Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 5)

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In Rathore Mansion
In Guest room
Gauri attends the call.
Gauri : hello.
Om : hello. Om was shocked to hear a girl’s voice.
Om : who is this?
Gauri : I’m Gauri, Sister of Shivaay bhaiya’s boss. Who r u?
Om : I’m Omkara, Shivaay’s brother.
Gauri : so u r my jiju’s brother.

Om : wat? She bites her tongue.
Gauri : I……My tongue….. Slipped off.
Om : no u r lying. How can u slip ur tongue.

Gauri : ok, I ll tell u becoz I don’t have the habit to lie but don’t tell to anybody.
Om : ok. Gauri tells him everything, how Shivika got married.
Om : so Shivaay doesn’t know that Anika is his wife.
Gauri : no and didi doesn’t believe in it becoz he believes in naam, koon, khandhaan.
Om : but Shivaay doesn’t believe in all those things. Though being a Oberoi he didn’t use that name.
Gauri : wat? So Shivaay bhaiya is Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Om : so he didn’t say this to u.
Gauri : no. So let me go and tell to didi.
Om : no Gauri, Shivaay don’t like that, let him inform her. First we shud say the truth to Shivaay with proof.

Gauri : don’t worry, I have their photo and today we can tell everything to Shivaay bhaiya at night.
Om : ok, bye.

Gauri : bye.
Om : just a min ur number so that we can discuss about it. She gives her number and cuts the call. She smiles. Om thinks about Gauri and smiles. Later Om tells everything to Rudra. They plan something.

Everyone goes to Party except Anika.

In Party
Everyone enjoys in the party. Just then Shivaay gets a call.
Shivaay : hello Om.
Om : hello.
Shivaay : y did u call me now.
Om : Congrations.
Shivaay : for wat.

Om : u got such a beautiful wife.
Shivaay : wat? Om tells him everything. He was shocked.
Om : if u still have any doubt then go and ask to Gauri. He cuts the call. Shivaay goes to Gauri.
Shivaay : wat Om said is true.
Gauri : yes, bhaiya. She shows him the photo. Shivaay was shocked but still a smile appears in his face.

Shivaay : Gauri, I’m going to home, I want to see Anika. Bye.
Gauri : Bye. Shivaay goes.

In Study
Anika sits doing some work. She hears some sound and goes to see in the hall. She sees Rohit there.
Anika : wat do u want?
Rohit : I just want u, u know that very well. Ur father has sold u to me completely. She slaps him. He gets angry and pulls her closer. She shouts.
Anika : security.

Rohit : don’t shout, nobody ll come here, they all r under my control. U insulted me today, I ll show u wat I can do. He tries to kiss her but she runs away to her room. He runs behind her. She tries to close the door but he pushes her and enters inside.

In Anika’s room
Rohit goes to Anika and holds her closer. He kisses her hand. Anika cries. She slaps him but of no use. His anger increses. He pushes her onto the bed and falls above her but she pushes him and tries to go but he pulls her saree. She cries. He pulls her saree and tries to remove it but a hand stops it. Anika looks at the man. It was none other than Shivaay. He beats Rohit.
Rohit : who the hell r u to save her? Wat relation do u have with her?
Shivaay : she is my wife. She looks at him being shocked. Shivaay hits Rohit and he runs away. Shivaay goes to Anika and hugs her. She was not knowing wat to do. She just pushes him and looks at him angrily. Shivaay was confused.

Shivaay : wat happened Anika?
Anika : how dare u to call my name, don’t forget that I’m ur boss, call me madam.
Shivaay : I’m ur husband and wat is the need to call u mam.
Anika : I don’t believe in this Marriage.
Shivaay : but y?

Anika : wat do u have, no naam, koon and Khandhaan. Shivaay looks at her.
Anika : without a surname how can I trust u, who knows from which family u r.
Shivaay : I always proved myself without my surname. I don’t want anybody to believe in my surname rather than my talent. Our relation something which depends on Love, trust and care. U married me not my surname.

Anika : I don’t care about ur beliefs. U say about many beliefs, can u prove urself.
Shivaay : wat do u mean?
Anika : simple, prove me that u can fulfill all my needs without a surname. U shud prove ur talent to me. U shud prove that u r a good husband. Shivaay smiles.
Shivaay : I’m ready. U can give me any tasks. Anika was shocked to hear this reply from him but composes herself.

