Ishqbaaz- a new series (korean drama adapted) – Episode 1 my love from The stars

Hi so I am back . Sorry for the delay . I’m posting the Ep 2 Tom . Hope you enjoy and pls watch the real one it’s very good just like Hindi serials and if you want suggestions you cN ask on my wallpost.
Let’s begin

Once upon a time during the medieval period of Korea .A marriage bureau is seen going back and two ladies are crying and the girl inside the carriage is also crying .
Lady1- oh my poor lady ,she could not even see her husband and she is only 15 . Alas God bless her.

Lady2- hey quiet down don’t you know that she can hear us . I say what is that thing

A huge ufo is seen leading and all he peaople are flying and the carriage is being dragged down the hill when suddenly the time stopped .
A man comes in a black suit and goes toward the falling carriage .
He picks it up and leaves and the time works .
His point of veiw
I am an alien from the beggining if jeosan area to now I have lived on the earth I have become accustomed to the climate and even the water . My instincts and hearing skills are 7 time of humans. So I can hear even a single drop of water and things I don’t want to hear. I am a proffesor at the university of seol and eat and do everything alone as I cannot Mix blood with humans . On my way I Saw a woman cRying out thieves thieves. . Well you would ask why don’t I help . Wel I dint want to cause they are ruthless than us .
End of veiw.
Another part where we see anika watching the tv with the director and the artists who work with her.
Tv reporter – we have heard that anika does not go to school l now a days because of her tight schedule and we have our sources telling us that she was enjoying cofee at the coffee place and have posted on sns
They close the tv and she leaves
She then moves to her appartment lift where shivaay and anika meet and she accuses him on stalking her. He tells nothing but moves to the appartement next to hers .
The next day
Anika- just tell me why are we here again .
Man- noona we at where because of increasing your social status and also you have to retake this. Class because you got an f.
The professor enters
Anika- oh my god. Gosh want is he doing here .
Shivaay- so the insect male usually is attracted like this.
After class
He starts leaving when
Anika – hi I know we did not end in good terms but can you pls make me pass this class . Please

He come close and she goes back

Shivaay- one favour become two and twice becomes thrice
He come closer to her
Shivaay- no .

At night
We see anika and a man and a girl sitting
Anika- hi om and ishana . Ishana I see are you still jobless
Om- oh come on we decided that. You both are. Not fighting against

Ishana – she started . And no I am shooting for a big commercial.
Both om and ishana start talking and anika recalls some precious moments
We see small anika running towards the road crying and I’m running behind her when a truck comes charging toward her and In a moment the truck stops and both se what happens to anika where they see that she is not there
THe episode ends with the shocked faces of the driver and om.

Precap- what happens to anika .

So hope you like it.

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  1. Ishanaa

    Pls do tell how it was

  2. Interesting. Plzzzzzz continue.

  3. Hi ishanaa dear! The start is really good ?.
    Pardon me please but I am getting a bit confused when the scenes are changing. Overall I like your story. Please don’t mind dear I just tried to give my view.
    Post soon dear ?……

    1. Ishanaa

      Than you for your opinion and I will try my best to cover up my mistake

  4. Hey Ishanaa!!!
    Love ur FF?…
    Post the next chapter asap

    1. Sure .

  5. Hey!!!
    It’s amazing!!!!
    Just a few rectifications. Use correct spellings and grammar(mistakes on that part are few) and also it’s a bit confusing when the scenes change ?.
    Overall it’s nice ?

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  7. niceee epi…

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