Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 4)

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In Rathore Mansion
In Guest room
Shivaay calls Om.
Shivaay : Hello Om.
Omru : hello.
Rudy : bhaiya, y did u call late today.
Shivaay : I was a bit busy.
Rudy : busy……. With whom bhaiya? With which girl bhaiya.
Om : Rudra, he must be busy with his work.
Shivaay : No Om, Rudy is right. I was busy with a girl.
Omru : Wat? With whom?
Shivaay : My boss.
Omru : Oo My Mata. He tells them everything.
Om : Shivaay, wat have u done, she may terminate u.
Shivaay : Om, u know I don’t care for all these things. If not this job then other one.
Om : u r impossible. By the way Shivaay, do u love her.
Shivaay : I don’t know but I really felt to kiss her. And I Love her hair.
Om : Don’t forget she is ur boss. Shivaay, when ll u come back.
Shivaay : u know y am I doing this.
Om : Shivaay….
Shivaay : no Om, stop this. Gud night.
Omru : Gud night.

In Anika’s room
She thinks about Shivaay and sleeps and goes to sleep.

In Anika’s room
Anika wakes up and thinks about yesterday’s incident.
Anika : wat has happened to me. I shud not become weak. I should terminate him immediately. She goes to freshen up. She comes out wearing salwar. Gauri comes there.
Anika : Gauri, call Geetha and ask her to type the termination letter of Shivaay.
Gauri : but y?
Anika : Gauri, u know how he behaved yesterday.
Gauri : didi, I know very well that u r affected by him and if u terminate then u r proving to him that u r affected by him. Anyway he is smart.
Anika : stop it Gauri.
Gauri : y u didn’t put sindhoor in ur maang.
Anika : wat r u saying?
Gauri : I saw yesterday, Shivaay bhaiya’s blood touched ur maang. According to the rituals u r his wife. Though he doesn’t know about that u shud give respect to it.
Anika : Gauri, it was a coincidence.
Gauri : wat ever, u r his wife. U can’t change the truth. She goes.
Anika : (thinking) I don’t believe in this Marriage. But who is he? First time in my life I’m seeing such a daring man. He didn’t care about my post, he was frank. I must know about him. She calls Geetha.
Anika : Geetha, I want all the information about Shivaay immediately.
Geetha : ok mam.
Anika : I shud check on him.

In hall
Anika comes there removing her hair. Priya sees her and smiles. Gauri, Shivaay and Soumya looks on. Just then Rohit (family friend) comes there. Anika gets scared and angry. Gauri and Soumya gets angry. Priya smiles.
Priya : beta, come sit.
Rohit : actually I came to give a gift to Anika. Anyway she is my fiancee right. He gives her a dress. Anika takes it being scared.
Rohit : go and wear it and tie ur hair. Let me see. Tears form in Anika’s eyes. Shivaay sees this and gets confused. She goes to her room.

In Anika’s room
Anika comes there and sits crying. She goes to wardrobe and changes her dress. She comes out wearing a green gown of knee length with back less gown. She looks at herself in the mirror. She cries. She ties her hair. She feels uncomfortable. She goes out to the hall. But when she reached near the study someone pulls her.

In study
Anika looks at the person. Its none other than Shivaay. He locks the door.
Anika : wat r u doing Shivaay? He removes his shirt and covers Anika with it. She looks at him. He pulls her closer and she lands on his bare chest. She keeps his hand on his chest. Music……….Plays…………
Shivaay : if u don’t feel comfortable then don’t wear this shirt. She cries.
Shivaay : I know u r scared of him, u don’t like him no need obey him. U shud live ur life for u and ur loved ones not for others. He removes her hair. O… Jaana……….Plays…………
Shivaay : u shout at me, half of that is more than enough to handle him. Don’t worry I’m with u. She hugs him and cries. He pampers her hair. She realises their position and comes out of it. She goes to her room. She comes back wearing a blue saree and her hair left loose. She sees him already dressed in another shirt. She gives him back his shirt.
Shivaay : keep with u. He goes. She looks at him.

In hall
Anika comes there. Everyone looks on.
Rohit : I said u to wear that gown.
Anika : I’m not comfortable in it. He gets angry.
Priya : if she is not comfortable then leave it Rohit.
Rohit : I said go and wear it. Anika gets angry and throws that dress on his face. He gets angry and raises his hand to raise but Shivaay holds it on time.
Rohit : who r u?
Anika : my PA.
Rohit : how dare is he to stop me.
Anika : get out. He goes.
Priya : beta…..
Anika : no mom not a word more. She goes to her room. She gets a call.
Geetha : mam, we got information about Shivaay.
Anika : tell me.
Geetha : mam, he worked in many of the famous companies but just for one or two weeks. He resigns after that. We didn’t get any information about his family.
Anika : wat, how can that be possible. Wat about his certificate.
Geetha : mam he has not used his surname anywhere and nobody asked it becoz he was very talented.
Anika : ok inform me when u get more information.
Geetha : ok mam. She cuts the call.
Anika : (thinking) who is he, if he is from a middle class family then he would have not resigned from all these companies. If he was from a high class family then y is he working under someone. Is he a spy, may be he can harm my family. But he is not such kind of person. He understands everyone very well. I think I shud find more about him. Gauri comes there. Anika tells her everything.
Gauri : didi, if u want to know more about then get closer to him.
Anika : shut up. Go and do ur work. Gauri goes. Anika thinks about Shivaay.

In study
Anika is discussing something with Shivaay. Shivaay stares at her. Anika sees this.
Anika : where the hell is ur concentration.
Shivaay : on u.
Anika : stop ur nonsense. Tomorrow u have to go with ma, Gauri and Soumya to a party. I ll be here.
Shivaay : ok mam. She goes.

In Guest room
Gauri comes there and sees Shivaay’s phone ringing. Shivaay is in washroom.
Gauri : bhaiya, ur phone is ringing.
Shivaay : Gauri, plz attend it and tell them that I ll call them later. She takes his phone and attends the call.

Precap :
Omri talk……….Shivaay shocked to know Anika is his wife……….Anika in danger………..

Author’s note :
Guys, how is it, hope u all ll like it. Give me some suggestions too. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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    I was wondering ki u Haven posted..loved the episode.. amazingggggg shades of Anika you have portrayed

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    Story line is very nyc it is not at all boring ……and I think shivaay is taking revenge from anika I feel like that ……
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  7. It’s just awesome loved this type(very modest) of shivaay

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  9. hi dear, i like how u r building up the story. Please make a correction though, it should be anika doesn’t like to leave her hair open… or shivaay opened her hair.. Please c to u it, remove is not the correct word here. You seem to b a very creative person, plz don’t let silly mistakes ruin ur work.. Plz don’t feel offended i just want to b a little helpful and plz update soon, 🙂

    1. Ashwathy

      Thanks for the correction and ur comment……


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  21. Awesome di…..i love the grey shades of anika….and a big soorrryyy that i could not comment on ur ff coz my registered acc shivikaanshi is not working n tu is not letting mee to sign in…so soorryy

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