Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 7)

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In Rathore Mansion
In Gauri’s room
Shivaay : tell me Gauri y did Anika said that he ll sell her like a vegetable. Tears form in Gauri’s eyes.
Shivaay : tell me.
Gauri : Actually our father died when didi was 14. It was a big shock for her. After two months our mom married another man. Didi didn’t like this but she kept quiet seeing Mummy’s happiness. Our step father was so caring towards our mom. Slowly she started loving him. Though we didn’t expect this, we was happy. Didi was very happy to see changes in mom. She felt that she got her old mom back. But after few days didi’s behaviour was changing, she started to hate our step father. We all were confused by her behaviour. The actual thing is that he was a good husband but not a good father. His behaviour towards didi was not in a proper way. One day he was drunk and he tried to molest didi. But mom saved her on time. At that time mom came to know about his actual behaviour. He want our property and money but everything was in didi’s name. So he didn’t kill her. He always pulled didi’s hair, burnt her hand. To save us from him, mom send me and Soumya to hotel.

But didi could not come because he was not at all allowing her. Later when she reached 18, she started doing business. She made lots of profit. So to get more profit, money and our property, he fixed her marriage with Rohit without didi’s permission. Didi tried to oppose but of no use. He always insulted her. Didi was scared to stand infront of them. Yesterday she got our step father’s call and she was angry so she threw water on that girl’s face. She was not able to control her anger. Our step father was from a middle class family so didi thinks that middle class people ll be greedy like him. So she thinks that we shud marry someone who is equal to us in every way. She don’t believe in love because she thinks that Love between our mom and person made her life hell. We tried a lot to make her understand that everybody r not like him but her experience was so horrible which made her thinking in such a way.

Shivaay : ur mom didn’t say anything to ur step father?
Gauri : she tried to avoid him a lot but as I said he always behaved as a good husband so she thinks that he ll change. But he is wild animal who tried to molest a girl whom he has consider as his daughter. Didi is not taking action against him because she don’t want to hurt mom. Mom’s one word is more than enough to send him to jail. But even after knowing that he ll sell her own daughter to somebody, she doesn’t get affecfed. I know mom love didi a lot but she values her marriage, her husband and believes in him completely. Jiju, only u can give a beautiful to didi. Plz save her. She hugs him. He consoles her.

Anika’s room
A wakes up and thinks about yesterday’s incidence.
Anika : (thinking) wat has happened to me. Y did I say that I can’t hear anything bad about me from his mouth. Y did I get hurt when he said that I’m not a good wife. I shud be more stronger, he shud not know about, I must be more stronger. This time I shud give him more difficult task. She goes to freshen up. She comes back wearing a white saree.

In hall
Anika goes to that girl. The girl gets scared.
Anika : I’m sorry, I know I did a big mistake but forgive me.
Girl : no madam, its ok.
Anika : call me didi. The girl smiles. Anika hugs her. Gauri and Soumya sees this and smiles. Shivaay comes there and smiles. Anika goes to him.
Anika : be ready for ur next task.
Shivaay : u did a good think by apologizing to that girl. Now u r a good human. This saree suits u. He moves closer to her.
Shivaay : don’t worry I won’t touch u without ur permission. He goes. Anika smiles.
Anika : Gauri, even u both come with me.
Gauri : but where?
Anika : for Shivaay’s next task.
Soumya : ok.

In Dance Class
Shivaay : y r we here?
Anika : because u shud dance that is ur next task.
Shivaay : wat is the role of dance in marriage.
Anika : this is ur next task. And its not compulsory that it shud be related to marriage life. I can give u any task. She smirks. The trainer starts doing the dance. Gauri and Soumya was shocked.
Gauri : didi, even I’m a dancer but even I can’t do such steps.
Anika : I want him to loose in this task. So I gave such a difficult task. Shivaay was cool as usual.
He goes to the stage and does the dancer better than the trainer. Anika was shocked. Gauri and Soumya claps. He finishes the dance.
Shivaay : I won even this task. Now u shud dance with me.
Anika : no.
Soumya : didi plz.
Gauri : didi go. Anika goes to the stage and dances with Shivaay. He holds her closer and was about to kiss her. Anika was smiling. He moves towards her cheeks but stops. Anika was confused by his behaviour. They goes back to the Mansion.

In Rathore Mansion
In Study
Anika : (thinking) he is good in cooking, business, dance. Now wat task ll I give him.

In hall
Anika : ur next task is very simple. My Guest house is very dirty, u shud clean it and there ll be few guests too, so prepare food for them. In a simple way, become a servant. Do as they say.
Gauri : didi, don’t be so cheap. He is ur husband.
Soumya : didi, how can u say this.
Shivaay : I’m ready to do. Aniriya was shocked.
Anika : then start ur work. Geetha ll show u the place. She goes.

In Study
Anika : (thinking) y can’t he quit, I never expected that he ll be ready to do this task. Do he love me? No that can’t happen. I shud go to guest house.

Precap :
Anika shocked to see Shivaay with another girl……….Anika cries………Shivaay’s next 2 tasks………..

Author’s note :
Guys, hope u all ll like this part. Sorry for mistakes and guys plz comment. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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