Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 11)

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In hall
Shivaay : tomorrow my brother ll come here, I don’t want anybody to hurt him. He looks at Pinky. Anika looks on confused.

In kitchen
Anika is cooking something. Just then she gets a call.
Anika : hello.
Man : mam, Gauri has fainted, she is in my home, can u plz come and pick her. Anika was shocked. Tears were rolling down her eyes.
Anika : ya, I’m coming, just text me the address. She runs out of the Mansion. Rudra was hearing her.
Rudra : wat happened to Gauri didi, I think I shud inform bhaiya.

In Shivika’s room
Rudra comes there and tells everything to Shivaay. Shivaay immediately calls Gauri.
Shivaay : Gauri, r u ok.
Gauri : ha jiju, I’m fine. He cuts the call.
Shivaay : Gauri is fine then where did Anika go?

In a house
Anika comes there and a man opens the door.
Anika : where is Gauri?
Man : she is inside. She goes inside and searches everywhere and doesn’t find anybody. She turns and sees few goons.
Goon : poor girl. Anika understands that this was a trap. She tries to run away but goons holds her. They remove her saree. She covers herself with her hands and cries aloud. The goons laughs at her. The goon goes to her and tries to hold her hand but was unable to do as he got a tight slap from Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Shivaay hits the goons and police arrests them. He goes to Anika and covers her with her saree. She sees him with tears and faints in his arms. He lifts her and takes to Oberoi Mansion.

In Oberoi Mansion
In Shivika’s room
Anika wakes up and finds her sleeping in her bed. She thinks about the incident and shouts. Shivaay comes there. Shivaay cups her face.
Shivaay : calm down Anika.
Anika : help me, don’t leave me, I’m scared…….. She cries. Shivaay wipes her tears but she was still scared. Shivaay was not able to see her in such a situation. He cups her face and locks her lips with his. Anika never expected this. She was shocked beyond limits but still she enjoyed it. Just then Shivaay realizes wat he is doing so he breaks the kiss. Anika looks at him. He tries to go but holds him and locks his lips with hers. Shivaay tries today come out but Anika doesn’t leave him. She tastes his lips. She breaks the kiss.
Anika : I said u I don’t have manners like u so I won’t ask permission for feeling ur touch. He looks at her and goes. Anika smiles with tears in her eyes.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there sees Anika lying down on the bed. He closes the door and goes towards couch.
Anika : Shivaay, where r u going? Sleep here. But Shivaay doesn’t listen to her. She gets angry and goes to couch and leans over him.
Shivaay : wat r u doing?
Anika : I’m scared, ll u sleep with me on the bed, plzzz. He smiles at her innosense. He goes to the bed and sleeps peacefully. Anika looks at him. She hugs him.

Next day
Anika wakes and finds herself in Shivaay’s arms. She gets happy. Just then Shivaay wakes up and finds Anika in his arms. He gets up and goes to freshen up. Anika smiles.

Pool area
Anika was sitting there. Just then someone comes there.
Mahi : bhabhi…… Anika turns and was shocked to see Shivaay calling her bhabhi. Anika starts crying.
Anika : arre Shivaay, u don’t Love but how can u call me bhabhi. Shivaay plz don’t hurt me like this. And where is ur kanji eyes. Just then Shivaay comes there.
Shivaay : Anika, I’m here.
Anika : so he is duplicate, how dare is he to come here as Shivaay. Don’t u have manners, r u a theif. Mahi smiles but Shivaay gets angry.
Anika : wat were u trying to steal. U cheap man, how dare u top come here as Shivaay. Will u do anything for money?
Shivaay : Anika……. He raises his hand to slap Anika but stops.
Shivaay : he is my brother, how dare u to….
Mahi : bhaiya, leave it.
Shivaay : Mahi, go to ur room.
Mahi : bhaiya….
Shivaay : I said go to ur room. Mahi goes. Shivaay holds Anika by her shoulder and hurts her.
Shivaay : I thought that u changed but u can never change, how can u judge a person in such a look. Actually u r cheap. I regret for accepting u as my wife. Shame on u. He goes. Anika breaks down crying on her knees.

In Shivika’s room
Anika comes there and packs her bag. She reminces the moments with Shivaay. She thinks about his words. She cries.

In Mahi’s room
Omru comes there. Mahi tells them everything. Just then Shivaay comes there.
Om : u shud have not behaved with Anika in such a way.
Shivaay : Om, Anika has done the mistake.
Mahi : wat was her mistake, she loves u so she couldn’t digest the fact that somebody is trying to take ur place. She doesn’t know that I’m ur brother, did u say her?
Rudra : bhaiya, go and console bhabhi.
Shivaay : I was angry, her condition is not good still how can I? Just then Anika comes there.
Anika : I’m sorry Mahi, I didn’t say anything purposefully. Forgive me.
Mahi : no bhabhi, no need to be sorry, its not ur mistake. Anika was almost crying. Shivaay goes to her and tries to touch her but she moves back. Shivaay was shocked by her act.

Precap :
Anika ignores Shivaay………. Shivaay confronts Pinky……….. Shivaay apolgizes………

Author’s note :
Guys, sorry for being late. Tomorrow is my operation, hope u all ll pray for me. Love u all. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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