Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 9)

Haii guys, I’m really happy with ur comments. Guys, many said me not to separate Shivika but don’t worry I ll never do that.

Here goes the next episode

In Rathore Mansion
In hall
Anika on’s the TV and is shocked to see her step father, Rohit and many other people getting arreseted for cheating. She gets happy but gets tensed thinking about her mom’s reputation.
Shivaay : Anika, don’t get tensed, ur mom has already filed divorce petition. Anika looks at her mom.
Priya : to know my daughter’s heart, I wanted Shivaay’s help. Anika hugs her mom.
Shivaay : I hope that my gift was good.
Anika : this is best gift I have ever got in my life.

Shivaay : I want to give u something.
Anika : sure. Shivaay gives her some papers.
Shivaay : this are our divorce papers. Anika gets shocked.
Shivaay : I know through few tasks we can’t start our life, our marriage was just an accident. I know u can’t consider me as ur husband. So its better we get separted. Don’t worry I ll never come as a hurdle in ur life. I just wanted u to come out of ur pain and lead a happy life. And know I even won the last task so I want u to hug me. If ur not comfortable then forget it. He turns to go.

Anika : Shivaay, u can go after making me wear this mangalsutra. Anyway our marriage has happened and we r gonna get separted so ll u plz, at least for me. This is my last request towards u. Tears roll down her eyes. Shivaay goes to her and dorns the mangalsutra over her neck. Maangalam Bhagavan Vishnu………….. Plays………….
Shivaay : Om lets go. Anika holds Om’s hand and signs him.
Om : Shivaay, u go, me and Rudra ll come very soon. Shivaay goes.
Anika : Om, I want to talk to u.
Om : wat happen Anika?

In Anika’s room
Anika : Om, I love Shivaay, I want him.
Om : but he is from a middle class family.
Anika : I don’t care, I just want him. I want to live my life with him. She cries. Omru gets happy.
Om : so u accept this marriage.
Anika : yes.
Om : So u r ready to become Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked.
Anika : Om……
Rudra : bhabhi, Om is saying right, he is the great business man, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Anika breaks down. She thinks about the harsh words she said to him. She cries. Omru consoles her.

In Oberoi Mansion
Dadi : Shivaay, I know wat Pinky has done is wrong but we didn’t do any mistake. We want u to be here. My health is not good, I want u to be here.
Tej : yes Shivaay, ma is correct.
Tia : Shivaay baby plz.
Shivaay : ok but don’t think that I ll forget everything. He looks at Pinky. She cries.
Shakti : ok, then lets fix ur marriage date with Tia. Shivaay nods being sad. He thinks about Anika.

Tia : ya.
Om : no chota papa. They turn towards the entrance and sees Omru standing with Anika. Anika was wearing a golden saree with her hair left open. They walk towards Shivaay.
Shakti : wat happen Om.
Om : this is Anika, she wants to say something.

Dadi : wat do u want to say puttar.
Anika : Dadi, I’m Shivaay’s wife. Everyone gets shocked. Shivaay looks at Anika.
Tia : r u mad, how can u say that ur his wife. Girls like u come like this say this for money. If u want money then go to some cheap hotel and stay there with someone. There may be many people to give u money. She holds her tightly and twists it.
Tia : u cheap get out from here. Don’t dare to see Shivaay with this eyes. U may seen many boys and even slept with them but don’t think Shivaay is like that. Tears form in Anika’s eyes.
Anika : I’m saying truth. Tia raises her hand to slap Anika but Shivaay holds her hand. Shivaay holds Anika by her shoulder.
Shivaay : Tia, she is saying truth. She is my wife, Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Everyone looks on shocked.

Shivaay : Anika, y did u come here? Is there any problem in divorce papers.
Om : Actually Shivaay, for divorce u both shud stay together for 6 months so she came here to stay here.
Jhanvi : but y divorce?
Shivaay : badi ma, our marriage happened in a unexpected situation and we don’t believe in it.
Shakti : where r ur parents.

Shivaay : Her parents…..Anika cuts him.
Anika : I’m a orphan. Shivaay looks at her being shocked. Om signs Dadi. Dadi nods.
Dadi : so wat? Prinku u take Anika to ur room, show her the house. Shivaay gets confused.

In Shivaay’s room
Tia comes there and sees Shivaay. She goes to him.
Shivaay : Tia, actually I didn’t get time to say u everything.
Tia : its ok baby. I know u, anyway after ur divorce we ll get married. Tia hugs Shivaay and he reciprocates. Anika comes there and sees this. She gets angry but composes herself. She goes to them. Shivaay sees Anika and breaks the hug.

Anika : Shivaay, I want to talk to u. Tia, can u plz wait outside.
Tia : who r u to tell me this?
Shivaay : Tia, plz.
Tia : ok baby. Tia goes outside and stands there. Anika goes and closes the door. Tia gets angry.

In Shivaay’s room
Anika goes to Shivaay.
Anika : Shivaay, u even won in the last task and u asked me to hug u but I was shocked so I couldn’t so let me finish it now. Anika hugs Shivaay tightly. She smiles. Anika breaks the hug. She moves closer to him. She moves her finger in his face. She touches his lips.
Anika : ur lips r so good, I want to taste it. Don’t think that I ll take ur permission for it, I’m not like u. U look really cute.
Shivaay : y did u say that u r orphan?

Anika : becoz u hid ur identity infront of me. So even I did the same thing. She wraps her hand around his neck. A smile appears in Shivaay’s face. Just then Tia knocks the door. Anika gets angry.
Anika : ye cheapde……..She removes Shivaay’s coat. And spoils his hair.
Shivaay : wat r u doing?
Anika : when I come closer to u, u get irritated, u like only that cheapde. Idiot. Shivaay gets shocked listening her words but still stands in a cool way. She goes and takes lipstick from her bag and applies in her finger and rubs it in Shivaay’s white shirt. She then messes her hair. She starts to remove her saree.

Anika : Shivaay, don’t be so naughty, u want to see me changing my dress.
Shivaay : wat nonsense? She removes the pin from her saree and puts the pallu in a messy way. Shivaay turns to the opposite side. She then goes to Shivaay and turns him.
Shivaay : did ur madness finish?

Anika : Shivaay……..She kisses in his neck and presses her nails on his hand. She then presses her hair on her neck. She smiles. Shivaay gets shocked by her action. Tia again knocks the door. Anika immediately removes two buttons of Shivaay and messes the bedsheet. Then she goes and opens the door. She blushes. Tia was shocked to see Anika and Shivaay in a messy way. She sees lipstick mark on Shivaay’s neck and lipstick in his shirt. She sees nail mark and whole room in a messy way. She enters into the room in a shocked expression.

Anika : Tia, u must have patience. We r newly married and we need to some time to spend each other.
Tia : Shivaay….. Wats this. I know this cheap girl is doing all this.
Shivaay : Tia, we ll talk about it later.
Tia : ok baby. Tia goes. Anika smirks. Anika goes.

Precap :
Shivika pool romance……….Shivaay misunderstands Anika…………

Author’s note :
Guys, sorry for the short update. Hope u all ll like it. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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