Anika : ok, from today onwards I ll give u some tasks. U have two days to finish one task. I ll give u 7 tasks. U have to win in all these tasks. Then I ll accept u as my husband. She smirks.
Shivaay : ok but when I ll finish each task, u have to give or do wat I say.
Anika : ok. They shakes their hands.
Anika : ur first task is cooking.

Shivaay : wat?
Anika : u shud prepare my favourite dishes without anybody’s help.
Shivaay : ok. She goes.

In Anika’s room
Anika sits crying.
Anika : (thinking) y is my life so horrible. She cries. Shivaay sees this.
Shivaay : (thinking) I don’t know wat is ur problem but I ll make u away from ur pain. He smiles. He calls Om and tells him everything.
Om : Shivaay u can tell her ur surname and then all the problems ll be solved.
Shivaay : Om, I want her to accept me without any surname. Om : ok, as ur wish. Bye.
Shivaay : Bye.

In Rathore Mansion
In Dining Table
Gauri : ma, wat is today’s special?
Soumya : ma, bring it faster, I’m really hungry. Anika comes there and sits in the chair. Priya comes there.

Priya : today Shivaay is preparing breakfast.
All : wat? Anika tells them everything.
Priya : don’t forget he is ur husband, u can’t insult him. Wife is not only a Life partner to a husband more than that she shud be a mother to him.
Anika : ma plz. Just then Shivaay comes there with many dishes. Anika looks on shocked. Shivaay serves them food. He sits beside Anika.
Gauri : wow jiju superb.

Anika : jiju??? Everyone eats their food and goes to their room. Anika didn’t eat anything and tries to go but Shivaay stops her.
Anika : u just won in task so just wait.
Shivaay : ok but where my gift, so u shud do wat I ll say. So ur first punishment is that u have to feed me breakfast. Anika opens her mouth in shock.
Anika : wat nonsens, I won’t do this?

Shivaay : u have to, rules r rules. Just then he gets a call. He goes to attend the call.
Anika : (thinking) I shud listen to his conversation.

In hall
Shivaay talks to Om, just then Gauri comes there.
Gauri : bhaiya, put in loudspeak mode, even I want to hear.
Shivaay : ok. Shivaay tells him everything how he prepared breakfast and gave punishment to Anika. They laugh. Anika sees this.
Om : but u did u ask her to feed u food?

Shivaay : becoz I was missing my mom. She used to be behind me to feed me food. Not only she even Dadi and Badi maa were always eager to feed me food. Tears form in his eyes. Anika sees this and feels bad.
Shivaay : Bye Om, I ll call u back later.

Om : ok, Bye. He cuts the call.
Anika : (thinking) so he has a family and he misses them. So he is not asking me to feed him food as a punishment indeed he misses his family. She thinks about her mother’s words.
Gauri : jiju, didi won’t feed u, don’t worry I ll feed u, I’m ur sister. He smiles.

In Dining Hall
Anika comes sits in the chair. Later Shivaay and Gauri comes there.
Anika : Gauri, u ate ur food then what r u going here.
Gauri : I’m gonna serve food to jiju.
Anika : Gauri, u have class so don’t get late.

Gauri : no didi, I ll feed him food then I ll go.
Anika : no Gauri, u go, I ll…..ll feed him… Shivaay looks at Anika. Anika turns her face.
Gauri : didi, u could have said me earlier itself that u want to spend some time with jiju. Anyway I’m going. She goes.
Shivaay : its fine, I ll eat myself.
Anika : sit here. He makes him to sit there. She takes the spoon of food and feeds him. Shivaay thinks about his family. Tears form in his eyes. Anika sees this. She wipes his tears. Just then Shivaay takes the spoon from her hand and feeds her. She smiles. Shivaay : enough.
Anika : ok.
Shivaay : how was the food?

Anika : it was nice.
Shivaay : thank u Madam. The word Madam from his mouth hurted her. She becomes sad. Then she realises the situation and goes. Shivaay smiles.

In Anika’s room
Anika : (thinking) Y did I get hurt when he was hurt. Shivaay considers me as his wife and he misses his mom. He is expecting that love from me. Y did I felt hurt when he called me Madam? Anika just focus, u don’t have belief in this Marriage so try to end it. I shud give him more difficult task. Anika thinks.

Precap :
Anika’s next task……………Anika gets panic attack………….

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By Ashwathy

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