Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 3)

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In Rathore Mansion
Anika calls Geetha.
Anika : Geetha, ask Shivaay to come to Rathore Mansion. He is my PA so he shud be here with me 24 hours.
Geetha : ok mam. She cuts the call.
Gauri : thank u didi, now I got a bhaiya.
Anika : Gauri, he is here to do his work and we don’t know wat is his actual behaviour so maintain distance. She goes.
Priya : Gauri, y r u so eager to meet him?
Gauri : Ma, yesterday when didi heard that Shivaay is waiting in office she rushed to the office even without changing her dress.
Soumya : yes ma, didi was feeling guilt because she said to many people to stay back untill she come back but nobody gave importance for this but this man was waiting for her till mid night.
Priya : so u both think that Anika is changing.
Gauri : not yet but I’m sure yesterday she was guilty and I feel that this PA can make my didi come out of her pain.
Priya : God please help my daughter. I was not able to bring her out of her pain, I hope this man can do it. Later Shivaay comes there and sees Gauri and Soumya. They talk tv-serials each other and become friends.
Gauri : bhaiya, didi is waiting in study. Shivaay goes.
Soumya : he is so good.

In Study
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika sitting there in salwar suit with her hair tied in bun style.
Shivaay : (thinking) y is she always tieing her hair. Anika sees him.
Anika : come in, today we have a party here, do the arrangements for that. And from today u can stay here.
Shivaay : ok mam. Just then servant comes there and keeps the juice and goes. Shivaay keeps the files on the table and by mistake the juice spills in Anika’s dress.
Anika : wat nonsense, don’t u have eyes. People like u who don’t have manners. Who doesn’t belong to good khandan have such irresponsible behaviour, get out. Shivaay looks at her and moves towards her. He holds her hand. Anika gets angry.
Shivaay : u look good when u remove ur hair. Sorry for spoiling ur dress. And remove ur hair in today’s party. U have naam, koon and khandan so keep ur standard according to that. He goes. Gauri see this and goes to Anika.
Anika : how dare is he, I don’t want such a PA.
Gauri : didi, if u terminate him now then the arrangements ll be pending, he is doing his work very well. So we can terminate him tomorrow, for one day u can adjust. Anika calms down.
Anika : ok. Gauri smiles and goes.

In party
The guests arrive and everyone is waiting for Anika. Shivaay is wearing a blue shirt and black pant. Anika comes there wearing a pink saree and her hair tired in bun style. Shivaay sees this and gets angry. Anika smirks. Shivaay breaks the glass in his hand and looks at her angrily. She was shocked to see him being angry. Blood starts flowing from his hands. She goes to him.
Anika : go and dress ur wound. Shivaay doesn’t listen to her and goes.
Anika : (thinking) y is he behaving like he is my boss. But y am I tensed. If he gets hurt how ll he do work and then my work ll be pending. She goes to him.

In Study
Anika comes there and sees Shivaay standing there angrily. She goes to him, he sees her and holds her closer. Music………. Plays…………. Anika was shocked. Shivaay removes her hair and blood from his drops on Anika’s maang. Maangalam bhagavan…………Plays………….But he didn’t notice this. Gauri and Soumya sees this and cups their mouth. Gauri clicks their photo. Shivaay smiles seeing her hair. He touches her hair.
Shivaay : now u r looking good. He goes. Gauri and Soumya hides. Anika looks on shocked. She goes to her room and sees the mirror. She touches her maang and sees blood in his hand.
Anika : his……blo…….blood in my maang. He is my hus……. Nooooo. She cries. She goes outside near the balcony. Its raining so she starts aside and looks at it.

In Guest room
Shivaay sits there smiling. Gauri comes there. He sees her.
Gauri : bhaiya, didi doesn’t like to remove her hair so she always ties it.
Shivaay : but y?
Gauri : She loved to remove her but when she removes her hair she just remembers about the tortures she faced. Shivaay looks on shocked.
Gauri : we r waiting from years to get our didi back. She always spends her time in office so that she forgets everything. Gauri goes.
Shivaay : (thinking) so my guess was right.

In balcony
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika standing there. He pulls her to the balcony and they both get drenched in the rain. Anika looks on being shocked.
Shivaay : To forget ur pain instead spending ur time in office spend ur time with ur sisters. U r lucky that u got such loving sisters. I know when u remove ur hair u think about the tortures u faced. Instead of that tortures think about ur mom who is waiting to get her daughter back. Anika gets shocked.
Shivaay : (in a naughty stubborn way) I’m just ur PA if u didn’t like wat I said then u can terminate me. But still u r looking good when u remove ur hair. He touches her hair and pampers her hair.
Shivaay : See how smooth is this hair? Stand here and think for some time. We r different in many things, naam, koon, khandan but still we r common in one thing. U and me both breaks glass when we get sad and angry. He points her hand which is bandaged. She looks at it.
Shivaay : Anyway I’m going. Good Night. He goes but stops.
Shivaay : Hmm….. U…..u were looking gorgeous in that pink saree. I…..I….. felt to kiss u. He said everything in go. He smiles and goes. Anika open her mouth. ??.

Precap :
Shivom talk………Anika searches about Shivaay……………..

Author’s note :
Hope u all ll like this episode. I’m waiting for ur comments. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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