Ishqbaaz- A new twist by Tara (part 2)


Hey guys Am back with my ff. Am so very happy with ur support n love. So let me starts the next part.

Ani: ACP am not having any complaints. ( n she smile at him)
Ranv: Ani is dis tym to disclose ( by hearing dis all became so confused n Shivaay became a bit uncomfortable by hearing ranveer calling her Ani)
Ani: Okk
Ranveer: N my dear how nicely u r crying even without glycerin. ( they both laughs)
Shivaay breaks his silence
Shiv: Vats happening here and Anika, how u both know each other.
Ranv: Sorry mr sso. This is Agent Anika from d spy squad of d government n she came here to bring out Tia’s truth. And v r best friends for past 4 yrs.
Anika goes near Tia
Ani: Vat hap Tia . Y r u silent now. R u not gonna challenge me again as I have completed this challenge. ( Tia remains silent)
Anika then went to Tej.

Ani: Tej uncle sorry for ur n ur families inconvenience.
Tej: No it not a problem. Actually Anika , sorry agent Anika u saved my family from that fraud Tia.
Ani: no need of thank u
It’s my duty .
( shivaay is still in shock )
Pinky comes near Anika
Pinky: Anika am really sorry for all that I told u. Don’t misunderstand me that I don’t like u it was just my concerned about my son.
Ani: Pinky auntie, I can understand ur feeling. No need of any sorry.
She turns to Shivaay.
All this tym Shivaay was recalling the good and bad incidents happened between them n his eyes was filled with tears by recalling all the insults and pain he gave her.
Anika saw him standing by his back side in front of her
Ani: Actually I want to tell u all one more thing. Daksh was also acting as he loved me. It was his plan that if he acts as he loves me this marriage would happen early. Even now I don’t know what he meant by dat.
Shivaay’s eyes was filled with tears but no one saw this becuz he was turning n standing. By hearing dis he felt so guilty n he closed his teary eyes tightly n few tears escaped from it.
Rudra: Anika di, r u gonna leave us all now? ( with teary eyes)
Ani: ( with a shattered voice) I have to rudra. I have to.
Dadi: Anika puthar, how can u tell this. ( she comes n hold Anika’s hand)
Ani: ( by leaving her hand)Nahi Dadi. Plz don’t force me. I came here for a work n it’s done now. I have to go as my dear mom vl be waiting for me.
Everyone was a bit shocked
Jhanvi: Anika u r having a mom.
Ani: Yes aunty, I hve a mom n her name is Aruna. My dad died in an accident 8 yrs back n dis job was his dream job so I fulfilled it.
Anika turns to ranveer
Ani: Ranveer take Tia n Robin lets go.

They both wlks towards the door leaving behind other in teary eyes. Just then Ranveer stops n turns to priyanka.
Ranv: Ani I hve to talk to Priyanka n Om.
Ani: Ok
Ranveer comes near Om n prinku: I should apologize to u both too. Actually that accident was fake.
Ani: ( comes there) Sorry om n prinku actually I asked Ranveer to keep u both busy in any case so dat I can keep an eye on Tia without anyone knowing it. But I never thought that Ranveer will make such a big crime. (She stare at Ranveer) ( Ranveer catches his ears n tells) : Sorry Ani I didn’t get any other case.
Ani: Ok Don’t repeat this again becuz they r my in law bro n sis.
There filled hopes in shivaay’s eyes.
( Anika understood vat she told)
Ani: Leave it n Ranveer lets go.
Om: But one thing actually I that girl with my car.
Ranveer: Actually nothing happened to her . Just a small fracture dats it n all dat blood was fake. Ok then v r going.
They both turns to go but Anika stops in between. Ranveer looks at her n understood vat she was about to.

Ranv: Complete everything n come I vl be waiting out.
Tears rolled from Shivaay’s eyes but he couldn’t stop it . Ani: ( goes near pinky) Pinky aunty I forgot one thing. (She touches her mangalsuthra) Actually I had taken a special permission from the court so the divorce vl be done soon and I vl send it to ur lawyer. So don’t worry aunty.
Pinky: Actually Anika bet to is it required now. Actually I think I can accept u.
Ani: No aunty there is some other person who can’t accept the whole life. Plz let this happen. Maybe this vl be my fate.
She goes near Shivaay.
Shivaay turns away so that she can’t see him crying.
Anika was about to call him she notices drops of water on the floor n she understands that it is his tears . She so touched with that n her eyes became watery .
She sits down n takes the tears from d floor n washes her sindoor off. Everyone was shocked to see dis.

That’s for today ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  15. I am extremely sorry but the last part in which Anika washes off her sindoor with Shivay’s tears was actually funny. Matlab shivay ka ansu floor pe gira, anika ne vo dekha aur apna sindoor poch dala. Aisa bhi kabhi hota hei?? TV pe toh aksar dikhate hai ki balti bhar bhar ke sindoor poch ne ki koshish karte hai par sindoor nahi mit ta. Aur yeha ek boond ansu se Anika ne apna sindoor mita dala.
    Maybe I am unable to catch the intensity of the scene. I am sorry for hurting you, Tara di (I hope, I can call you that??) Hopefully you will be able to forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just said what i felt. After all these, I am eagerly waiting for your next episode.

    1. Antara.tara

      It’s ok saira. Am person who takes things positively. But one I didn’t get u completely becuz my mother tongue is not Hindi . But I understood it a bit n thx for commenting. I welcome all positive n negative comments equally. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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