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Hi…. Hello peeps….????How are you all????

Below I am posting idea which is haunting my mind since last few days but today I am not able to control it so here I am up with prologue….


A girl in mid twenties is getting ready for beautiful day of her life…. She is only child of her parents and they have treates her like princess ever since her born and she is happy because like her favourite fairy tales today her Prince charming will come on white BMW instead of horse and will take her with him for wonderful palace of him where she will live her life like queen her most beautiful future life unaware of the strome that coming towards her which will be shattering all her dreams like a house of cards…

Same day a man in his mid twenties dresses in his Royal blue sherwani smile seeing his beautiful bride to be’s pic unaware of strome which is going to bring tears of blood in his eyes after wiping that beautiful smile….

So I am done with Prologue… Hope you all like it…. So plz let me know whether to continue it or just drop the idea…. Eagerly waiting for your feedback…

And any guesses about who is bride and bridegroom????

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  1. Nainaa

    Wow!! Dear…. that’s really a nice idea…. loved it so much
    And priya di is it the same dark love story about which you used to discuss with me….
    I am so glad that you are here with a fresh concept and clear tone idea…..

  2. Priyanka_22

    yeah i guess bride is our anika n groom is bagad billa 😀
    anywyz intresting prologue priiiii
    hopin some fresh track
    update soon

  3. Akshaya

    Omg . Disaster pair story. Go ahead dear

  4. Nansshivika

    What’s that Strom??? I loved ta prologue bride and groom might be shivika waiting for ur post chocopie
    ??? but ta scene was like a fairytale awwww

  5. Nithu

    Ofcrse they are shivika …nli

  6. Shivika

    Waiting for u to continue…….
    Really nyc i hope it is shivaay and anika

  7. Priyali

    My guess is that the bride and groom are shivaay and Anika. Intriguing prologue dear.

  8. Ya you should go with this ss it’s different and interesting too


  10. Sanaya_malik

    Please.Continiue….. I m just loving tbe prologue ??

  11. Yazhu

    Ofcourse it’s my Shivika as bride-groom right…looks like a thriller track to me…donno…waiting to read the first part of it…

  12. Fama

    Are you kidding? You are giving 100% tension along with the prologue.

    I hope it will be on Ishkara pair. Whatever the pair Shivika or Ishkara just eager to see the ff

  13. Mukta

    Something quite different….. seems really interesting…… I know that girl might be Anika and the boy is obviously Shivaay!!!!! Anyways exciting story…. plz continue….

  14. SamSun

    You r going for a shivika one right?????
    U r sooo good at this. Love and pain together always rocks. Waiting for the epi???

  15. Sanaya_malik

    Priya its awesome…. And ueah different too
    Soo continue it… ??

  16. Samm

    i can’t wait to read the next post! 🙂

  17. Interesting prologue waiting for next update

  18. OMG its so Interesting…

    I felt bad when prologue ended is like cliffhanger I want more to read so plz update part of it…

    And pair is ShivIka right PRI????☺☺☺

  19. Something mysterious and interesting thats all I can sat about this prologue I am excite to read it so Pri plz start it soon and I am feeling like bride is Anika and groom is one and only Shivay….

    Plz update it ASAP else I’ll feel michmichi….??????

  20. Tulasi

    Ofc they r my babiess shivikaa……wats d flood???? eager to know dear…..waitng for d next…???? i luvd d double dhamaka…….one os n wen i opened dis n againd author turned out to be chocopieeeee……luvd it dearrrr

  21. Jazz1

    This story looks interesting. Hope to see you really soon with your first episode

  22. Ishqkum

    Wow suspence and interesting Dr .I really egar to read ur next part update ASAP dr

  23. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!its awsome!
    may be its ishana and om …….
    may be!!!!not sure !!!!plz post next part soon..

  24. Cuteprincess

    dear its interesting…please continue…
    hmm is it ishana and om or shivika or is it rumya….

  25. Anika………nd baggad billu……..anika’s……billu ji…

    Hello fr all ff writers….i am silent reader……i can’t able to post a comment in everyones ff. I am one of the biggest fan of ishqbaaz and tooo ur ffs…….u guys have a great imagination…….plzzzz continue ur writings……hope u all have a wonderful future……god bless u….to all my dear writers…..
    Frm urs silent reader….

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