Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 8)

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In Rathore Guest House
Anika comes there and sees her friends having juice.
Anika : hai guys.
All : haii
Anjali : ur servant is so good, the food was superb. Anika has tears in her eyes hearing the word servant.
Anika : no he is not my servant, he is my PA.
Preethi : he is so handsome.
Anika : where is he?
Anjali : Riya has gone to see him.
Anika : y??
Preethi : he is so attracted to him. I think she has fallen for him. Anybody can fall for him. Anika gets shocked.
Anika : let me go and check.

In Bedroom
Anika comes shocked to see Shivaay and Riya hugging each other. Anika gets angry.
Anika : Shivaay….. They looks at her.
Shivaay : yes mam. Come with me u have few work.
Riya : Anika, just 5 mins, let me spend some time with him. Riya holds his hand.
Anika : Riya, leave his hand.
Riya : y r u overreacting?
Anika : becoz he is my hus……. I mean PA. He has some work. Anika holds Shivaay’s hand and goes from there.

In car
Anika : y did u hug her?
Shivaay : becoz she hugged me. Wat happen?
Anika : but still u shud not go so closer to her.
Shivaay : y?? Tears form in Anika’s eyes.
Anika : (thinking) I didn’t hug him in such a way, this Riya, how dare is she? I’m overreacting but I’m not able to control. Shivaay sees tears in her eyes.
Shivaay : Riya is just a friend for me. Anika gets relieved.
Shivaay : I won even in this task. So u shud do as I say. Let me think.

In Rathore Mansion
In hall
Shivaay : I want to eat the food prepared by u. Anika looks at him. They have a deep eye lock. He goes.

In Guest room
Shivaay comes out from washroom. He sees Anika with food.
Anika : don’t think that u ll always win. Shivaay smiles.
Anika : I…. I… I want to ask u something.
Shivaay : wat? She moves closer tv-serials him.
Anika : while dancing, u…. U….. Tried to ki…. Kiss…. Me th….. Then y di.. Did u back off. She was not able tu look at his face.
Shivaay : I don’t want to touch u without ur permission. Actually I wanted to taste ur lips but ur permission is important to me. Tears form in her eyes. She kisses his hand and runs. Shivaay was shocked by her reaction. He smiles.

In Anika’s room
Anika : (thinking) I know I shud stay away from him but I can’t control myself. First time in my life a boy wanted to kiss me but doesn’t want to do it without my permission. First time in my life somebody is giving value to my decision whole – heartily. She cries.

In Study
Anika : ur next task is to fight.
Shivaay : wat?
Anika : I’m shud know whether u r capable to save me from goons.
Gauri : di but…..
Anika : no Gauri.
Shivaay : ok.

In Godown
Anika and Gauri stands at a corner. Shivaay stands at the centre. Some goons comes there.
They start fighting. Shivaay punches everyone. Just then a goon hits him. He falls down and his hand got injured. Anika gets tensed. Tears roll down her eyes. Shivaay gets up and fights with the goons and beats them black and blue. The goons runs away.
Shivaay goes to Anika and smiles.
Shivaay : I won even in this. Anika looks at his hand which was bleeding.

In Rathore Mansion
In Guest room
Shivaay sits there. Anika dresses his wounds.
Shivaay : I won so u shud do as I say. Can u stay here till I sleep. Anika nods. He lies down. She sits beside him. He sleeps. Anika looks at him lovingly. She pampers his hair. Tears roll down her eyes. She wipes it and goes to her room.

In Anika’s room
Anika : (thinking) next two tasks r just for name sake because I have already fallen for him. I want u to win. I don’t care about anything, I just Love u. I’m ur wife. She cries happily.

Next day
In hall
Anika : Shivaay, ur next task is to make me enjoy this whole day, I shud enjoy this day.
Shivaay : ok. Anika smiles.
Anika : I just want to u help me in this project.
Shivaay : mam, sure, I’m ur PA.
Anika : Shivaay…….
Shivaay : mam.
Anika : don’t call me mam, call me Anika. She smiles and goes.
Shivaay : (thinking) so she melting down. He smiles.

In hall
Everyone are sitting in the sofa. Just then Omru comes there and hugs Shivaay. Shivaay introduces them. Om sees Gauri and smiles. Gauri blushes. Rudra sees Anika and goes to her.
Rudra : Haii bhabhi. Anika gets shocked hearing the word bhabhi.
Shivaay : Rudra, u can call her didi.
Rudra : but she is my bhabhi.
Shivaay : Rudra……..Rudra gets sad. Anika goes to him and holds his hand.
Anika : Rudra, u can call be bhabhi becoz I’m ur bhabhi. He gets happy and hugs her. Shivaay looks on being shocked. Anika smiles.

AniOmru spends lot of time enjoying. Anika enjoys a lot. Everyone was happy to see her smiling. Later they both goes back to Oberoi Mansion.
Anika : y u didn’t say that u have brothers.
Shivaay : becoz nobody wants to know about my middle class family. Anika gets sad.
Shivaay : I won so u shud do as I say.
Anika : hmm. She smiles. Shivaay takes something and keeps in her hand. Anika opens it and is shocked to see mangalsutra.
Shivaay : wear it becoz there is a belief that if a married girl didn’t wear mangalsutra then it is not good for her. So plz wear it. She looks at the mangalsutra tearfully.
Anika : I ll wear it but give me some time, plz.
Shivaay : ok. He goes. She cries.
Anika : (thinking) I want u to make me wear it. She smiles.

Next Day
In hall
Anika : Shivaay, ur next task is to give me a gift which can make me happy, the gift which I didn’t get till now. Remember this is ur last task. So be ready to do this.
Shivaay : ok. Omru comes there.

Shivaay asks Anika to switch on the TV. Anika on’s the TV and gets shocked.

Precap :
Anika’s step father gets arrested……….Shivaay gives divorce papers to Anika………Anika cries………..Shitia romance……… Anika in Oberoi Mansion…………

Author’s note :
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By Ashwathy

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