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Ishqbaaz- A new twist by Tara


Hey guys. Am new to tu n dis is my first ff. It is based on the current story in ishqbaaz. As u all know vats happening in ib, actually after watching it the feminist which is sleeping inside me came out. I in d current track shivaay is winning a lot. Y shud boys hve all d fun so am writing it in a different way. So for all shivaay fans.
So it begins………..

Anika was forced to marry shivaay; Dadi convincing them; Everyone worried about d reception; Dadi tell shivaay to accept Anika in front of the media; Shivaay comes in front of d media, n introduce Tia as his wife instead of Anika.

Everyone shocked to hear dis. Tears rolled down from Anika’s eyes. She started to leave the hall but suddenly……..
Ranveer n his constables enter.
Ranv: Mrs Tia Kapoor u r under arrest.
Everyone was damn shocked but there was no change in Anika’s face.
Shiv: vat d hell r u talking about ACP. U r cooking new stories now coming. N dis tym it’s Tia. Vat is actually ur problem? ( he goes near ranveer)
Ranv: Mr Oberoi, I came to do my work.
Shiv: Don’t make a scene over here ACP n leave now.
Ranveer: I came to arrest Tia n I vl leave only after arresting her.
Shiv: R u not in ur sense ACP. U r nw talking about Tia Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
( he moves little more near to ranveer but Dadi holds him.
Dadi: Vat happened ACP. Y r u trying to arrest Tia. Vat is her crime.
Ranv: ok. But before dat Mr sso check these papers.

Shiv: Y r u showing dis to me? ( actually in dat paper’s it was the profits n loses of Tia’s dad’s company)
Tia: Shivaay baby what is happening here. Plz I can’t bear dis anymore. (She acts like crying)
Dadi: Tia puthar, don’t worry if there is no mistake in ur side let it be proved in front of ACP.
Ranv: Ok. Let me continue. Mr sso u saw the rapid growth in d profit.
Shiv: ya it’s quit natural in businesses. Is dat u r telling to say.
Ranv: No am trying to show u d reason of dis rapid growth. Actually Tia is married to Mr Dushyant n their company was merged together for d profit.
(All were so shocked n tia was freezed)
Shiv: Fhat the wuck. Vat r u saying ACP. Tia is married . I won’t believe it prove nw.
Ranv: Ok mr. Sso . ( then he shows their marriage certificate) if u r not satisfied with it u directly ask Dushyant about it. ( Robin enters d hall n rushes to Tia n hugs her )( All gets shocked)
Rob: Tia I thought I lost u for ever. I told u to not to return here n dats y v elope from ur marriage but because of ur mom’s pressure u came back with new kidnapping drama. ( he breaks d hug n holds her hand)

( This tym wen d media was about to shoot dis Anika came near one reporter n told something to him and soon as robin breaks his hug all d media workers left the hall)( No one actually noticed it )
Rob: (holds Tia’s hand)Come Tia let’s go. Enough of this drama.
Tia: ( pushes him away n goes near shivaay) Robin hve lost ur sense , am ur sister n vat all r u acting n telling am not understanding. ( turns to shivaay) Shivaay baby am not understanding anything I thing ACP has bribed my bro also. Rob: Enough is enough Tia stop ur drama.
Shiv: vats happening. Actually robin, Tia is ur sister and vat r u telling.
Rob: no Tia is not my sister. Actually I was portrayed Asher fake bro n am actually mr Dushyant, her husband.
( pinky rushes near Tia n ask her)
Pinky: is this true Tia.
Tia: ( hesitatingly) Yes mom. But…….
Pinky slaps her hard. N tells ACP to take her away from her son’s life.
Tia approches shivaay n asks her for apology.
He turns his face n looks at Anika who was looking down.
Ranveer arrests Tia n robin for cheating Oberoi family and they both r brought to a side n are handcuffed. Both of them looks down n stand in guilty.
After dat Ranveer goes near to shivaay
Ranv: I proved it mr sso. But I think I vl get another complaint against u nw. ( n he looks at Anika with a smile) n d complaint is from ur wife for threatening n forcing her to marry u by telling her u vl kill her bro.
( all gets shocked)
Pinky goes near to shivaay n ask him whether dis is true .
Shivaay won’t respond to it.
Anika comes forward n tell Ranveer
Ani: ACP am not having any complaints. ( n she smile at him)
Ranv: Ani is dis tym to disclose ( by hearing dis all became so confused n Shivaay became a bit uncomfortable by hearing ranveer calling her Ani)
Ani: Okk
Ranveer: N my dear how nicely u r crying even without glycerin. ( they both laughs)

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