Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 6)

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In Rathore Mansion
In Study
Anika : ur next task is to prove u r capable to handle my business. U can use any way but bring profit. By tomorrow evening u have to do this. And u shud not go to office. U shud finish this task within tomorrow morning.
Shivaay : ok. He goes.
Anika : (thinking) handling a huge business company and bringing profit in it within two days is a very difficult job. U ll loose this time. She smirks.

In hall
Anika gets a call and she gets angry after attending the call. She cuts the call. Gauri understands who called her. Just then servant comes there and gives water to Anika. Anika gets angry.
Anika : did I asked u water? She takes the glass of water and throws it on the girl’s face.
Anika : go inside and do ur work. Shivaay sees this and fumes.
Shivaay : (thinking) I ll teach u a lesson soon Anika.

Next day
In Study
Anika was busy in some work. Just then Shivaay comes there and gives her some papers. She was shocked.
Shivaay : My task is completed, ur company got a very huge deal through my presentation. U got a deal of 200 crores. Now u shud listen to me. He holds her hand tightly and takes her to her room and closes the door.
Anika : wat the r u doing?
Shivaay : don’t worry I won’t touch u in a wrong way. I want u to stand under the shower till I say u to come out.
Anika : r u mad, y shud I stand under shower?
Shivaay : without a reason u threw water on the girl’s face and now u shud under the shower.
Anika : I won’t.
Shivaay : U will, u have to. I finished my second task so u shud do as I say. He pulls her and takes to the washroom. He makes her to stand under the shower. She gets drenched.
Shivaay : I’m ashamed that I married such a heartless and cruel girl. At this moment I really hate u, how can u be so cheap, u threw hot water to that girl’s face. U r not a good wife not even a good human being. Now its 1’O’ clock. At least give some respect to ur words. Stand here till I come back. He goes.
Anika : (thinking) wat have I done, y did I throw water on that girl’s face, she has not done mistake. I showed to her. But I didn’t do it purposely. She cries.

In hall
Shivaay calls Om and tells him everything.
Om : Shivaay, its not right, u shud not punish her like this.
Shivaay : Om, wat she has done is a mistake. She doesn’t have any guilt.
Om : she may have done it anger.
Shivaay : Om, its not like the way u think. She threw hot water to that girl’s face. She have a sister of that age and how can she. I really feel that I married a wrong person.
Om : Shivaay, u don’t know everything about her, u can’t hurt her in such a way. Anyway bye, I have some work.
Shivaay : ok, bye.
Priya : Shivaay beta, can u just ask somebody to go to bank, there is some problem with my account. Can u please send someone.
Shivaay : don’t worry ma, I ll go and check. She smiles and goes. He goes to bank.

In Rathore Mansion
Shivaay comes and sees Gauri.
Gauri : bhaiya, did u see didi, she is nowhere. Let me go and check in her room. Shivaay thinks about Anika.
Shivaay : (thinking) O my god, its already 7’O’ clock. Did she not come out of the shower. I thought that she ll not stay there for more than half an hour.
Shivaay : Gauri, u be here, I ll go and see.
Gauri : ok. She goes. He runs to Anika’s room.

In Anika’s room
Shivaay comes there and closes the door. He goes to washroom and sees Anika shivering in the cold water. He gets shocked. He goes to her and turns the shower off. She looks at him. She cries.
Anika : Shi…. Shivaay, I didn’t do it purposefully, I was not knowing that it was hot water. I didn’t meant to hurt her. Shivaay I ll never break my promise. R u ashamed to get me as ur wife. I didn’t wish to hurt anybody. I was angry. I’m sorry, don’t say that I’m heartless. I can’t hear that from u. She fall on his feet. He gets shocked to see Anika in such a stage. He picks her up in her arms and takes her to the bed. He wipes her hair and she goes to change her dress. She was in a shocked condition. She didn’t say even one word. Her eyes became red. She lie down on the bed and sleeps. He sits beside her and caress her hair She sleeps.

After 1 hour
In Anika’s room
Anika goes to bathroom and turns on the heater. She keeps her hand under the hot water. Shivaay comes there and sees this. He pulls her hand and puts in cold water. She cries in pain.
Anika : How did I do such a big mistake? I didn’t wish any girl to face the tortures I suffered. Shivaay was shocked.
Anika : Shivaay, I’m not a good daughter, not a good sister, not a good human and now not even a good wife. I know he ll sell me like a vegetable. She cries. Shivaay was shocked to hear this. She hugs him.
Anika : I….. I’m a cruel girl….. Aaaaaaaaaa……. I dont want to leave such a life. He cups her face and wipes her tears.
Shivaay : Anika calm down. She cries and sleeps in his arms. He makes her to lie down on the bed. He goes.

In Gauri’s room
Shivaay comes there.
Shivaay : Gauri, I want to know y Anika is so scared, y did she panic attack.
Gauri : Is didi ok.
Shivaay : ya she is fine. But tell me wat has happened in her life. Tears form in Anika’s eyes.

Precap :
Anika’s past……… Shivaay’s next part…….

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By Ashwathy

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