duniya humse takrati hai
Hum duniya se nahi
Agar takrane se hume
Chot vi lag jati tovi koi gum nahi

Ru: kyuki hum kisise kam nahi???
Om: shut up Rudra! It’s not funny “in a very serious tone”
Shi: what happened O?
Om: nothing…
Shiv: now a days, you both are hiding many things from me… “disappointment in his tone”
Om keeps his hand on Shiv’s shoulder.
Om: what are you talking about?
Shiv was about to say something but Dadi entered the scene.
Dadi: oye, khoteya. Chup kar ja “signals Shiv to keep quiet” this poor have just arrived and you started disturbing him! Om you go to your room.
Om: but Dadi, Shiv was saying something.
Shiv: arre nothing, this Rudra made another gf, I was saying about that.
Om: are you sure?
Shiv: yeah yeah. You go, take rest.
Om goes
Screen splits on Shivrudi’s (Shiv,Ru,Dadi) tensed faces.

Precap: next day, finally… pheww…

Longest episode ever. It’s because it’s my 10th part, yeahhh…!!!?????… party to banti hai, take this?????????????? eat whatever you want, all’s free? music??????…
Thank you everyone who supported me till now?????. I wanted to give you all surprise in this part but as it couldn’t happen so I decided to give you all a long epi… I will give you all shock at epi 15 “fingers crossed”. You all will kill me maybe but no prob, it’s needed.
Kal jo dialogues chipkaye the wohi chipkao coz I am tired. Thank you bye love you all… keep supporting- Neeti

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