Ishqbaaz- a new series (korean drama adapted) CHARACTER SKETCH AND TRAILER

Hi so dint get many comments but got two drama so I was confused and wrote both so pls tell me which I should continue and leave till the other is done.

So this is my love from the star. Oh and yeah it contains kisses as the original show does. And of cource I will be changing too. So I am going to spice it up .more. Oh and yeah there is no link between the original and this one as both have got diffrent storyline so there will be no family for shivaay and om and rudra are side romance characters and addition of characters of cource.

So how can we start without the character scetch huh so let’s begin??????

Oh come on wait


SHIVAAY- an alien. Who had come 400 years ago to earth and has super powers and is searching for his love during the history.

ANIKA- a boastful girl who is a famous actress and does not have any interest in studying age-23

Rudra- brother of anika and loves studying
Age -20

Omkara- he is a friend of anika who gives advice and is a lawyer . Loves her.

Ishana – rival of anika but is very,kind and sweet and is very rich like her

Soumya- anika’s friend .

Secretary Kim- a 70 years old man who helps shivaay and is very old friend of his like when he was 19.


A man is being seen teaching bio to university students whereas the screen moves to the other part where we can see a bossy girl with sunglasses sitting and the director screaming at the others for not serving her properly . The next I. The screen is that these two pass bye and she accuses the professor of being a stalker when he quietly goes next Door and closes on her face . At night they both go and stare at the stars from their balcony when he sneezes and all the city light goes off and the girl is pretty mad and goes inside. The professor alien too goes inside his house after the light came and make a huge noise. The screen zooms out and reads “will they have a chance to shine or will they be clouded by clouds- MY LOVE FROM THE STARS”.???

So done ‘rhe first Ep will be out Tom at night . So enjoy . Oh and if you like it comment are to be given
Love xox

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  1. Woooooow I’m soooo happy to see this I’m trying to imagine shivaay in doo mind Koo’s character

  2. Vaishalijha

    Oh my gosh Ishanaa Im so glad that you picked up Kim Soo-hyun’s drama to write your FF… My love from the star is one of my all time favourite K Dramas and Kim Soo-hyun is my love…??
    Post soon dear ..?

  3. Pooja26

    i just loved it !!!!!!
    love frm d stars…. one of my fav drama yr 😉
    post soon dear…..

  4. Wow!!! Awesome!!!
    Post nxt 1 asap!

  5. Awesome…Pls post next soon

  6. Ishanaa

    Thank you I am writing secret romance now check it at night. 12

  7. Nila

    awesome yaar

  8. Parulkashyap

    awesome dr i also love alien one but try to write 2nd one also

    1. Ishanaa

      OK . I will try . Hope you like this

  9. It’s 1 f my fav dramaas… keep going yaarr..hey can any1 tell me some awsm Korean dramas so that i can watch it plzzzz gyzzzzz …?&all the bst ishanaaa

    1. Ishanaa

      Thank you ashu. Of course
      Some of my favs are also available in YouTube.
      1- descendant of sun
      3- my love from the stars
      4-doctors 020
      6- healer
      7- boys over flower
      8-playful kiss
      9- love in moonlight
      10- goblin

      Pls do watch it

  10. Wow!!! Ishanaa it was too intersting dear…. But pfk is my fab korian drama…

  11. Superb

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