Ishqbaaz – Nafrat se Pyaar ff by Ashwathy (Episode 1)

Haii guys, I’m back with a new ff. Hope u all ll like it.

This ff is based on Shivika where Shivaay and Anika both from high class but Shivaay is a person who doesn’t believe in name, blood and lineage and Anika who believes in this.

Here goes the first episode

In Rathore Industries
In a cabin
Girl : Geetha, how can u be so irresponsible? Can’t u find a proper Personal Assistant for me.
Geetha : mam, I ll arrange a person with 2 days.
Girl : no way, u just have 24 hours. Don’t forget I’m Anika Singh Rathore.
Geetha : ok mam, I ll conduct the interview.

In office
Geetha : Rahul, till now even one person is not eligible for this post, wat to do?
Rahul : don’t worry we ll call next. A man enters and takes his seat.
Geetha : wat is ur name?
Man : Shivaay.
Geetha : ur full name.
Shivaay : just Shivaay, I don’t believe in surname.
Geetha : ur certificates.
Shivaay : I’m sorry I don’t have the certificates. I said u I just believe in my talent and in my certificate there is my surname so I want to use it. U can ask me the questions.
Geetha : ok. They both questions Shivaay and he answers very thing perfectly.
Geetha : u r appointed Mr. Shivaay.
Shivaay : thank u.
Geetha : u can come from tomorrow.

In Anika’s cabin
Geetha : mam, at last we got a eligible person, he ll join tomorrow.
Anika : ok, we ll see how is he?

In Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay comes there and sees Omru. They hug each other.
Om : till when ll u stay away from us.
Shivaay : Om, u know everything. I just came here to see u both. I ll come here every Sunday. And there is a good news. I got job in Rathore Industries.
Om : did u tell them who u r?
Shivaay : no, today I shud go faster. Bye.
Omru : bye. Shivaay goes. Everyone comes there and sees him going.
Dadi : God, y did u punish him? Give me back my Shivaay.
Pinky cries.

In Rathore Mansion
Anika comes there and sees Gauri and Soumya. She hugs them. Priya comes there.
Gauri : Mummy, didi has come.
Priya : Anika, did u have something.
Anika : yes ma. She goes to her room.
Soumya : when ll we get back our old Anika didi back. Priya cries.
Gauri : I’m sure we ll get her back.

In Anika’s room
Anika sits there and cries, she angrily breaks the glass and looks at the room through window.

In Shivaay’s house
In Shivaay’s room
Shivaay looks at the moon through window and tears roll down his eyes.

Precap :
Shivika meeting………..Anika scolds Shivaay…………..

Author’s note :
This story is completely different and a bit suspense. I know this is short so sorry for that. Hope u all ll comment. Plz comment, if there is more number of comments then I ll update next episode. Today my classes started but I can’t go because of my leg but still I have to write notes from my friend’s book. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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  1. Pooja26

    wow !!!!!!
    damn xcited for it !!!!!!
    post asap…….

  2. Pooja26

    wow !!!!!!
    damn xcited for it !!!!!!
    post asap……….

  3. Amazing start dear ?.
    Take care of your leg
    Post soon ?…

  4. Great start dear….keep going…. Waiting for the next episode

  5. annanyaabitha

    welcome backk…

  6. annanyaabitha

    anika scolds shivaay i am waiting for that it will be interesting

  7. Dhar

    Wlcm back , i was waiting for your next one , awesome episode ??

  8. Wow!!! Really excited for this one!!
    Update asap!! Nd take care of ur leg dear..

  9. Ahaana

    there was no need to mention that it’s different as ur fiction are always different only … it was awesome. .

  10. Interesting start

  11. So gud I couldn’t resist myself from reading it although I knew that I won’t be able 2 read all the episodes once my cls hs started

  12. Welcome back!!!!
    Completely Different & Sounds interesting….
    Waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

  13. Aryaraju

    Interesting ☺

  14. Verna

    Its just awesome.. SSO doesn’t believe in NKK but Annika did.. I’m just impressed with this.. rest is an epic.. pls continue dr


  16. Great start dear…Intresting

  17. Awesome….interesting one….update soon….

  18. Interstingg starting dear keep going

  19. Kanfi

    Itsss ammazinh dear….
    Post next part soonn.
    Get well soon

  20. Niriha

    Awesome…interesting waiting for next

  21. Nila

    Wow ASH superb and unique idea I am eagerly waiting for next part take care and get well soon

  22. Anu16

    interesting….Anika scolding shivaay ??? post soon…

  23. Ahsana98

    Hai Ashwathi sorry for not commenting the last part of your ff love after Marriage. Njan innale ninde ff nde last part vayichayirunnu. Net ellatadinalanu comment idattadu. It was super duper ending dear. junior shivika was very cute junior rikara is on the way. And both junior roumya and priveer are coming soon. Avarum kodi vannadinu sheshame oberio family complete avukayullu. Njan ee ff nde ella partsum vayichittund. All are awesome. It was an nice concept and I like your story. Snehichu vivaham kazhikunnavaril 100 il oru shadamanam matrame vivahatinu shesham aa pazhaya sneham tudarunnullu bakhi 99 shadamanam perudeyum marriage life fail ayirikum. Edarttatil vivayatinu sheshamulla sneham matrame ekalavum anaksharamayi nilanilku. your story is amazing. Njan oru silent reader ayirunnu TU register cheydittu oru mazam akan pokunnade ullu. Njan ninde previous ff ende Ella parts um vayichittund all are awesome. And thank you for mentioning my name in last part of your ff.

    And about your current ff. It was a nice concept dear. The role was reversed. shivay not believe in NKK but anika believe this ideology. It was an awesome concept dear. But I can’t able to read your ff, because Iam going to leave TU for one and half month because of my semester exams. I will come back after my exams ends. Best wishes for your ff. Ninde kalinu ippol enkane und. Ninaku sukamanennu vishawasikunnu. Bye ? ? ?

    1. Ashwathy

      Thanks a lot for ur comment…………..All the best for ur exams…….. Ente kaaline eppol kurach vedhanaund but still I’m fine…….. And my pet name is Achu but u can call me Ash or Aishu, ur wish…….. Hope we r friends……….

      1. What??? Chechi malayalee aano??
        Enichu arinjudayirinnu… *pout*

  24. Ahsana98

    can I call you AISHU ?

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    Awsome update,cont soon

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    Amazing Ashwathy. Was eagerly waiting for it. Its awesome?

  27. awsom start dear waiting for nxt post asap

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