Ishqbaaz with a new twist by Tara ( part 4)

Hey guys am back with my ff. Today’s part is longer than the previous one . Actually this part is not an interesting one but I vl make it more good next tym.

So it begins………

Anika moves out of Oberoi mansion. Ranveer was waiting outside . He see Anika in teary eyes.
Ranveer:Ani y r u giving this pain to ur self.
Ani: I hve to separate from this family. Maybe my next posting vl be somewhere else.
Ranv: Ok so u r sad of leaving the family but not living Shivaay.
Ani: Ranveer stop it. I won’t miss him y shud I . He’s so cruel that he used my brother. I hate him .
Ranv: Really, ok I believed but one thing I vl tell u I think for him u r special many a times I noticed it. That day wen I insulted u he was so angry with me, actually I could see fire in his eyes.
Ani: Is dat over. I think u r more worse than sahil.

Ranv: Sorry yaar I won’t talk about it anymore.
Ani: Ya one thing. Did mom call u. I forgot to send the driver to pick her from railway station.
Ranv: Even If u forget I won’t forget it . I had send the driver n she reached home safely.
Ani: Before going to home I have to meet my chief.
(Mr Gupta is the chief is the spy squad . A senior most person who Anika respect a lot n also is a good frnd of Anika’s father ((( mr Seth ))) also he’s not married.)
Ranv: ok l vl take u there.
They reached the office n went to mr Gupta ‘s cabin.
Ani: Good morning sir.

Gupta: ha, Anika. Am really happy that u had completed the case successfully.
Ranv: may I come in sir.
Gupta: Yes Ranveer. N u both have done a great job.
Ani n Ranv: thank u sir.
Gupta: But sorry Anika that I hadn’t done anything to save u from that marriage. If I had got any clue about it then I would have stopped it.
Ani: it’s ok sir. But do a help nw. Plz issue my divorce fast . If u recommend this case the lawyers vl do it fast.
Gupta: Yes I vl .
Ani: Ok then am leaving because my mom came back from her visit to the temples after few months. So sir one more thing I need leave for few weeks or maybe months. Plz sir don’t reject it.
Gupta: actually work shud also be given equal importance but nw am excusing u becuz of ur current situation. Take ur tym refresh your self n come back for ur next case.
Ani: thx sir . Jai Hind n she salutes him n leaves with Ranveer.

Oberoi mansion
Shivaay goes to his room like a wind.
Shakti n Tej also leaves to their respective rooms.
Pinky: Mummy ji, I need to tell to something.
Dadi: vat is it pinky.
Pinky: Mummy ji I am ready to accept Anika as my bahu.
Dadi: Vat happened to u know . Oh I understood that nw u understood that Anika is not an orphan. N also she has a nice job so u want her as ur bahu nw.

Pinky: Nahi mummy ji, I am not that much cruel. I understood the mistake Shivaay had done to her. So I vl ask forgiveness to her and bring her to this house.
Dadi: ok then v vl go to her house tomorrow.
Janvi: But mummy ji vat v vl do if Shivaay don’t accept Anika.
Rudy: I won’t allow this to happen. I started to call Anika di bhabhi . N if v all force him he vl accept it.
Jhanvi: But v can’t force someone like that.
Om: mom don’t worry. Let me talk to him he vl accept Anika am sure .
Anika’s house
Aruna is in the kitchen n sahil is busy coloring.
Out side
Ani: Ranveer r u coming inside?

Ranv: no its late now. Di vl be waiting for me . ( her name is Rona )
Ani: ok but can u come tom mrng .
Ranv: vat happened any work.
Ani: actually tom it’s sahil’s first day in his boarding skool dats y to drop him.
Ranv: Sorry Ani I want to meet someone one tom if u don’t mind.
Ani : it’s ok then I vl call the skool bus . ( just then Anika notices him smiling to himself) Vat happened my dear . Y r u blushing simply?
Ranv: Nothing just like that.

Ani: ok ok Byeee.
Ranv: bye n one more thing tell Aruna ma to make kaju katli for me tom plzzzzzz.
Ani: ok I vl tell her if it’s for u she’s gonna make it sure.

That’s all for today.
Waiting for your precious comments.


  1. Samm


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    did you really have to add that kaju barfi part in the end? i’m feeling hungry in the dead of night just because you mentioned it! 😛 😀 😉

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